What If The Avengers Film Were A Justice League Film?

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Who would you replace with whom to make the story work with little to no changes? Why? For example:

Captain America replaced by Superman

Both are inspirational leaders with a straight-edge moral compass.

Iron Man replaced by Green Lantern

Both are characters with a comedic streak, heart of gold, and maverick, revel attitude.

Thor replaced by Wonder Woman

Both are warriors from a mythical culture, and both have a fish out of water story.

Hulk replaced by Cyborg

Both are intelligent heroes who feel cursed by their powers at first, but they then embrace them in a time of need.

Black Widow replaced by Batman

Both are stealthy, cunning, resourceful heroes without powers, who use gadgets. They both have a dark past. And they are both badass.

Nick Fury replaced by Amanda Waller

Both are the secret leader of some special military team.

Maria Hill replaced by Rick Flag

Both are the tough second-in-command of some special military team.

Phil Coulson replaced by Snapper Carr

Both are superhero fans who can come through when the chips are down.

Hawkeye replaced by Steve Trevor

They are both love interests with a connection to the female. Both have military connections. The female owes him something for a previous save.

Loki replaced by Fury

The villain with a connection to the fish out of water.

They look similar and serve their respective baddies

Thanos replaced by Darkseid

Both are conquering aliens who act as benefactors for the villain

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Oh, and Pepper Potts is replaced by Carol Ferris

Both are love interests for the maverick

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Captain America = Superman

For the same reason as you.

Iron Man = Batman

Both are rich billionaires who have had awesome movies and use gadgets instead of actual powers.

Thor = Wonder Woman

Same as you.

Hulk = Green Lantern

Both are powered by some sort of emotion (Willpower for GL, anger for Hulk)

Hawkeye = Green Arrow

Both are archers.

Black Widow=Black Canary

Both are skilled street fighters, females, and partner of the archer (even though it was Mockingbird in the comics).

Nick Fury=Amanda Waller

Same as you.

Maria Hill=Rick Flag

Same as you.

Phil Coulson=????

Not sure. It's hard to tell.

Loki = Ares

Both are Gods and major villains of the warrior/fish out of water (as you out it).

Thanos = Darkseid

Same as you.

Pepper Potts = Vicki Vale

Both love interest of the rich guy.

Chichauri=White Martians

Both are aliens that have shape shifting powers (I'm going with the comics Chichauri here) and have caused different versions of the teams to form.

Erik Selvig=???

Not sure. It would have to be a supporting character of Wonder Woman who is also a genius from Man's World. I can't think of one.

Please don't think I'm just stealing most of your stuff, but it's the only logical choices.

And no matter what is said here, it's impossible to do a good JL movie without Martian Manhunter.

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@TheCannon: Nice choices!

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@OutlawRenegade said:

@TheCannon: Nice choices!


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That was awesome except the part where Batman punches Wonder Woman . . . he shoulda broke his hand.

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@Press Oblivion: Batman can punch whovever he wants! He's the goddamn Batman!

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@DarkKnightDetective said:

@Press Oblivion: Batman can punch whovever he wants! He's the goddamn Batman!

Bring it on then! DarkKnightDetective.,...

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I think the Batman - rest of the team dynamic would throw it off a little. Batman is a little more standoffish than any of the Avengers and that would ruin an Avenger's style team dynamic for the Justice League.

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@waezi2 said:

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I love RandomGuy's stuff.

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Batman= Nick Fury & Black Widow

Alfred Pennyworth= Maria Hill

Robin= Agent Coulson

Superman= Captain America

Wonder Woman= Thor

Green Lantern= Iron Man

Cyborg= Hulk

Felix Faust= Loki

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I would be slightly disappointed at the Justice League film rather than be slightly disappointed at the Avengers film.

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  • Iron Man = Batman. (Rich billionaires with gadgets, the guys who get the job done and are the most popular members of respective teams)
  • Captain America = Superman. (Inspirational Leader)
  • Thor = Wonder Woman. (Mythical Origins)
  • Hulk = Martian Manhunter. (Green skinned, powerhouse of the team, outsiders)
  • Black Widow = Catwoman. (Stealthy, manipulating, not completely trustworthy, sexy black leather outfits)
  • Hawkeye = Steve Trevor.
  • Nick Fury = Amanda Waller.
  • Pepper = Barbara Gordon or Lois Lane.
  • Loki = Maxwell Lord.
  • Thanos = Darkseid.

Anyways that's the closest I could think of but @thecannon nailed it, he's line up is perfect.

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Batman and Iron man couldn't have more opposite personalities

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@captain13: I was thinking the same thing the only thing they have in common is there wealthy.

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Hmm IMO:

Superman/Clark Kent = Hulk : Are you here to kill me Ms. Lance? Because that's not going to work out for everyone. (Afraid of his own strength, uncertain, tank of the team)

Batman/Bruce Wayne = Captain America : That's enough! (Looks at Wonder Woman) I don't know what you plan on doing here. WW: I've come here to put an end to Despero's schemes! B: Then prove it! Stand down. (Serious, inspirational, leader, human = superhumans)

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince = Thor :You people are so petty. And tiny. (To Batman and Green Lantern) (Bombastic, enjoys fighting, God)

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan = Iron Man : I'm not afraid to hit a man dressed in a Halloween costume. (To Batman) B: Put on the ring Jordan. (Douchy MC Douche)

Black Canary/Dinah Lance = Black Widow (Sexy, acrobatic, h2h fighter)

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen = Hawkeye (Nuff said)

Despero = Loki (Capable of playing mind games, working for greater evil)

Waller = Fury (Main gov agent, controlling, manipulating)

Steve Trevor = Coulson (Heroic, very human, willful)

Carol Ferris = Pepper Potts (CEO's)

Darkside = Thanos (Big Bad)

Grant Morrison = Stan Lee (Why not)

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