What characters would you wanna see in a live action JL movie?

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Which heroes and villains would wanna see in a live action movie of the Justice League? And which actors should be given the roles?

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 I would settle for these guys but I'd rather have a more diverse roster like....

 some of these guys.
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Hrm, if we are going with Justice League, and not the JSA, I would say:
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash (Wally), Green Lantern (Hal), Green Arrow, Hawkgirl/Hawkman, and Martian Manhunter. 
I think expanding the roster much beyond 6-8 characters would make a good film difficult to produce.

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Well you have to have the big 3 (Supes, Bats, and WW) Probably Hal Jordan as the GL since they made a movie around him.  
Flash is a must but it could be either Barry or Wally. 
Aquaman, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, and/or Cyborg can join as well. I would take any or none of those four heroes to join.  
Personally I would like Aquaman and Cyborg since that would have all main seven characters of the new Justice League in the movie.
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Superman Batman Wonder Woman Green Lantern Flash Martian Manhunter & Aquaman 
But the film should be like 3 hours

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I'll cut the cast to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and Flash (Wally West). Martian Manhunter appears, but not on active duty - he coordinates their efforts. Several other heroes can make cameo appearances.

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The original 7.

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@Wise Son: Why is J'onn in neither of those pictures? :(
I'd like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Barry Allen and either Aquaman or J'onn Jonzz. Probably MM over Aquaman though, it would make a better story.
Oh, and Ryan Reynolds :D
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Wonder Woman 
Green Lantern 
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i wouldn't have TOO many, play it like the Avengers and cast just a few 
-Superman (played by Brandon Routh) 
 -Batman (played by Christian Bale) 
-Wonder Woman (played by Tanit Phoenix) 
-Flash (played by Neil Patrick Harris) 
-Martian Manhunter (played by Mischa Collins) 
-special appearances by Amada Waller and Cadmus 
-main villain- Brainiac, someone who could pose a big enough threat for all the heroes to band together 

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The animated JLA characters + Cyborg.

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the original seven of course
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The team could include anywhere from 7 to 9 members. Obviously a JL movie should obviously include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash, but beyond that there is a lot of leeway. As for determining who else should be in the team I think you have to ask four questions. How are they going to be read by a mainstream audience? Will their powers be an asset to the group? Will they improve the diversity of the film? And what's their reason for joining the JL? A lot of people have been bringing up Aquaman but as far as I'm concerned he fails all those questions.

The first two I would pick to add to the movie would be Zatanna, and Cyborg. They might b a little too third tier but I think they would make the best additions to the team. Cyborg is fairly well known from the Teen Titan cartoons and his technological based powers could serve as a nice bridge between the powerless Batman, and the rest of the super powered team. Zatanna is a little more obscure but in the comics she has always been common second woman for the JL. In addition to adding a more feminine touch to the movie her command of magic would offer a power that is unlike any of the other JL.

It would be nice to see Martian Manhunter in the movie but I'm uncertain if mainstream audiences would become attached to a green alien. If they were going to add in any more hero's I think some good choices would be either Vixen, and The Atom(Ryan Choi).

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I like the point made above by many that it would need some core characters that everybody knows. They have to be the anchor. And then maybe add one or two less well known in the popular culture (e.g, the Martian Manhunter). But there could easily be ways to give brief cameos to a large host of characters -- much less well known, but favorites in the narrower comic community. So.....I would suggest Green Arrow as a core character for a variety of reasons (much the same reasons I liked Hawkeye in the Avengers), but what about a cameo from someone like the Red Tornado (or heck, maybe flashbacks or something like it)? I'm envisioning a scaled down version of a storyline where there are lots of characters referenced/seen, but just a core group that are at the heart of the story. Ultimately, this is not only about characters -- it's about the script.

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AQUAMAN!!!!, Because i am a fangirlboy!!!

Also Alfred.

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@markstephan1972: I guess Green Arrow is better known now adays thanks to the Arrow TV ( still haven't seen it) but I'm not sure if he should be in the first JL movie. Mostly for two reasons. First off the movie doesn't need another Batman, and second the movie doesn't need a Hawkeye.

Okay those both are pretty big over statement but let me explain. In the first Justice League movie they need to establish Batman as someone who can go toe to toe with all the other superheros. I think added someone else without powers would just get in the way of that. And second I realize that Green Arrow is actually an older character, but Hawkeye was the first one to get the big screen treatment. I just don't think it would be good to have a hero with the same abilities as one of the Avengers. Especially if it's the lamest of the group.

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Original Big 7.

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@sangriamuffin: Point taken. My personal preferences for both characters shouldn't drive the decision-making. I would say that part of the angle of characters like Hawkeye or Black Widow is that they round out the skill sets of the heroes -- it's not like Thor is meant for spy work. For a character like GA (but not necessarily GA himself) it might allow for a frame of reference that contrasts with the other heroes (e.g., think about the classic stuff about GL and GA and the drug addicted Speedy -- not focusing on global crises, but rather local ones). But this could wait for a second film -- and need not be part of the first.

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The original 7.

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The smallville roster. Loljk

The new 52 founding members.

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The martian manhunter! He is hoestly one of my favorites.

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@warman: The original big sevens and Cyborg just making a cameo,then become member in the sequence. Talking about villains,I want Darkseid and aan army of parademons (plus Mantis and Kalibak).

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1. Superman (Henry Cavill)

2. Batman (Arnie Hammer)

3. Wonder Woman (Gemma Arteton)

4. Green Lantern/John Stewart (Chadwick Boseman)

5. Flash/Barry Allen (Bradley Cooper)

6. Aquaman (Justin Hartley)

7. Martian Manhunter (Idris Elba)

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All i know is i want Hal Jordan of course, but not played by Ryan Reynolds.

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@black_claw: Why Hartley? Other then the Mercy Reef TV series were they wanting to make Aquaman a movie star or something :/

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New 52 original team cast.

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@black_claw: Cyborg is no longer a TT so....this would never happened. Cyborg is a JL member now, DC will hold it that way for a very long time

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You know what...f*ck it. Don't have Superman in JL. I wanna see people's reactions to that...

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@matchesmalone21: Then they're going to have to stop marketing him as a Teen Titan since that's what they're currently doing (Injustice,Teen Titans Go).

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Starro vs JL

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@sandman_: Actually, you've got a point here -- why should a JLA movie focus almost all of its attention on characters like Batman or Superman....since they are well known entities? Maybe this....have them in the movie, but they don't get center stage -- given center stage to characters less well developed. It all depends on whether other movies come out before the JLA movie that give us a full picture of individual members of JLA (e.g., Wonder Woman). But if the JLA movie is to come out sooner than later, maybe more attention goes to the members chosen who don't already have their own franchise. For example, don't have an Aquaman movie, but give him and a couple others more of the storyline.

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@black_claw: They will. I don't want Cyborg to be a Teen Titan,it's time to be worthy without him.

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I think characters like Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkman should be saved for a sequel. For the first movie they should obviously focus on their core characters.

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As many as possible.

Maybe not major parts, or even speaking roles, but how awesome would it be to see your favourite B-lister on the screen?

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I think by now everyone on this site knows who you want. Isn't this your second post on this topic where you posted an image of a similar roster (that one including Flash)?

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@outlawrenegade: I think Flash without a doubt will show up. He's a big property for DC and a important member of the League.

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@martianmanhunterisbetterthancy: true, but I think it will be a bit of a challenge to make him work in live action even though they kind of made super speed work to an extent in MOS.

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I would want Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal), Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman in the first movie. Then, add Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Black Canary, Metamorpho, and Vixen.

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