What Are YOUR Favorite Scenes From The New 52 Justice League

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The title says it all!

I'm looking forward to seeing YOUR answers!

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My favorites:

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@OutlawRenegade: okay Outlaw pretty much posted all of mine

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Sharks eating parademons.

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i like when hal was making fun of aquaman lol

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Favorite parts:

- Batman revealing his identity to green lantern, green lantern replies "who the hell is that"

- Batman's first words regarding Superman "He's dangerous" (I bet he's already got a contingency plan!!)

- Aquaman showing what he's got when he summoned those demon shark thingys.

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I love this panel, I don't know why
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Deleted post

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@DarkKnightDetective said:



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NICE that one :D haha

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@TheCrowbar: Agreed. That was awesome when they jumped out of the water

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@TheCrowbar said:

Sharks eating parademons.

Mine too. Really drives home how powerful Aquaman is.

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Superman and Wonder-Womans dinner scene in Justice League #15 where he said something like "I want to be trusted by the good guys, rather than feared by the bad guys"

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@Manbehindthewires: They were actually in smallville.

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i liked it when aquaman and wonder woman blind darkseid

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anything new?

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Cyborg saves Shin

Emotional core of each hero

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I really like that scene with Green Lantern leaving, actually. While he came across as really arrogant in this, I think that scene was some genuinely touching stuff right there.

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The time when Hal touches wonder woman's lasso of truth

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This is seriously my favorite part!!

The time when Hal touches wonder woman's lasso of truth

That was Funny!

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Basically the entirety of Throne of Atlantis.

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JL 23 seeing Earth 3 '90s-esque Aquaman be killed in a hilarious metaphor for what we now think of the '90s.

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