Top 10 Justice League/Justice League Unlimited moments

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Here are my 10 favourite moments from the series which lasted 4 seasons.  Note there are spoilers within: 
10.  Cameo by Nightwing 



In the episode "Grudge Match"  various members of the League descend on Bludhaven to stop an superpowered fighting match.  The creators didn't have access to the Nightwing/Dick Grayson character, so they couldnt include him in the episode, but an very familiar hero is seen watching over the city from the dark. 


9.  The Flash speeds up his heart to make it look like he is flatlining



The League is captured by a League from an alternate dimension who have decided to take the law into their own hands on their world, and aim to do it to both worlds.  Batman contronts Batman and realizes he won't be able to escape because they essentially share the same mind.  Wally fakes his own death by speeding up his heart so fast that it looks like he has flatlined.  When the alternate Batman goes to help him he escapes and frees the others.


8.  The Question finds out Baskin-Robbins has been lying to us


The Question in this series was kind of a strange character.  He was more based off of Rorschach from the Watchmen than he was from the DC hero.  But Rorschach was based off the Charlton Comics Question, which DC owns the rights to.  He suffers from apophenia in this series unlike the DC version (apophenia is a condition where people find links among unrelated pieces of information and synthesize them together.)  in one of the comedic highlights of the series, he discovers that Baskin Robbins has 32 flavours.    

7 Batman vs. Doctor Destiny  


Dr. Destiny:  I'll be able to go into your brain even if you're wide awake 
Batman:  My brain's not a nice place to be

6.  Wonder Woman fights the other females 


Some of my favourite DC characters (al female) are brainwashed into fighting each other.  They eventually break free of the control only to find Wonder Woman still under control ready to fight them all.  

5.   Implied interrogation by Batman 


Batman captures an aperative from the country of Krasnia.  The operative tells him in Krasnian that Batman can't understand him and even if he could he woudn't say anything. 


4.  Superman lets loose on Darkseid 


Superman describes how he always has to hold back in the series' final episode, but then explains to Darkseid he doesn't have  to hold back against him and then shows him who's boss.   

3.  Lex Luthor and the Flash switch bodies 


In the series' funniest episode Flash tries to avoid being discovered inside Luthor's body and does such "evil" things like not washing his hands after going to the bathroom to play the part. 

2.  Wonder Woman's crush on Batman in Kid's Stuff 


A romance between the two is hinted at throughout the series, but when they are tranformed into child version's of themselves, the flirting becomes a lot more obvious.   

1.  Batman pilots the Watchtower onto the Thanagarian hyperspace bypass and saves the planet 


This is why Batman is so beloved by fans.  He does what none of the superpowered heroes could do and saves the day, even sacrificing his own life (though he is saved at the last moment.)

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Last 2 episodes when Darkseid returns and blows up Luthor's spaceship.

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1.  Superman vs Captain Marvel 
2.  Superman cutting loose against Darkseid in the series finale.  
3.  Green Arrow taking Black Canary's place to fight Wildcat in Roullette's meta-human brawls. 
4.  Aquaman cutting off his hand to free himself to save his son. 
5.  Hawkgirl having to put-down Solomon Grundy Old Yeller style after he'd already handed the rest of the League their collective ass (including Superman). 
6.  Superman vs Mongul based on the old Superman Annual story "For the man who has everything." 
7.  Dr. Fate, Aquaman and Solomon Grundy (DC's equivalant of the Defenders) first fighting against and then teaming-up with the JL. 
8.  Supergirl vs. Galatea.  'Nuff said. 
9.  Batman having to sing "Am I blue" to get Circe to Transform Wonder Woman back to normal after she'd transformed her into a pig. 
10.  Big Barda appearing in both her bikini and armor, story not withstanding.
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Great list!
 (The top 5 are interchangeable)

  1. Batman with Ace in Epilogue
  2. Flash beating Brainseid
  3. Batman and Wonder Woman throughout Maid of Honor
  4. A World of Cardboard
  5. "Let the Universe howl in despair, for I have returned". The end of Alive when the baddest villain in comics returns; DARKSEID.
  6. Batman reprogramming Chronos' belt effectively leaving him in his own Hell.
  7. Batman telling Orion that Flash is one of the greatest heroes in the DCU in "Flash and Substance"
  8. Kyle Rayner's cameo in the terrible "the Return"
  9. "Double Date" the Question, Huntress, Black Canary and Green Arrow. What more could you want?
  10. Batman vs Doctor Destiny
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Batman meets Bruce Wayne!
  3.) Who says Flash can't be Batman?
4.) Wonder Woman hitting on Batman
5.)  What's this do?
6.)  You know what? Everything with the Flash in it.
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Dang. I regret not watching this series now.

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Awesome thread

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@TheGoldenOne said:

Awesome thread
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Ones that stick out for me:

The Justice Guild sacrifices themselves in "Legends, Part 2".

The Ultra-Humanite celebrates the Holidays.

The Flash enters the Speed-Force.

Darkseid's surprise return.

Batman's swing with Ace as she passes.

Alternate Supes murders Luthor.

Superman finally lets loose.

The Reserves battle Eiling.

Wonder Woman gets to prove her "Top Woman" credentials.

John Stewart goes ringless in WW2.

And a Bonus: Savage finds redemption.

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Mongul vs superman in the fortress . 2) superman vs darksied final fight. 3) general eling vs the reserves . 4) Grundy goes apesh@t on the justice league. 3) hawkwoman kills Grundy . 5) superman vs darksied there second fight. 6) superman vs billy Batson 7) wonderwoman and hawkwoman vs ares destroyer.

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Awww... Kids Stuff was so adorable.

Kid Batman: It's not a race!

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Anything that involved Green Arrow was a win for me in Unlimited 
To Captain Atom : "I'm pretty sure your what I protested against in College"

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You're #9, 4 and 3 would probably make my list if I took the time to make one.

Also, Flash vs. Luthor where he was running around the Earth would probably be #1

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Batman free falling from 20,000 feet:"Batman to all points, I need air support... since I can't fly... at all..."seconds from impact"now would be good."

Lex Luthor in Flash's body:"well at least I can learn the Flash's secret identity."Unmasks and looks in a mirror:"...I have no idea who this is."

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