Thoughts about JL movie? Anybody?

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Warning: This is mainly a brain fart, which I tried to make somewhat comprehensible. I just really felt like I needed some people to talk to about this.

Everybody in the world knows who Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is. While Wonder Woman has the least global exposure of the three and the least popularity, people can still recognize her. I'm doing high school in Taiwan, and my fellow schoolgirls here all recognized Wonder Woman the minute I draw a lasso in her hands, even if they can't really recall her name properly. Batman is Bien-Fu-Xia and Superman is Tsao-Len. So the Trinity is well-known on a global scale(because if Taiwanese can recognize them, then Korean, Japanese and all the other Asian countries probably do as well; we already know that Latin-America and Europe is acquainted with them too), so obviously they'll be in the movie(which'll probably depend on their household names to sell it). But I'm curious to see what you guys think..about what other characters should be in the movie. Based on how interesting they are, especially personality-wise since you can only have so many powerhouses in a team. I already believe that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman should pack more than enough power to properly carry out an entertaining and chaotic fight, but the abilities and reactions of others would be interesting to see, like Flash's speed and quick-wit. Also, in my personal opinion, the Trinity's individual personalities are much more stoic than Marvel's heroes, so we're going to need some really great characters to bring in some good humor and such to the team. Flexible characters(?) Also, for it to be a hit in the global market, I feel like it really needs positive characters and banter that can keep the movie from being dreary and driving away potential foreign fans. I have a Taiwanese friend who honestly has gotten Avenger crazy, most of her notebook doodles are of Avenger chibis and...slash.

And a few more slightly vague brain farts:

-The group also needs a reason to take some time to slow down, get together and let the audience get to know them and their respective personalities.

-It'd be nice if they had a compelling reason to become a team(Maybe finding that they work together really well or some shiz?). Because I don't really want it to go down the route of 'oh no! Aliens or whatever are attacking! Lets band together and kick their asses back to their planets!'

-The team members should obviously face a force that is so strong that each individual member doesn't stand a chance if they tried to take it down on their own. Maybe even need the help of civilians to take said force down?

-Maybe have the members each make up for someone else's weakness?

-Team backgrounds? A reason for them to stick together even after they defeat the big-baddie?

-Another female character besides Wonder Woman? Though I don't think that Black Canary would be the right candidate for that...hmm.

You guys can throw in whatever characters or plot ideas that you think is good. I'm curious about what CV can come up with.

(Also, is it reasonable for me to be afraid of the chance that WB will fumble the movie? I really have low-confidence in them. I'm a bit upset too, because this franchise has such a great epic potential, but possibility that it might be botched like so many other superhero movies..)

Should I even be posting this as well? Since this is all just fan-speculation, fan-imagination and ideas that might never see the light of daybecoming cannon? ..But my curiosity has been gnawing at me, and plus, from what I saw in some other threads, a lot of you have your own JL ideas that I want to hear. Gah...I'm dying here.

You don't even need answer my questions, or read though everything that I just typed up. Just staying slightly on-topic will do.

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Adding Kyle Rayner and Aquaman would be interesting.But I'm pretty sure this thread has been done before.

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