The Secret of the New Justice League of America

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For about the last six months, we've been wondering what the deal was with the new Justice League of America. In the New 52 Universe, the Justice League has only consisted of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash and Cyborg. Apparently they attempted to recruit Martian Manhunter but that didn't work out. They refused to allow Green Arrow to join. For five years (in comic book time), they remained an exclusive club of heroes. They are no longer the only Justice League members around.

We may currently have the Justice League Dark team and saw the Justice League International but this is different. Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor have put together a new team. It's an odd mix since we have killers, thieves and extremely inexperienced individuals on the team. We tried to figure out why each member was on the team before but now it all becomes clear.

There will be spoilers for JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 below. You definitely will want to read the issue first before you discover the true reason for the team.

== TEASER ==

Simply put, Amanda Waller wants a team that can take out the current Justice League. When presenting her candidates to Steve Trevor, she made it clear that the League is too powerful and they need to be prepared, have their own super-powered puppets, in case the League ever turns on the populace. Trevor goes along with this for two reasons - if he doesn't, Waller will get someone else and she also gives him a piece of intel that provides even more encouragement.

Looking at the team, you can see how they will be paired off.

Martian Manhunter

He is their secret weapon. Aside from his incredible telepathic abilities, he has the power to stand up to Superman. He could easily to toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel. We've already seen the entire League face off against him in a two-page flashback scene. His telepathic ability will also give him an edge as well. Seeing what he's done during Storm Watch and how he departed shows he will have no problem fighting Superman if push came to shove.


Why is Catwoman on the team? She is the way to get to Batman. She may not be able to deal with him during a fist fight but she knows how to get through his veil and touch his emotions. She knows Batman on an intimate level. As a weapon against the Dark Knight, Catwoman might be a one-time-only shot but if it was determined that Batman needed to be taken down, Catwoman could make her way right up to Batman without any realization of ulterior motives. By the time he figured out what she was after, it could be too late.


Katana is meant to be paired up against Wonder Woman. They are both warriors. Katana's Soultaker sword may assist her against Wonder Woman. Other than that, we'd have to see what else she has to offer. Wonder Woman has shown glimpses of the fierce warrior she can be. It could be a quick fight unless Katana has something else up her sleeve. She is considered the world's deadliest assassin (alongside Deathstroke) so perhaps she would have a strategy to take on Wonder Woman, permanently.

Simon Baz

Green Lantern vs Green Lantern makes sense. If you need to take one out, do it with another. Hal Jordan may have earned the title of being the greatest Green Lantern. He's done many things thought impossible (like actually killing Krona, a renegade Guardian of the Universe) but Simon Baz is showing some new abilities as well. He has already been shown able to do things other Green Lanterns can't. What this says about his will remains to be seen and would he fight Hal Jordan if instructed to?


Vibe appeared to be an odd choice from the beginning. Pairing him up against Flash might seem odd since he has vibrating powers. There's more to it than just vibrating. Vibe is a "living epicenter for vibrational frequencies." Waller tells Steve that, with training, he will be able to "sever ties that people might have to dimensional power." That means he could cut Flash off from the Speed Force.


Stargirl is set up to go up against Cyborg. This might seem like another odd pairing but it all comes down to what she can do with her cosmic staff. Waller believes it could be one of the most powerful weapons on Earth. That could give her an edge over Cyborg. In the past she's been able to fly, create energy constructs and force fields and make herself invulnerable. We'll have to wait to see what a blast from her staff would do to Cyborg. There's also the question about what happened to the previous owner of the staff and what that means for Stargirl.


Hawkman is a fierce warrior and could have the ability to take on Aquaman directly. His savage nature could be the edge when they clash as he would be less likely to hold back. Other than that, it's not fully clear why it's felt he's the perfect match against Aquaman. Hawkman would have the ability to take Aquaman far away from water. The question is, would he be able to carry him off without a fight?

What about Green Arrow?

He could be the wildcard. While he does appear in this issue and is on the cover, he doesn't appear to be paired off like the others. Adding an eighth member gives them one more person. Steve mentions to Amanda that there may not be a spot for Green Arrow on this team but we do know they've worked together since Steve made him an offer back in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE.

It appears that Waller has her team. She has a way to take down the Justice League. We'll have to wait and see if she plans to be proactive and take them down immediately or keep her team around performing heroic feats for positive PR, waiting for the League to step out of line.

Of course, there's also what role will Steve Trevor and Green Arrow play in all of this. Will Trevor go along with Waller's orders? We can likely expect a major clash in the immediate future.

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Very interesting. I'm getting excited by the mere thought of Justice League and Justice League of America getting into a battle. Although the team is setup to go against the founding members. What about new the recruits? I guess that's were Green Arrow and Steve Trevor come in.

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The old Catwoman yes, the New 52 Catwoman has barely a relationship with the Dark Knight except for a booty call here or there which makes this Batman and Catwoman fan very sad.

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I wonder what Amanda's gonna do about the new recruits (especially Hawkman and Green Arrow?)

#4 Posted by cobra88king8 (360 posts) - - Show Bio

Part of me thinks Green Arrow is going to end up being a double or triple agent for one team or the other.

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I do think a couple of pairings are off.

It makes more sense that Stargirl would be pitted against Wonder Woman considering their power rankings.

Green Arrow if recruited, but more likely Katana would prove to be a match for Cyborg.

Which based on Green Arrow's possible indoctrination may also leave Katana to provide back-up for Catwoman.

Selina may evoke feelings in Bruce and be able to get close but I don't think she has it in her if push came to shove to take Batman out of the equation.

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I like the set up here. What seemed like a random group of characters turned out to be a somewhat thought out defense against the Justice League. First issue really felt like a mix of Johns other JL title and Suicide Squad. I look forward to the next issue and the inevitable crossing of paths between the two teams.

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Ww will kick katana's ass and take her soul

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Pairing Katana against Wonder Woman? WOW.

That's an even worse idea than expecting Catwoman to take down Batman.

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I wanted to get this, but with over $31 worth of comics I had to pick and choose. Maybe I could get this later.

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I read this issue and beginning to wonder why MM is suddenly so dangerous, this new 52 version doesn't share that idea of it being impolite to listen in on ppls thoughts he just goes in there n he's not hesitant to erase ppls memories either the previous MM only used such telepathy in grave situations n this can be really interesting plus this 1st issue was a real hook..eagerly waitin fr the next one.

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Interesting pairings but I seriously doubt Catwoman could take Batman out of the equation. Not that she isn't capable of rather I don't think it's in her to do that. I mean she stood up to Joker in Death of the Family, Amanda is small fry by comparison.

I do enjoy the idea though!

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Picked up the first issue. Haven't read it yet...but the more I read about the synopsis and plan for the direction of the book....I have a feeling I'll be dropping this really quickly.

I'm hoping Geoff Johns changes my mind.

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pretty impressive issue, really enjoyed it, look forward to this new team, right now i feel the current justice league are so useless (hard to believe in 5 years they are not closer as a team)

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the male faces..... god the horror.

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wow, Green Arrow got rejected for TWO Justice Leagues. Poor Ollie, and they rplaced him with Catwomn of all people thats gotta be a blow to the ego.....

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I,m quite excited to see the jla roster anc how will their future will be. Martian manhunter got quite power booster in this timeline. In previous incarnation he is a bit loner and observer, now he got some dark side in him as well.... Well at least that what i got so far. Also the final page quite surprising me.... I meant as i remember i never see ollie as infiltrator type. Rather as "ambush or sniper type" on the team. To be honest, i,m quite happy to see this role for him.

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Katana V Wonder Woman = No chance. Same for Vibe V Flash. Hal is too experienced a GL to be taken down by a novice and Batman is able to keep his emotional and professional side separate. Superman V MM could be a tie and in certain circumstances (but nowhere near water) I can see Hawkman getting the better of Aquaman. Cyborg V Stargirl maybe another tie.

If this is the whole premise of the book then either the "Big Hitters" have lost some of their power or the "2nd string" have had some major upgrades

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I hesitated picking this up because I didn't like a few of the characters and didn't know a couple others. Ended up grabbing it just see Martian Manhunter and I'm glad I did. Really great set up and they've got themselves a story going. It was weird reading an attractive Amanda Waller though.

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To be honest, alot of these weren't secrets. we knew alot of the info here was revealed via interviews with Johns and Kriesberg. the real mysteries were what the government was offering the JLA members not why they wanted them (with the exception of Catwoman). We already knew the Vibe' dimensional powers and MM being the scary ass powerhoue, and Stargirl being a P.R move.

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My guess with Katana was that she's one of the people in the world most efficient with a blade and wonder woman's one weakness is stabbing and piercing weapons. So my guess is they've found out some way how soultaker can be used most effectively in doing that that we haven't seen yet.

On a side note I like how Steve called out Vibe for being 18 and then when they talk about Stargirl he doesn't say anything about her age even after Waller confirmed that she was still in high school, making her even younger. I also find it interesting that they went the Smallville route with her by having Pemberton give her the star rod instead of one of the starmen.

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Eh, still don't find it that great of a setup.

Honestly, get Stargirl her own book so I don't have to read this.

#22 Posted by Twentyfive (2918 posts) - - Show Bio

This can't be what the book is going to be about. That is such a shallow premise.

#23 Posted by UltraBiel (329 posts) - - Show Bio

@maurdakar said:

Pairing Katana against Wonder Woman? WOW.

That's an even worse idea than expecting Catwoman to take down Batman.

Stargirl vs Wonder woman would had made more sense...

#24 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (3658 posts) - - Show Bio

Green Arrow was originally Amanda's choice to take down Batman. Steve Trevor mentioned his position was a vital spot and recommended Catwoman for his specific niche; a.k.a. taking down Batman. So we don't know why he's still going to end up on the team, but that was originally his position.

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Pairing Katana against Wonder Woman and Stargirl against Cyborg are my confusions on the match ups in relation to the JLA membership. Catwoman against Batman makes sense but Selina doesn't have what it takes to take down Batman in reality. And I'm sure that Waller's plan for the JLA is for now keep them as the government's public superhero team under their control and increase PR as the Justice League doesn't pose any active threat yet. The Superman/Wonder Woman relationship (shudders at the thought of a horrid pairing) is just a potential risk, not an active one. Overall this is a massive improvement in Johns' team book writing which he seemed to have lost with Justice League. Hopefully Johns can keep this good quality writing up.

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I will be picking up #2 no doubt. Katana vs Wonder Woman is kind of a mismatch in my eyes. Example Diana just toyed with Supergirl without much effort or even using her sword, when she actually tried she was carrying Kara out of a crater on the next page! I don't think any of this will come down to a 1v1 contest anyways. Manhunter was looking shady as all heck, maybe he'll mind control some of the JL and cause a throw down to take place.

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The reasoning given in the comic do make sense (sort of), but they are not taking into account the events in Throne of Atlantis and the 'new recruits' that were called into action.

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The only one I didn't get was Katana-Wonder Woman but that is mostly because not much has been revealed about Katana. It would either be a very interesting fight or insanely one sided for Wonder Woman.

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Hawkman vs Aquaman? Are you serious, Aquaman would stomp.

#30 Posted by GunGunW (1020 posts) - - Show Bio
He is their secret weapon. Aside from his incredible telepathic abilities, he has the power to stand up to Superman. He could easily to toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel. We've already seen the entire League face off against him in a two-page flashback scene. His telepathic ability will also give him an edge as well. Seeing what he's done during Storm Watch and how he departed shows he will have no problem fighting Superman if push came to shove.

...and what would they do if Manhunter needed to be fought if push come to shove?

#31 Posted by Owie (4772 posts) - - Show Bio

It seems to me that Manhunter is the only one on his team who has a decent likelihood of winning his matchup, barring unforseen new details.

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I want to see Hawkeye vs Aquaman! How EPIC OMAIGOD!!! and also, why is Catwoman matched agains bats?? Green Arrow is a better pairing (Trevor the idiot) since i heard he mastered martial arts or something, i don't really know.

Also, isn't Shazam in the JL?? and WAIT A FLIPPING MINUTE didn't Hal leave the team?? did he come back or something?? wutwut!!! >_<

@jwalser3: You sir are fooled!!! Hawkman's pretty baws!! also he got a power boost (all did tbh), his nth metal gives him a berseker mode, where he goes ape shit ^_^

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Thank you for adding "(alongside Deathstroke)". I was almost offended.

#34 Posted by StMichalofWilson (4825 posts) - - Show Bio

I really interested in how they play a part in the Trinity War

#35 Posted by whitelantern64 (94 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone else want to talk about the big elephant in the room? I mean we saw weird versions of the trinity and future Green arrow DIE at the end of the issue! WTF!

#36 Posted by DMXN (94 posts) - - Show Bio

Steve probably still has feelings for Wonder Woman so I don't think he will go along fine with Amanda Waller's plan. He won't let her take down WW and others.

#37 Posted by CBninja (175 posts) - - Show Bio

Ya I seriously doubt Hawkman has any chance against Aquaman. I mean Deathstroke humiliated Hawkman, so in turn does that mean Deathstroke could stand toe to toe with Aquaman. I doubt it.

#38 Posted by ccraft (10506 posts) - - Show Bio

@maurdakar: Yeah, it seems weird. I can't wait to see MM vs SM and Hawkman vs Aquaman

#39 Posted by DEGRAAF (8342 posts) - - Show Bio

It seems like they keep putting Green Arrow down which seems dumb since he now has his own successful tv show. Also How does the JLA deal with the fact that Cyborg just basically turn the Justice League into the Justice League Unlimited? Should we be expecting more heroes to join the JLA now?

I think what could be one of the best things about this comics is that while it will still have it's own villains and things to take care of i will love to see the immediate responses and affects JL has on the JLA comic. Like i hope they do mention the concern of the JL adding new recruits and how to deal with that kind of opposition

#40 Posted by sho3s22 (121 posts) - - Show Bio

@cobra88king8 said:

Part of me thinks Green Arrow is going to end up being a double or triple agent for one team or the other.

this^ definitely. My thoughts exactly. He has previous history with the original Justice League and now that the Throne of Atlantis is over, they're looking for new members. Having said that, why wouldn't they ask the emerald archer? He was eager as can be to join before...

#41 Posted by Barkley (284 posts) - - Show Bio


#42 Posted by Thatdood87 (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman would be on to catwoman

#43 Posted by TheRobin (17 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't really like these pairings. The only ones I can see effective are Superman and Manhunter, and Aquaman and Hawkman. I do believe that Baz could give Hal Jordan a run for his money but in the end Jordan could take him out. They should give baz and extra hand like John Stewart or Kyle Rainer. Also Catwoman wouldn't be able to take Batman out if time came. She does have feelings which are good to get in his mind but those feelings also prevent her from being able to actually neutralize him. I do like the possibility of Green Arrow though. I think he would make a great co leader.

#44 Posted by Mbecks14 (2114 posts) - - Show Bio

This sounds more interesting than expected

#45 Posted by ThreadPool (101 posts) - - Show Bio

Seems like the Original JL has a strong advantage all around with the exception of MM vs. Supes.

#46 Posted by tchalla3000 (84 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm just waiting to see who the "trinity" are in the trinity wars. Its going to be JL, JLA, and who? The secret society? Maybe Earth 2? All I know is Supes vs Manhunter would be epic. Everyone else, meh. Aquaman would murder Hawkman. And WW vs Katana? Seriously? Pssh

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@Twentyfive said:

This can't be what the book is going to be about. That is such a shallow premise.

Is it? The premise of the Justice League having too much power, and being above the law simply because you can't enforce the law against such a powerful group, has been touched upon before. Batman himself had contingency plans for negating every member of the Justice League. The same premise (countering superhero power) was behind Marvel's Civil War, Pixar's The Incredibles, The Watchmen, and dozens of other examples. It's hardly a "shallow" premise.

#48 Posted by Fantasgasmic (1092 posts) - - Show Bio

You know, I hadn't thought of it before, but is Justice League and JLA both take place after everything that's going on in the GL books? Since Hal is shown to be paired against Simon Baz, that would imply that they both have rings at the same time, and I thought he told the feds when they let him go that something happened to Hal. Am I remembering it wrong? Is it just that Waller doesn't know Baz got Hal's ring (sorta)?

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@tchalla3000:I think it has something to do with Justice League Dark because IIRC Jeff Lemire and Geoff Johns said people should read it as trinity war will be featured in it

#50 Posted by dondave (39943 posts) - - Show Bio

@whitelantern64:I think the trinitywere robots created by Professor Ivo; that's why they said that their creator wanted GA dead

And what made you think that was a future Green Arrow

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