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I've noticed that there seems to be quite a bit of hate going around regarding the new JLA and them being perceived as a weak team or inferior to other versions. Let's take a look at the roster and see how they shape up.  
Batman/Dick Grayson:  
He's led the JLA before and I loved him taking over Bruce's mantle for a time. He's also spent time with other major DC super groups. He's a natural leader who's learned from the very best and is personally one of my current favorites in the DCU.  
Grade A-  
Donna Troy:  
Long perceived as a Wonder Woman knockoff I think she's definitely destroyed that preconceived notion. She's been through her own share of heartaches and overcome her own roadblocks. She's beautiful, a skilled fighter and nearly has the experience that Dick Grayson does. IMHO she is one of the cornerstones of the new team. 
Grade B+ 
Jesse Chambers:  
The former Liberty Belle recently joined the team at Grayson's request. Filling the speedster role she's also been through her own share of problems and was great in Johns' JSA run. I think every JLA team needs a speedster and she is a fresh face for this roster. 
Grade B 
Another character thats often been perceived as a Superman knockoff but I disagree. Like Donna & Jesse she's also been through her share of family tragedies and only recently lost most of her fellow Kryptonians. Only in her mid teens she may be the most physically powerful of the JLA and seems to be filling the sizable void of her cousin quite nicely. Her dynamic with Jesse in issue #50 was nicely done and I could foresee Jesse taking her under her wing like she did with Damage in the JSA series. 
Grade B+ 
The daughter of Alan Scott and to be honest a character I know little about. Recently returned from the dead she seems to follow the other females histories and also be a victim of personal tragedy. her powerset is extremely impressive and follows in the foot steps of previous Lantern characters such as John Stewart, Kyle Rayner (her former boyfriend) and Hal Jordan. Due to a lack of knowledge of her I am giving her an incomplete. 
Grade: C+ due to lack of overall knowledge on her   
Congorilla & Starman: 
To be honest I know nothing about these 2 guys except for their stint in Cry for Justice. Along with the rest of the team they both also seem to have been vicitms of great tragedies. (I'm sensing a theme here!) But tragedy can often bring people together for the greater good. 
Grade: C+ 
All in all I really enjoy the new team and the fresh faces in its lineup. I love the idea of Grayson leading the team and the team's overall power level is on par with other versions of the JLA.  
Grade: B+ for what's been a super fun book so far. 
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Honestly Congorilla and Starman are looking to be the most interesting characters here

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Honestly grayson disappointed me when he did nothing but BOW,the goddamn batman never kneels before anyone.
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@Jake Fury:
Grade: A
Reason: Basically has everything that made Bruce Wayne a leader, and none of the bad things that made him unable to lead. Smarts + Acrobats = WIN.

Donna Troy  
Grade: B 
Reason: Same as above. I feel that she lacks qualities to make her unique and stand apart from Diana.
Jesse Chambers: 
Grade: B +
Reason: She is an awesome character and I have loved her since the original Titans series, she is spectacular, and she her showings in the JLA have not yet showed how awesome her character is. I think that she is being played as a speedster way too much, she is not that quick when compared to other flashes. Her other powers need to be showcased.   

Grade: B 
Reason: Again, a character that I love, I am happy with how she is going, even if she seems to be turning way too emo with the whole darkness thing going on.  
Grade: ...

Reason: I am not sure whether I love or hate this character. I'll get back when I figure out how I feel.  

Grade: B -  
Reason: A lot of untapped potential in this character, I feel quite interested in this character even if I do not know much about him.  
What about Cyborg and Red Tornado. Did they leave, if so I missed that and are they gone for good?
That leads me on to mu next point, one of the many reasons why this book is getting so much hate is because in these few issues so many characters have come and gone that it is incredible. People were originally looking forward to a team that included these ex. Titans and lesser known characters, as well as Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Atom, Starfire and Mon-El. Whatever happened to them, (I mean I know what happened I just think it was kind of cheap showing them in the covers to get people to buy the title and then just having them all leave before anything really happened.   

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Unfortunetly, I haven't read the current Justice League of America run at all, so I don't have a prespective of them and how well they're doing to match up to their predecessors. I know Dick and possibly Donna have been with the JLA for a good while before this, so those two are pretty much got what it takes to be where they are now. It's just a thought, but I think that most readers are more familiar with the Original JLA; Superman, Batman (Bruce), Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern -- they've been through it all and can't see anyone else do the same. So some readers would look at the new series like "Yeah, it's cool that Dick, Donna and Star-Boy are the new JLA buit I want the other ones back". When I've looked at the front covers of JLA, I was freaking out too and didn't want it to change.   
As for The Justcie League: Cry for Justice series, I thought it would've worked out fine for a long running series. I only browse through it, the art is fantastic but the reading is a different story. I can understand what they wanted to stop crime for good and get Justice for themsleves but at the same time I think they were trying to be something they're not. However, heroes do learn from they're mistakes so it still would've worked out. Unfortuntely the team were suppose to last only for the story in response to whats happening to the heroes such as Martian Manhunter nad Batman. I guess James Robinson figured that it wasn't going to go anywhere after that  (or rather he wasn't getting anyhere lmao.).
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@ReVamp: I think I heard somewhere (maybe a comicvine podcast) that Robinson wanted to use the characters and they were taken away from him for some reason or another, i.e. Starfire being used in R.E.B.E.L.s and Green Lantern in the Brightest Day entity storyline.
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they all suck

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Congorilla ftw.
A big golden gorilla? How do you go wrong with that???

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@junkmasterzero said:
" @ReVamp: I think I heard somewhere (maybe a comicvine podcast) that Robinson wanted to use the characters and they were taken away from him for some reason or another, i.e. Starfire being used in R.E.B.E.L.s and Green Lantern in the Brightest Day entity storyline. "

@Nerd Of A Hero:  
Yes, I understand that. My problem is that they put them in the covers, people bought the comics and then they weren't there anymore. It isn't that big a problem for me, but friends of mine got pissed off that no old school were there. As Nerd of A Hero said, people want the original JLA more, but the problem wouldn't have been as prominent if Atom, GL and GA were on the team. 
As for Nerd of A Hero, I agree, in a thread which asked about your dream team, I stated that my team would consist of many of the original JLA + Dick Grayson, Cyborg, Sandy Hawkins (is never going to happen) and the blue beetle.

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