Post Your Justice League Movie Pitches Here!!!!!!!!!!!

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We all want a live action JLA flick, but what do you want it to be about? Post your ideas below!

Pitch: Clark Kent/Superman awakes with a start. Standing before him is the ghostly image of a green, alien-looking creature. "He is coming", the apparition states before dissipating in the breeze. "He is coming."

The same strange visitation replays itself to Hal Jordan as he flies an experimental plane. To Bruce Wayne as he rides an elevator in WayneTech, to Barry Allen while he's at work on a crime scene, to Wonder Woman as she prepares for a meeting with the United Nations, to Black Lightning, Vixen, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Atom--all of them telepathically warned by J'onn J'onzz, the last survivor of the planet Mars. The same great evil that destroyed Mars is coming to Earth, and this Martian hunts men for a super-league capable of defeating it.

These heroes come together at Washington DC as the Justice League when J'onzz pleads to them for help against an evil no one hero can defeat. "Mars burned for 200 years after he came," J'onzz says. "Everyone died. Everyone but me."

"After he destroyed Mars, he came to Earth," laments J'onzz to the newly formed League. "But there was nothing to conquer. He killed the dominant species, your dinosaurs, and marked your Earth as a viable future world to subjugate. His name is Despero, the immortal leader of his warlike race. He comes alone, conquers by his own hand and proves his status of god to his people. I have felt his mind. He is coming."

As the team races to learn everything they can about Despero and the Martian technology of the JL's Washington DC HQ, Despero and his army crash to Earth in a fiery spirals of death. Towering over seven feet tall, the aliens wreaks havoc through the U.N., brutally killing every delegate inside. Despero dons the UN's flag as a symbol of his power. His next step is to murder the U.S. president, as Despero cuts a path of destruction through all U.S. resistance. Eventually catching up to him, the hastily assembled Justice League face the would-be conqueror as their first mission and their first failure. A damaged and weakened Justice League is rallied by Superman and come up with a plan to defeat Despero based on a weakness that Wonder Woman noticed from the teams's previous encounter wih the monster. In the end, even though they eventually defeat Despero and his army, the Justice League may soon have to contend with even more of Desperos's people; having retreated behind Saturn, the rudderless army gives pause to ponder what to do with the one planet that has managed to defeat their god. One thing is sure though: if they do attack, then they have the element of surprise on their side.

Superman asks Batman to help him make a broadcast to all governments and peoples letting them know that the Justice League has won and will protect mankind for as long as possible (We see people from all around the world looking at their TVs or listening to their radios hopefully). He asks all heroes for their support for the Justice League (We see glances at heroes from around the world like policemen, soldiers, firefighters, EMTs, etc.).

Finally, he says that if anyone needs help, then they only need to look to the stars. (We see the Justice League's Washington DC HQ float up into space.)

End Credits Roll.


Post Credits: While most humans see the Justice League as heroes, the government see them with distrust. General Eiling and Amanda Waller of the US government initiate, "Project Cadmus."

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I want an animated "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League" kinda deal.

Live action, bring on Amazo or the Legion of Doom. Solomon Grundy want pants too!

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That was a good pitch. I wouldn't use Despero though. Maybe someone more familiar even to casual readers. My pitch would be this:

Location: Metropolis

Superman is doing his thing, saving the day and all that, when a bright green light is seen in the sky. A bird? Plane? Comet? It's actually, Hal Jordan falling from the sky like a shooting star. Supes fly up and catches Hal. Hal wakes up on top of a roof looking at the Man of Steel. Superman asks who he is. Hal tells Superman that he's a green lantern and is the protector of Earth which surprises him. Superman has never heard of a green lantern. Hal explains that he and the green lantern corp have been fighting a losing battle against Sinestro and his yellow lantern corps. The yellow lantern corp are making their way to Earth. Sinestro plans on using the innate fear inside us humans to feed his Central Yellow Battery. Having already conquered similar planets before, Earth will be his new base as he plans on taking on all of OA.

Superman listens in disbelief and then shoots up in the sky and into outer space. While in space, he uses his "super-vision" and sees that Hal is speaking the truth. Suddenly a 3 yellow lantern members fly out of nowhere and engages Superman in a fight. The fight takes place on the surface of the moon then to Earth's atmosphere and then finally to the oceans depth. Hal, flies out to help Superman and the 2 of them attack the 3 yellow lanterns. Since Hal has already been weakened, the yellow corp take the advantage until Aquaman shows up and even up the odds. He knocks everyone out of the water. Superman and Hal comes to their senses and finds that Aquaman has already subdued the yellow lanterns. Superman goes to offer thanks but Aquaman just says, "Keep your trash out of my water." and goes back into the ocean and disappears. Hal removes the yellow rings and encases them in a bubble. The yellow rings fly away. The Feds show up and demands the they hand over the "terrorists". They agree on the condition that they tag along as well.

The captured corp members are in a secret holding facility and still aren't talking even though Superman and Hal try their best to interrogate them. In steps Amanda Waller and a "Agent John Jones" and Amanda says that they should let Agent Jones try. The agent seems to just stare at the prisoners for what seems to be the longest time. Supes and Hal sees the prisoners start to sweat, shake, and close their eyes. "I got what I need." says Agent Jones. Soon after the prisoners collapse on the floor knocked out. Waller leaves the room but Jones stays behind and tells Supes and Hal to meet up with him later. In another secret location Supes and Hal meet agent Jones. Jones steps forward and touches both Superman and Hal on the forehead and all three men share minds for a bit. They all see Sinestro's plan and find out that the 3 prisoners were just scouts and that Sinestro and his army will be on their way in a week. Jones steps back and shape-shifts into his martian form which surprises everyone. He also tells them that as they are now, they cannot defeat Sinestro but he has a plan. Since their power source is fear, he plans on taking fear out of the equation. Individually, the world would still feel doomed but with a team to believe in and hope in...maybe they could weaken the yellow lantern corp when they arrive. A little hope is what is needed to defeat fear. He telepathically shows them the image of the Flash, Aquaman, and Batman and tells them that they will need their help as well. The team separates in hopes of recruiting the remaining heroes.

Superman goes after the Flash since he's the only one capable of catching up with him. Hal goes to find Aquaman. And Martian goes to talk with Batman. Eventually, they all agree. On the eve of the battle they all meet up and Batman goes over the team's strategy. In walks in Wonder Woman in full Amazonian armor. As an ambassador of Themyscira, she can no longer sit by and watch Man's world fall. The have known all along of the upcoming war and Diana intends on fighting in it even if it means banishment from her people. Batman throws a dozen bat-a-rangs at her and Diana deflects all of them. "Good enough for me." says the Flash. They welcome her.

Sinestro and his Corp arrive and the battle ensues. The fight soons becomes a global battle as every country sends it's army, navy, and air force to attack the yellow lanterns. At first it seems like the Earth's army is in a stalemate but that's when Sinestro activates the Central Battery. A huge blast shoots from it and destroys whole cities in one swipe. As people's hopes turns into the fear, the Central Battery becomes stronger as well as the lanterns themselves. The league do what they can but they find themselves get beaten back. When the battle for Earth seems all but lost something unexpected happens. Wonder Woman kills a yellow lantern and his ring goes to Batman. At first Batman fights against the ring but becomes overwhelmed with its power and starts attacking allied ships and planes, etc... Just before Batman delivers a killing blow to one of the allies fighter planes, he sees the face of his next victim and stops. A sudden and painful memory floods his thoughts and he remembers who he is and what he needs to do.

Sinestro and his corp are winning the battle in the skies. Hal fights Sinestro one on one. Sinestro is amazed on how much Hal has matured as a green lantern but still has the edge over Hal. He beats up Hal and encases him in a energy bubble and makes him watch as he takes over the earth. He looks around and sees Superman defeating the corp members easily. Sensing a turning of the tide by Superman, Sinestro points the Battery at Superman and fires. Superman is unable to dodge and is shot out into space towards the sun. Superman is temporarily out. He then turns it on the rest of the league members as well. Wonder Woman is taken out in similar fashion. MM phases through his blast but still can't get close to Sinestro. Flash outruns the blast but is thrown by the blast. Aquaman is shot as well but uses the magic of his trident to block the attack. He passes out after though.

Sinestro smiles as he sees his victory eminent but notices a yellow lantern fly into the Central Battery. It's Batman. While inside, Batman continues to fight the ring and using all his willpower, he somehow changes the color of the ring from yellow to green. The change causes a reaction to the battery like a computer virus and affects every yellow lantern but Sinestro. Batman lets out a battle cry that cracks the Yellow Battery and momentarily disrupts the power of the yellow corp. Hal breaks free and punches Sinestro and he too flies into the battery. Hal is soon seen flying out of the battery with Batman in tow. With the yellow battery now damaged, missiles and all can now get through their shields. All the worlds fighter planes are now taking the fight to the yellow lanterns and are even scoring a few kills.

Sinestro regains his bearings and goes after Hal. Hal tries but is still defeated by Sinestro. Sinestro then sets the Battery to shoot continously even though it's been damaged saying once the world begins to fear again it will heal itself. Then from out of the sky Superman flies back into the battle and flies right through the battery shutting it down again. He soons flies straight to Sinestro and the two of them fight for the fate of the Earth. Superman, now sun-dipped, easily defeats Sinestro breaks his hand and removes his ring. A depowered Sinestro falls and is caught by Hal. Batman walks up and knocks Sinestro out with one punch. They all look up and sees the Battery just floating in the sky. Hal knowing that he's too weak to do anything about it hands Superman his ring. He takes it and flies up to the battery. Using all his strength and willpower, Superman creates a giant hand and grabs the battery. He then begins to spin super fast and throws the yellow lantern into space.

With the battery now gone, all the yellow rings become depowered and the corp is all captured by the Green Lantern Corp who arrive on Earth. They take Sinestro and his corp back to OA. As everyone gathers together, Superman says to everyone, "We should do this again sometime." They all smile and part ways. THE END.

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Cyborg does not belong.

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The Good (IMO)

There's a lot that I like about your pitch. I could see why studios would like your pitch. And I can see why fans would like your pitch.

Me: I like how you start with a focus on GL and Superman since they have movies coming out that could be in the same universe. Then you introduce audiences to the other characters. You also manage to incorporate the end of the Green Lantern movie into the movie so that you don't have to introduce a villain from scratch--brilliant.

Aquaman sounds like a badass--which is always good. And the team has a lot of camaraderie. I also like how Superman didn't know who GL was because GL was off in space like he should be.

Studios: You use characters that audiences know from previous films. You use the movie to set up the origins of some characters, which means that you can have money making spin-offs like JL: Wonder Woman or JL: Aquaman.

Fans: A lot of people still feels an attachment to the original 7, so they'd be happy that you're sticking with that. Plus you're creating a movie that may remind them of comic book story lines like Blackest Night--Similar to the way Nolan builds off of Knightfall, the Long Halloween, etc.

My Critiques

While it doesn't bother me that you used the Sinestro corps, it ties your movie to the mediocre at best GL film. Usually directors and studios like to have soft reboots of film franchises that are not commercially successful (Hulk, Ghost Rider, X-Men, etc.).

It sounds like you're going to use Wonder Woman's origin in the film like in the first episode of the Justice League cartoon. I feel like the Justice League film should be the origin of the team, so it's better to have everyone as an established hero (unless the origin of a hero is tied to the origin of a villain). IMO, it takes away from the origin of the League and the origin of Wonder Woman by having both in the same movie.

Finally, I like how you introduced Superman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman, but the way that you bring in Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman feels less awesome. And it feels weird that they just jump on the team--especially Batman. But that could just be due to the fact that this is just a pitch and not a script.

Overall Thoughts

I really like it! You're creativity and love for the characters is clearly visible through the entire script. I'd definitely want to see your movie.

Please critique my pitch if you get the chance!

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@HolySerpent said:

Cyborg does not belong.

In my pitch, he does, but in IfDCRuledTheWorld's pitch, he doesn't. This is a thread for our movie fantasies.

I'd love to read yours.

@EugeneSaxe said:

I want an animated "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League" kinda deal.

Live action, bring on Amazo or the Legion of Doom. Solomon Grundy want pants too!

I think that the Legion of Doom is best saved for the 3rd film of a trilogy--kind of how they were saved until the last season of JLU.

Amazo would be awesome for movies 1 or 2--especially if he had ties to project cadmus.

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@Captain13: Thanks for your critique. I agree with you on almost all of your points. Even though the GL movie was mediocre at best, I still believe that it was a good enough movie. A stepping stone as you will. And I know I kind of threw Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman in there rather quickly but I didn't have the time to write down how they would all get together. Now for your critique.

The Good: I really liked the idea of using Despero. He's completely evil and is powerful enough to take on the League on his own as well. The way you introduce the characters remind me of the Justice League cartoon, which was awesome.

The Bad: The only thing that I found was that you killed off the president. In my opinion, it would be awesome to see a President Luthor plead on national tv, that he needs the super heroes to come together and save this nation. That and a epic speech by Superman would bring the team together.

All in all a nice pitch. I doubt that any of this will get through to the writers and all. I also love your idea of a Project Cadmus too.

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This is how my pitch goes...

I walk into the WB board room, I throw a copy of Kingdom Come on the table and I say "read it".

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