Other characters you want to see in Injustice Gods Among Us?

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So far, this game is looking really good, but one problem is that I'm guessing that a lot of the characters are gonna be Batman related... Nonetheless, I wanna know which other characters people want to see in the game even though they may be outside of DC. Personally, I wanna see Rorscach in the game as he is an unlikely choice due to being outside of the mainstream - he would be a great surprise edition if that ever happened. I also wouldn't kind seeing Invincible... Maybe.

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Black Manta

An Electric Character: either- Black Lightning, Static or Livewire

Vixen or Black Canary

Doctor Light


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swamp thing, black adam, booster gold, doomsday, aquaman, animal man, red hood, lex luthor, bane, darkseid, etrigan, trigon, deadshot, brainiac, despero.

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