New "Justice League" Title in the New 52?

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So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was announced, or at least suspected, that with Jim Lee's relaunch of the WildCATS a new "Justice League" title would be released in order to replace Justice League International. First, I have to say that I'm sorry to see JLI go. Not because I thought it was a good title (I wasn't too impressed with it), but more so because I love those characters and that team. I really wished that they could've saved it by getting a new creative team perhaps. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk.

Anyway, back on topic. This "new Justice League" title has me intrigued. Which "Justice League" team do you guys think it could be? I mean, idk if there are that many to choose from. Do you think it'll be a team that existed before the reboot or an entirely new one. I mean, Justice League Dark didn't exist before the reboot and that series seems to be doing well.

My suspicions though is that it may be a revival of the Justice League Detroit. We did see Vibe appear in the teaser poster for Trinity War. So we know he's popping up in the DCnU soon enough anyway. Bringing back the Detroit League would serve as a way to salvage Vixen as well as bring in several DC characters that haven't yet shown themselves since the relaunch, like Gypsy and/or Elongated Man. Although I don't think DC should bring Elongated Man back to life or erase his death from continuity. Anyway, what are your guys' thoughts on the issue?

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Elongated Man is dead. Long live Plastic Man. If they put Plastic Man on the team, count me in.

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As long as Booster, Green Arrow and Hawkman is on the team, I'm good.

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I really hope it is a larger League that has Green Arrow, Hawkman, Booster, Fire and Ice , Captain Adam, Firestorm ,Hank & Dove, The Adam, with Martian ManHunter as the heart and soul of the League again

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^ Thats way too much. The maximum number of heroes a book has is around 8-9.

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@sethysquare said:

^ Thats way too much. The maximum number of heroes a book has is around 8-9.

For Good Reason

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As long as Booster and Guy are on a team again im down. They both have too much character to not put them on a team.

A great JLD team would be






Steel the one from old JLD

and Plastic Man

This is my 100th post (yay!)

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They need Captain Atom and Booster Gold on a team. They are not being used right now and that would be awesome.

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It would seem that way. We have seen storywise that Trevor is building a new team which apparently works better with the US government, making me think that its a JLA revival instead of a JLD one.
We know the first recruit is Green Arrow, the Atom is another good candidate either it being Ray or Ryan. Ray has quitted shade but is still working with the government, he also has shown that he has his atom powers even if not the name. Hawkman and Firestorm are other classic members whose series will probably soon be cancelled and deserve to be on a team.

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If booster and some characters that we haven't seen so far in the new relaunch, then I would get it.

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