M.O.S. Trailer Pa Kent Advises Supes To Let Kids Die Maybe? What?

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Love the trailer. Still have a bit of a hardon, its getting smaller. But since when did Jonathan advice Clark Kent to let people die if it means keeping his secret identity. I get his point, but maybe he could have phrased it more tactfully.


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I think we really need to hear what he says next, cause I've been thinking the same thing.

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I think we should wait to see the full scene, but here's my thoughts on that:

Personally, I like Pa Kent's new-ish approach on the subject of Clark's heroism. Remember, that Martha Kent was barren, and Clark literally came falling from the sky to them. Clark is their whole world, and if he gets taken by the government, or even gets killed by them, both Johnathan and Martha would be destroyed.

Also, this is very much like his portrayal in Superman: Birthright. Johnathan was quite against the idea of Clark parading around in a colorful costume saving lives, while Martha was a huge supporter. Eventually Pa gave Clark his blessing, but it was after a beautiful heart to heart between a father and son. If this is the route they're taking in MoS, I'm totally for it.

Pa Kent's all about choice, while Jor-El's all about destiny. After hearing the dialogue from the teaser from both of those characters, we'll certainly get an in-depth look at Pa's point of view on the subject.

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Jonathan is just not sure about how to handle Clark's powers correctly and all opinions will evolve over time. If you want to listen to people who are sure, maybe just listen to my old friends Jesus and Osama?

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That did concern me too. Perhaps, when the film comes out we will see a little more of the conversation and maybe something is said to where it kinda makes things right.  
Johnathan Kent seemed kinda like he was unsure about what to say from my opinion so maybe he was just trying to kind a way to tell Clark to not use his powers and when Clark brings up "What was I suppose to do, let them die?" or something along those lines, maybe Pa just didn't quite know what to say because a superhuman son is not something that everyone has and he doesn't quite know how to handle a situation as such. 

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This just one line seems to have caused some controversy...

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