Midnighter? What do you guys think?

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In case you didn't know or are too lazy to look him up, Mightnighter is a hero from the Wildstorm universe and is one of DC's new attempts at diversity when it comes to the Homosexual community. He is part of Storm Watch, and from what I am to understand in another time he is married to another member of Storm Watch named Apollo. His powers include:

Battle Precognition: Midnighter has the power to predict how a battle will happen before it starts. His 'fight implants' include a 'combat computer' that allows him to run through a given combat situation millions of times in his mind, almost instantly covering nearly every possible result before the first punch is even thrown. He uses this information to predict the actions and or reactions of his foes, counteracting their moves almost before they even think to make them. According to Midnighter, his powers also work by letting him see the outcome of the battle he wants, and working backwards, following the right steps to get there.

Tactical Senses: Midnighter's senses allow him to detect any modifications or powers in anyone he looks at, as well as how they work, so he can defeat them. He can detect what special abilities a opponent has, he can see the enhancements. He can detect the increased electrical activity in an opponents brain.

Telescopic Vision:

Enhanced Hearing:

Fist Implants:

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Speed:

Enhanced Durability:

Enhanced Coordination:

Enhanced Reflexes:

Survival Implants: Implants used to keep him fighting in the worst of conditions.

Enhanced Healing:

and hes a master at all types of combat and every thing else you can think of.

At first, I thought he was going to be a really cool character, until I read about his powers. He has a Batman feel to him, and that's really hard to pull off, and a cool costume. But how could i possibly be interested in a character who's power is basically to just win against anyone ever?

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@Revenantgenesis: if you read authority you'd understand where he fits. he is a batman ripoff for the authority. And yes he is nigh unbeatable which invokes the trope batman is unbeatable to the extreme because he IS like batman walking to every battle with prep in the form of a combat simulator.

His powers do have limitations and compared to the type of threats they dealt with in the authority he was small fry. The authority itself also had a 50 mile long 20 mile wide and 8 miles thick sentient ship capable of wrapping space and time to the point it can fit entire universes into its cargo bay, create doors to any point on earth and any dimension and universe as well as traverse while and exists in multiples places in space time (and outside of it) simultaneous.

Yeah its deep stuff...

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