Maxwell Lord and his Justice League

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Generation Lost... I know its good, but is it vital to following Brightest Day?
and also, its only a 6 part mini series right?

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 I haven't read it but i don't think it's critical to brightest day but its not a 6 part mini series its a bi weekly comic. It's brightest day one week then the next its GL then brightest day it just flip flops. It will last as long as brightest day.

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Its not vital to Brightest Day.  The only link is Maxwell Lord being back from the dead thanks to the Blackest Night/Brightest Day story.  But this series is fantastic.  I'm a huge Ted Kord fan, and it really keeps me on the edge of my seat thinking the man who murdered him has made everyone in the world forget who he is and think that Ted Kord committed suicide.  So pick this series up and follow along. 

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