Kotobukiya Justice League Statues

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These statues from Kotobukiya are too amazing looking not to share. I may get my five favorite characters (WW, GL, SM, BM, CY). What about you? They're $35 (U.S.) a pop right now.

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Kotobukiya does some really amazing stuff. The only one of those I dislike is Aquaman - he doesn't look right.

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These are beautiful

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Don't like Cyborg, so I have no interest in that. And something looks off about Aquaman.

But the others are awesome in every way humanly possible! I must own that Wonder Woman and Superman!

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These all look amazing!

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i usually dont care for statues but these are amazing, that aquaman does look a little strange though

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I picked up Superman, Flash, and GL for my brother's birthday

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Wonder Woman and Cyborg are the best looking!

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