Justice League to Appear in Next Batman: Arkham Video Game

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We all know there has to be a sequel to Batman: Arkham City. Today some news has come out about the next game but it's not going to be a sequel. Instead, it will be a prequel and feature the Justice League.

There has been plans in trying to get people more familiar with the Justice League. We've heard the rumblings of plans for a live action movie. This sounds like another way to make consumers and non-comic book readers aware of the team. We've already seen members show up in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and of course they will be featured in next year's Injustice video game.

Variety has reported that the next Arkham game will center around Batman's first encounter with the Joker. It was also mentioned that there would be a Silver Age feel to the game and have Batman teaming up with members of the Justice League.

The questions remain whether or not it will still have the same gritty feel Rocksteady Studios have crafted and will Mark Hamill reprise his role. He's already stated he would not return in the next game.

It all sounds like a good idea but doesn't feel like it'd fit in with the other two games. It makes sense they'd want to capitalize on the success of the first two Arkham games but we'll have to wait and see how it progresses.

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....Cool...Still want my Superman game though.

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YES!!!!!! dont care about the details im just happy theres another game!!!!

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As much as it would pain me to see a game without Kevin Conroy in the voice of Batman, this approach may lend itself well to putting Deidrich Bader or Adam West in the titular role.

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In all DC cross-promotional stuff, Warner uses Cyborg.

Lego Batman 2

DC Nation banner

Justice League Doom


We Can Be Heroes

Upcoming Flashpoint Film


Sorry MM fans

Warner wants people know who the Justice League is and to think of THESE 7 as the Justice League before they release the Justice League movie.

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Buildup to JL Movie...?

Sounds like a cool game though, what with a "Silver-Age feel to it." Looks pretty good, cant wait!

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I seriously doubt that Hamill will be back to voice the Joker. I guess he's come out of "retirement" before for the role, but I think that Arkham City was such a good send off for his version of the character, that I'm okay with that being his last take on the role.

I'm more interested in seeing what the new aesthetic of the game will be.

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I seriously can't wait for this game :D

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After the release of this game, people will truly see how much epicness the general public have been deprived of due to the overexposure of comparatively rubbish properties, namely the Avengers. 
I knew DC wasn't going to let this franchise and opportunity go to waste.

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If it was The Joker before he became the joker like when he was the Red Hood. It might make sense for the voice to be different than mark hamill's joker. I think it would be a pretty cool treat for non comic fans that don't know the joker's origin then get surprised when the seemingly regular villain becomes the joker.

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Obviously this game will be a polished ripoff of Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes. …that was a joke.

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why not just make jla game instead of revolving around batman games? oh well

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A prequel huh? Here's to getting most of the animated Justice League cast voicing the League in the game!

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Awesome! I think its a great idea. With this, lego Batman and Injustice, I hope DC will be making more games and movies for non comic readers so they can get the respect they deserve.

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@Lvenger said:

@sethysquare said:

I think this could potentially be the best game ever in comic book history (considering how great arkham series was)

Bit of a bold statement to make all things considered. There are a lot of elements to fit in and what worked with Rocksteady for a Batman game might be difficult to accomadate to a Justice League game. However if ever there was a studio to make a Justice League game, Rocksteady is it.

Exactly, I wouldn't trust any other studios with a Justice League game. Plus Arkham City was released last year, Rocksteady would have like 3 years to do this game Justice before its release. It just needs to be 90% as good as Arkham City, Ill be satisfied since Arkham City is almost perfect for me. I'll like to see if Rocksteady can challenge and outdo themselves

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Oh, I hope Paul Dini's writing the script!

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You lost me at Silver Age 

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So rather than build upon the promise of a truly epic Arkham 3, we're being led to believe that Rocksteady would turn around, take five steps back, trip over their own feet, and face-plant into the silver age?

I get that old people probably like that version of Batman, but that is not the Batman of the Arkham games. Considering the Arkham games are a continuation of the Animated Series universe, why not just keep it there?

I remain highly skeptical of this news.

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Interesting direction, anyone else and I would doubt the possibility of this but if they stay true to form it could be a great game. not sure I'm that interested in this JLA push though which is obviously for a future movie

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This is going to be so awesome!!! Gets me in the mood to go back and finish City. I was just distracted by so many other games that came out!

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Yeah like oh god yes Whoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK must clam down still at work

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@sethysquare: Aquaman and Wonder Woman look badass
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@Gambit1024 said:

@sethysquare said:

@Gambit1024: I believe they would use Arkham City's format. I totally dig the outfits though, seeing that most of them are sketches with muscles and skeletons drawn. They probably wont end up as the final costume. I was hoping they could get together because of an Alien Invasion. That has always been a DC thing.

As long as I get to fly as Superman, run as Flash, and be badass as Aquaman, the format they use will be just fine with me, lol. I wonder who the main villain will be. Darkseid perhaps?

Could possibly be Darkseid. Since he has always been whored out as the big bad. Like in MK vs DC. In DCUO, they went with Brainiac. I suspect the last villain from Young Justice would also be Darkseid, If not YJ season 2's big bad would be Darkseid again considering Desaad, apokolips and G Gordan already made appearance. If Darkseid appears in this I hope its his last appearance until the live action.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Yeah agreed. I really like WW's look. They should've used skirts in the comics as well.

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Mmmmm, can we have this be more of a Justice League game or something? Everything about this doesn't quite sound like it fits in with the Arkham games. Not to mention they teased the hell out of a sequel already, so there's got to be a sequel; they left too many loose ends for there NOT to be one.

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I don't think this was a good idea, i like the idea of the Justice League, but it just wouldnt feel right in the Arkham series...

They should've expanded more within the Bat Family for the next game. Nightwing and Robin fit right in, so keep them and throw in Black Canary, Huntress, etc

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I'm ok with this existing in the Arkham Universe, but I hope this has nothing to do with those games.

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@sethysquare said:

@Jonny_Anonymous: Yeah agreed. I really like WW's look. They should've used skirts in the comics as well.


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This sounds awesome! I love the idea of a gritty Silver Age, although I wish there were mentions of the other heroes in the first two games, this feels a little out of nowhere

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Wait Silver Age feel? Batman's first encounter with the Joker and teaming up with the Justice League? Suddenly this doesn't seem right. Batman's first encounter with the Joker shouldn't need the Justice League's involvement. Otherwise why didn't they show up in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City? I don't mind if this is set in the Arkhamverse but I hope this game steers away from involving the Joker in it. Let Rocksteady focus on bringing DC's wide variety of villains to the game screen.

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Soooo...basically they took their inspiration from Lego Batman 2... ^^


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As long as Bruce is still old enough to be played by Kevin Conroy, then I am all for it.

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Not that I have a problem with another Arkham game but it seems that doing prequels for anything is becoming a fad now. Watchmen has a prequel, a lot of movies are or getting a prequel. I don't know, it seems like it may just be a scheme to me. I'm excited either way to see how this turns out. I'll probably be blown away like the first two games. But if it's a prequel, than the last two games :p

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They mentioned that it would be similar to the silver age story line in how Batman and Superman rallied superheroes to start the Justice League. I think this could be a very good thing and in keeping with continuity, I'm sure they can find a way to make the characters as gritty as they can be without killing the heart. I posted this link before but I am going to post it again since there is actually an article about it now online. Whoever reads this should go check out my speculation on what a Justice League game by Rocksteady could be like.


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As I have said before and will say again....


#37 Posted by Master_Thief (1086 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers Assemble!!!

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

You lost me at Silver Age

And first appearance of the Joker. Why would he even need help? S*** almost completely hit the fan in both B:AA and B:AC, and he never felt the need to call on the Justice League. Either he is really inexperienced in this new game, there's more than just the Joker in it, or there's something stupid going down in the writing.

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i m excited about this...nd i have learnt to give the benefit of the doubt to rocksteady

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Are you serious? I wondered how they'd use Arkham AGAIN, and throwing in a prequel is a trend people come up with these days. Arkham City was great, but couldn't they just make a Batman game now that aspect of their feature is done with.... Useless. I'd prefer more modern as well, much prefer his newer costumes.

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this leaves it open for an actual trilogy with adding a forth game. why even make it a batman game. why not just make it a JLA game.

#42 Posted by NightFang (11047 posts) - - Show Bio

I guess Gotham really is gonna burn.

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@SandMan_ said:

....Cool...Still want my Superman game though.

quoted for the truth, bring on "Superman: Phantom Zone" :D

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another game with Joker as the villain? the Joker's a great villain but it'd be nice to see someone else be the big bad for one of these games

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Actually Superman: Phantom Zone could be a very cool game

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I'd rather have a justice league game that didnt stand on Batman's shoulders! Why cant they make something similar to the past justice league heroes game and make it feel more like the recent Batman games? The big threat could be fighting the Sinestro Corps or The Spectre?

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Mark hamill will return, because he's the one and only joker. Also the games have been a massive success and it would be wrong not to voice as the joker for another amazing game.

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@SandMan_ said:

....Cool...Still want my Superman game though.

This is how DC works. You are irrelevant unless you show up on a Batman medium.

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I have a feeling this game will feel almost completely disconnected from the other Arkham games. Which would be my preference, actually. As long as they don't stop here, and continue forward with Arkham City sequels too (they left too many loose ends not to) then I'll be happy.

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@KainScion said:

why not just make jla game instead of revolving around batman games? oh well

Because Batman is the most profitable and recognizable hero of this generation (that's not on a team) and DC/WB is using that as a 'gateway drug' so to speak.

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