Justice League - the first series

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Anyone else remember the original JLA series? I am fortunate enough to have the complete series (even stuck with it when they became the Juvenile League of Adolescents) and some of my favourite stories are - "Doom of the star diamond" (issue 4), "Riddle of the Robot Justice League (#12), "Menace of the "Atom" bomb" (#14) and "Crisis on Earth One / Two" (#21 & 22). The latter books began the annual JLA / JSA meetings and were the forerunners of today's Infinite Crisis / Final Crisis, etc. For the new series its great to see a powerful JLA back. For those who do remember that series, what are your own favourite stories?
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I have a collection of some of those stories, up to Cavern of Deadly Spheres. Hard to say which one I liked most.

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