Justice League Season 3: Cataclysm

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After a bit of a delay, I've finally finished working on season 3 of my Justice League series. I've titled this season "Cataclysm," and that will make sense shortly. The format is the same as the first two seasons; the starred episodes relate to the big, over-arching season plot, and the non-starred episodes stand alone. While the last two seasons have focused more on a core team of heroes, this season has a much broader scope, encompassing much of the DC universe in its entirety. Oh, and I feel I should point out that I envision the episodes in this series to be an hour. The stories that are told in these episodes simply cannot be confined to a thirty minute time slot.

Setup: This would all be explained in the first episode, but rather than try to shoehorn it all into the episode description, I'll just explain what has happened between seasons 2 and 3 here. Basically, after the events of season 2, the world is still lacking faith in the Justice League. As a result, the government has imposed a 7 member limit on the League, to keep it from growing too powerful. To counteract this, Mr. Terrific (who was tasked with re-organizing the League at the end of the last season) has divided the Earth's heroes into several Splinter League's, each consisting of seven members. There is:

Justice League Prime: Superman (leader), Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash, Cyborg and Green Arrow.

Justice League International: Booster Gold (leader), Guy Gardner, Red Star, Fire, Ice, Vixen (the seventh is added later in the season)

Justice League Alpha: Captain Atom (leader), Bulleteer, Congorilla, Jesse Quick, Atomic Knight, Alpha Centurion and Supergirl

Justice League Beta: Martian Manhunter (leader), Captain Marvel, Vibe, Gypsy, Atlee, Damage and Cyclone

Justice League Gamma: Green Lantern (John Stewart, leader), Element Girl, Loose Cannon, Deadman, Moon Maiden, Firestorm and Atom Smasher.

Justice League Omega: Big Barda (leader), Tasmanian Devil, Mister Miracle, Ambush Bug, Animal Man, Plastic Man and The Atom.

Justice League Zeta: Hawkgirl (leader), Shining Knight, Vigilante, Zatanna, Blue Devil, Bwana Beast and The Ray.

Seven Justice League teams with seven members each, all working for one common goal; justice (its kind of in the name). Some of you are probably wondering where Batman is, to which I answer; be patient! Anyway, now that I've already given you more reading than you probably hoped, lets get started with the actual episode listings.

*Episode One: Rebirth pt. 1- This episode opens with Justice League Alpha (the one led by Captain Atom) responding to a distress call from a nuclear submarine. In the midst of the action, we also see scenes from an interview with Mister Terrific and Superman, where the viewers are filled in on what has changed since last season. At the site of the submarine, Justice League Alpha attempt to save the hostages being held by Heat Wave. However, when Supergirl moves for one of the hostages, she realizes that it is only a hologram. The team then notice upon further inspection that every single hostage on board the sub has the same appearance, and that they are all bizarre holographic reflections of one another... reflections created by Mirror Master. Mirror Master and Heat Wave spring their trap and immobilize the Justice League Alpha. Heat Wave then begins working to detonate the sub. Minutes later, Justice League Prime arrives, with Superman ripping the top off the sub to make his entrance. Heat Wave and Mirror Master are quickly forced into a retreat, which Mirror Master accomplishes by blinding the heroes with a flash-grenade. Green Lantern flies all of the heroes off the submarine while Captain Atom absorbs the blast, preventing a catastrophe. However, upon regrouping, Justice League Alpha realizes that Jesse Quick is missing. Flash contacts Mister Terrific, and asks him about the wherabouts of her father Johnny Quick. Mister Terrific checks his files, and says that Johnny was reported missing by the retirement home earlier that morning. Flash asks Cyborg to access the security footage from the home which Johnny Quick was abducted from, and finds that a man resembling Captain Cold had infiltrated the facility a few hours before Johnny was reported missing. The episode ends with an image of The Rogues gathered beneath Central City, speaking to a shadowed figure whom they refer to as Blacksmith. Heat Wave and Mirror Master report that they were able to get Jesse Quick, but faced heavy interference by the League. Captain Boomerang states that they will never get to The Flash unless they can isolate him from allies, to which Blacksmith replies, "You think too narrowly. The Flash's allies are his greatest strength... but we will make them his greatest weakness."

*Episode Two: Rebirth pt. 2- Mister Terrific reports to Flash that Kid Flash has recently gone missing. Flash decides that the vanishing speedsters can not be a coincidence, and the Rogues appear to be masterminding something. Flash tries to contact Max Mercury, but there is no response. Worried, Flash races out to Max's home, where he is ambushed by Girder and Tar Pit. During the encounter, Girder mentions how all of Flash has no one to call on, because all of his friends are being hunted as they speak. After Flash defeats the criminals, he immediately issues a distress call to all League members that they may be targeted. However, he finds that his signal is unable to get through, and realizes that the powerful storm currently raging across North America is emitting a low-level EMP that disrupts their signal. Flash immediately infers that this storm is actually being generated by Weather Wizard, as a means to keep Flash from calling for help. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, Mister Terrific's control unit is hacked by Abra Kadabra, who uses the system to impersonate Terrific and send each member of Justice League Prime on solo missions. On these missions, each member of the League is ambushed. For example, Aquaman attempts to save a drowning child, but finds that it is a doll. The water is then frozen solid by Captain Cold, trapping the hero.Flash attempts to save his allies, but arrives too late every time. With all of his teammates, as well as several speedsters captured, Flash turns to drastic measures. He visits The Thinker, and asks what he knows about The Rogues recent activities. When Thinker questions why Flash believes he would know, Flash answers, "At first I thought you might be behind this. But you aren't the type to sit back and watch. If this was your doing, you would have taken the credit for it by now. So you aren't involved. But you do know something, because you would have to, to keep your ego well fed." Satisfied, Thinker explains that a woman named Blacksmith has been gathering the Rogues. Before Thinker can reveal more information, he is shot in the head by Plunder. Flash finds a message inscribed in the bullet; the coordinates of Blacksmith's hideout, along with a challenge to come and save his friends.

*Episode Three: Rebirth pt. 3- Knowing full well that he is walking into a trap, Flash heads to Blacksmith's hideout. There, he finds Justice League Prime in captivity, and The Rogues waiting for him. Blacksmith then reveals herself, and shows the captured speedsters strapped to some sort of machine. The real face behind the scenes is then revealed; The Turtle, a former enemy of Jay Garrick, now a decrepit old man bound to a wheelchair. Blacksmith reveals to Flash that she is the Turtle's daughter. Turtle is dying, and Blacksmith plans to drain the Speed Force energy through the speedster's bodies, and use it to stop her father's aging and preserve his life. Flash battles her and the Rogues, and is able to free the his team. Justice League Prime then makes short work of The Rogues. Infuriated, Blacksmith decides that she has enough energy with the speedsters already in captivity, and activates the machine. However, during the fight damage was caused to the machine, and something goes horribly wrong when it becomes active. Everyone flees the fortress as fast as possible, and the device detonates, killing The Turtle and Blacksmith. However, when the explosion clears, there is a massive rift created by the Speed Force; and from it steps none other than Zoom. Zoom has been trapped in the Speed Force for years, but the disturbance freed him, and now he is out for vengeance. Flash and Zoom do battle at high speed, but Zoom's time-manipulating powers give him an edge. His movements are disrupting the flow of time, and soon the two speedsters are literally running through the time stream, engaged in high speed combat. Eventually their fight takes them to the Big Bang, in which Flash finally defeats Zoom and begins to race back through the time stream, leaving Zoom in the blast. Flash returns to the proper time, and all appears to be normal. However, Flash is later visited by Metron, who warns him that the Speed Force was thrown into a frenzy by the battle with Zoom, and that the real battle is only beginning...

Episode Four: Angel of Death- Mister Terrific summons Justice League Zeta, led by Hawkgirl and consisting of Shining Knight, Vigilante, Blue Devil, Bwana Beast, Zatanna and The Ray, to the Hall of Justice. There, they meet Adam Strange. Strange explains that for a little over a year, the planet Rann has been at war with Thanagar. Peace talks have failed, and Adam is now seeking the League's help to quell the violence. Hawkgirl accepts the mission, and Justice League Zeta is taken to Rann by use of a Zeta Beam. There, the heroes attempt to stop the violence between Rann and Thanagar. They soon find that both sides claim that the other launched acts of terrorism against them. However, both sides also deny these acts, which leads to a lot of confusion over what actually started the war. Upon investigating, the team learns that the Weapons Master has been selling arms to both sides. Upon further investigation, Adam Strange finds evidence that the Weapons Master actually framed both planets for acts of terrorism against one another, so that he could start the war and then profit by selling to both sides! While most of the team then focuses their energies on battling the Weapons Master, Hawkgirl and Adam Strange take this evidence and attempt to stop the bloodshed happening between Rann and Thanagar. Hawkgirl is captured by the Thanagarians, where she meets a man claiming to be her father. He then explains to her how she got to Earth, since she has developed amnesia and does not remember anything prior to waking up in season 2. He explains that she was sent to Earth to scout it for invasion, and that the Thanagarians have been planning to invade Earth for several years. He then offers Hawkgirl a place among the Thanagarians again, even offering to let her lead their armies against Earth. Hawkgirl bitterly refuses, and the Thanagarians prepare her for execution, but she is saved by Adam Strange. Meanwhile, the rest of Justice League Zeta bring down Weapons Master and force him to admit that he framed both sides for their accused acts of terrorism. The Thanagarians begrudgingly agree to a peace treaty with Rann, and their forces pull out. However, the Thanagarian general warns Hawkgirl that they will soon meet again.

Episode Five: Under Lock and Key- In this episode, it is finally revealed just what Batman did during his time away from the League between seasons 2 and 3. Batman formed The Outsiders, a proactive and covert alternative to the Justice League, which operates outside of the public eye. The team consists of Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Katana, Grace Choi, Owen Mercer and Creeper. The Justice League does not know of The Outsider's existence, nor does Checkmate. Until, that is, The Key drugs Snapper Carr with a psycho chemical drug that puts him under mind control. Key forces Snapper to infect the Justice League with this same drug, allowing him to take control of them. As soon as word spreads that the League has gone rogue, Batman gathers The Outsiders and takes them on. Eventually, The Outsiders are able to free the League of The Key's control, and Batman defeats The Key. Later, the JLA and Mister Terrific demand to know why Batman did not inform them of The Outsiders existence, and Batman replies, "Because the team was created as a countermeasure to the likes of you, should the need ever arise. Like it did today." Superman responds by saying, "You know what's pathetic? Even after all that's happened, you still can't bring yourself to trust anyone." The League then departs, leaving Batman with The Outsiders.

Episode Six: In Love and War- At the start of this episode, we learn that Black Canary left the Justice League after she and Green Arrow broke off their engagement. She is now leading the Birds of Prey, consisting of herself, Huntress, Batwoman, Hawk and Dove. The Question finds evidence that since Amanda Waller was removed from Checkmate, the Suicide Squad was placed under "new management." More specifically, they became the personal assassins for President Lex Luthor. Question also finds intel that the Suicide Squad may now be planning to assassinate Waller at her court hearing, to keep her from revealing any secrets that they don't want revealed. Question informs Green Arrow of this, and GA shows up at the Solomon Wayne Courthouse where the highly publicized trial is taking place. There, Green Arrow runs into Black Canary and the Birds of Prey, who are also there to protect Amanda Waller. Soon, war breaks out between the heroes and the highly strategic Suicide Squad. And in order to accomplish their mission and save Waller, Canary and Arrow are forced to forget their troubles and work together again.

I'll warn you all, the description for this next episode is going to be incredibly long-winded, because there's a lot of necessary information. After this one, I'll start scaling it down and making sure the descriptions are shorter.

*Episode Seven: A Disturbance in the Force- Flash wakes up with a splitting headache, and is soon contacted by Metron, who tells him that the Speed Force has been out of equilibrium ever since the battle with Zoom. Now, the Speed Force is literally tearing apart the flow of time, bending the time-stream out of its proper formation. All across the Earth, bizarre portals are opening as time falls apart at the seams. Dinosaurs are spilling into New York, Chicago is transported to the Ice Age, etc. Metron tells Flash that he may be able to fix the problem, but there are risks involved. Metron shows Flash an image of the Red King, a dimension-hopping conqueror. Red King wields the Materioptikon. Metron explains that there are infinite universes parallel to this one. Each decision anyone makes creates a new universe. For example, say you were trying to decide whether to buy a Snickers bar or a Twix bar. You decide on the Twix bar, and go about your day, except when you make that decision, a parallel universe is created in which you chose the Snickers bar. This has resulted in the ever-growing multiverse. In some worlds the differences are so minute that you could hardly tell the difference. In others, the differences are drastic. With the Materioptikon, the Red King has the power to see exactly what universes are spawned by each decision, and choose which one he wants to go to at any given time. That way, no matter what choice he or others make, Red King can always achieve a favorable result, because he moves to the parallel universe with the most preferable result. Metron reasons that with the Materioptikon, he would be able to create a universe in which everything was in order. While most of the heroes stay behind to try and control things in their universe, Flash and Mister Terrific gather Justice League Omega (Big Barda, Mister Miracle, Tasmanian Devil, Ambush Bug, Animal Man, Plastic Man, The Atom) are taken to Red King's dimension by Metron, and head to steal the Materioptikon. Of course that is easier said than done, because Red King possesses over 63 metahuman abilities and can decide the outcome of any move his opponents make. Red King makes short work of the heroes, and boasts about having killed them in several other dimensions. Flash distracts Red King while Ambush Bug teleports to the Materioptikon. However, Red King catches Ambush Bug before he can escape with the device, and defeats him swiftly. Red King then holds his Materioptikon triumphantly, and states that he plans to send the heroes to the most painful, abysmal universe he can find. However, he soon realizes that the Ambush Bug had switched the real Materioptikon with Plastic Man, who had molded himself into a replica of the device! Red King then sees that Mister Terrific has the real Materioptikon, and uses it to open a portal back to Metron. But just as the heroes are escaping into the portal, Red King blasts the Materioptikon, seemingly destroying it. Red King's dimension crumbles apart, and the heroes escape empty handed. The episode ends, however, with Metron revealing that the Materioptikon was not destroyed in the blast. Instead, pieces of it were scattered across the space-time continuum, into seven different times and worlds. (Anyone noticing a recurring theme with the number seven?)

Episode Eight: Rampage- S.T.A.R. Labs Professor Kitty Faulkner announces her latest experiment; a limitless, non-polluting power source. However, a corrupt oil company (with unofficial ties to Lex Luthor) does not want this invention to see the light of day. They hire Deathstroke the Terminator, along with a few other assassins placed under Deathstroke's command, to kill Dr. Faulkner and make sure that her works is never completed. The Question, monitoring the activities of the company, hears word of this and notifies the Justice League. In turn, Mister Terrific deploys Justice League Beta (Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel, Vibe, Gypsy, Atlee, Damage, Cyclone) to stakeout S.T.A.R. Labs and make sure that Dr. Faulkner is kept safe. During the stakeout, Damage questions J'onn's motives for wanting to lead the team, because most of them are very young and inexperienced heroes, some of them don't even have a full grasp on their powers. Damage is even more agitated when Manhunter doesn't give him a straight answer. However, the debate is interrupted when Deathstroke and his cadre of assassins show up to kill Kitty Faulkner. The heroes battle Deathstroke, but he has planned his assault meticulously and is prepared for every move they make. During the battle, Damage disobeys orders and causes Kitty's reactor to explode. The blast transforms her into Rampage, and she goes on a... well, rampage. The heroes take her on while Deathstroke retreats, believing his mission to be more or less accomplished. Rampage absorbs all of the energy S.T.A.R. Labs and increases her strength incalculable levels. She is only defeated when Martian Manhunter reaches out to Kitty's mind, buried beneath Rampage's rage. With J'onn's telepathic assistance, Kitty is able to weaken Rampage enough for Damage to defeat her.

Episode Nine: Legacy- The Justice League International team goes to investigate a strange surge of radiation that originated in El Paso, Texas, only for it to disappear a moment later. What they find is Jaime Reyes, a teenager who had just been involuntarily attached to the Scarab, becoming the new Blue Beetle. Jaime is excited to have his new powers, but Booster Gold us unhappy with some punk kid "replacing" his friend (Ted Kord, who died in season 2). Booster treats Jaime with utter disrespect. Later, as Blue Beetle, Jaime attempts to stop a bank robbery by Planet Master, but does not get along with the Scarab, and winds up destroying two city blocks in the process of his "heroics." Booster flips out on Jaime, and tells him that he ever suits up again, he's officially an enemy of the JLI. Jaime is genuinely hurt by this, and very confused. It is then that he is contacted by Jarvis Kord, who says that he can help Jaime master his powers. Jaime breaks into Ted Kord's old hideout and steals The Bug. He flies out to meet Jarvis, and is quickly befriended. Jarvis begins to replicate the Reach technology from the Scarab, all the while manipulating Jaime. Booster Gold later finds out that Ted Kord's hideout was broken into, and sets Skeets to track down The Bug. He finds Jarvis Kord's island, and Jarvis convinces Jaime that Booster is the enemy. Blue Beetle fights Booster, until Jarvis can complete his project... the armor of the Black Beetle. Black Beetle nearly kills Booster, and Jaime realizes he has been deceived. Beetle and Booster team up and manage to defeat Jarvis, blowing up his island. Booster then tells Jaime about how the first Blue Beetle died, and says that not all heroes get a happy ending, which is why he didn't want Jaime becoming the Blue Beetle. He didn't want him to get hurt. Blue Beetle is awarded JLI membership status, and fills Ted Kord's "empty chair" on the team.

Episode Ten: Call of the Wild- Floronic Man and an army of plant monsters attack Metropolis, seemingly unprovoked. Justice League Gamma (John Stewart, Element Girl, Loose Cannon, Deadman, Moon Maiden, Firestorm and Atom Smasher) respond to the threat and battle the plant monsters. Deadman senses something is amiss, however, and feels a strong presence of death in the area. Meanwhile, at the headquarters of Justice League Omega (the team that helped Flash and Mister Terrific defeat Red King a few episodes back), Animal Man senses a strong disturbance in The Red. At at the HQ of the JLI, Vixen is swallowed up by The Red and becomes overtaken by animal instinct, resulting in Booster Gold and Guy Gardner having to chase her through the woods (this is mostly for comic relief). Deadman consults Animal Man, and they piece together that somehow, Floronic Man has become a catalyst for The Rot, the natural force of decay. Floronic Man's plant-monster attack was only a diversion, while he spreads The Rot over the world by releasing infected spores into the atmosphere. While the Gamma team stays in Metropolis to fight the plant monsters and destroy the spores, Animal Man and the rest of the Omega team go to find Alec Holland. There, Animal Man desperately tries to convince Alec to become that avatar of the Swamp Thing again, and help fight The Rot. At first Alec bitterly refuses, but when a plant-clone of Floronic Man appears and kills Alec's girlfriend, Alec is forced to accept his destiny. He becomes the Swamp Thing, and battles the Rot-infected Floronic Man alongside the heroes, saving the world.

Episode Eleven: Broken Trinity- This is the last filler episode before things get really serious. Wonder Woman learns that Steve Trevor has gone missing. She asks Cyborg to hack the Human Defense Corps database and find the information on Steve's last assignment before he went missing. Cyborg finds that Steve was sent to Jarhanpur, a far off land that kept itself completely isolated from all over civilizations, on a top secret recon mission. However, Steve's plane disappeared as soon as he entered Jarhanpur territory, and he has not reported back since. Wonder Woman and her teammates fly out to Jarhanpur to investigate. However, immediately after their plane reaches Jarhanpur air, a massive storm hits them and they crash-land into the deep forests below. There, the team is attacked by vegetation and even the ground itself. Most of the League members are taken captive, disappearing into the ground. Only Superman and Wonder Woman escape. After trudging through the woods hoping to find shelter, they stumble across none other than Batman and the Outsiders. Batman explains that the Outsiders suspected Jarhanpur of several international kidnappings, and infiltrated the country in hopes of finding answers. He then explains to them that Jarhanpur is ruled by a dictator named Rama Khan, and he is biologically connected to the land. He controls Jarhanpur's weather, growth, seismic activity, etc. Everything in the land bends to his will. However, Nth Metal has the capability to nullify Rama Khan's detection. It is through use of the Nth Metal alloy that the Outsiders have been able to remain in Jarhanpur without Rama Khan sensing their presence. Batman leads the heroes to the Capital of Jarhanpur, where subjects gather every morning to praise their "dear ruler" Rama Khan. All the while, mistrust still festers among the Trinity after the events of season 2, in which all three of them kept important secrets from each other. At the morning ceremony, Rama Khan announces the public execution of Steve Trevor and the captured League members later that day. When the Outsiders attempt to infiltrate Khan's dungeon and free the League, they are captured and taken in by rock monsters, leaving only Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to battle Rama Khan. They attack him at his palace during the execution ceremony. To battle them, Rama transforms himself into a living mountain! It is only through teamwork that the Trinity defeat Khan and free their friends. With Rama defeated, Jarhanpur crumbles, and he swears revenge on the League.

*Episode Twelve: Shadows- Metron is still pushing the very extent of his powers to try and slow the Speed Force's destruction of time itself. This episode opens with Alexander Luthor running away from a series of shadowed figures. So that he can escape, his ally the Red Hood detonates a powerful bomb, sacrificing his own life in the process. When the smoke clears, The Red Hood is revealed to be an alternate version of the Joker, and the pursuers he killed were alternate forms of Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Alexander Luthor then returns to his hideout, holding a piece of the Materioptikon in his hands. We then see Mister Terrific finally finishing his machine to locate pieces of the Materioptikon across the multiverse. The machine locates the first of the Materioptikon pieces, and Metron opens a portal to the parallel world in which it landed. Justice League Prime heads to that world. However, Green Arrow does not accompany them. In his place is Batman, who after the events of "Broken Trinity" has agreed to serve as a part-time member. The team arrives on this parallel Earth to find it ruled by evil versions of themselves, known as the Crime Syndicate. They find Alexander Luthor, this Earth's only superhero, with the Materioptikon piece. After some confusion, introductions are made and Luthor explains that the Materioptikon fragment crash landed on their Earth several months ago, and the Crime Syndicate has been trying to get their hands on it ever since. The League decides to stay and help battle the Crime Syndicate. Teaming with Alexander Luthor, the Justice League battle their evil counterparts, including Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring and Johnny Quick. During the battle, Owlman is espeically intrigued to learn that there are parallel Earths. The battle ends when Alexander Luthor Cyborg perfect a makeshift Zeta Beam, and teleport a nuclear missile into the Crime Syndicate's watchtower. The blast kills Ultraman, and the Crime Syndicate are defeated by their heroic counterparts, freeing the world. The League then returns to their home dimension with the first piece of the Materioptikon.

*Episode Thirteen: Code of Honor- Mister Terrific's machine detects another piece of Materioptikon, this one located in Medieval Europe. He assigns Justice League Zeta (Hawkgirl's team) to accompany Flash. The group travel back in time, where almost immediately, they are attacked by a group of knights. The violence is quickly halted when one of them recognizes Shining Knight as Sir Justin. Shining Knight's friends explain that several months ago, a strange stone fell from the sky. The stone fell into the clutches of Morgaine Le Fey, and they have been on a quest to retrieve it ever since. The heroes of course realize that this stone was part of the Materioptikon. As the heroes and the knights begin to make camp, they are attacked by some of Morgaine's forces; a pack of ogres, led by the Demon Etrigan. All of the knights are turned to stone, infuriating Shining Knight. The heroes barely escape Etrigan's rampage, and find a small village to regroup. There, Hawkgirl and Flash meet the wizard Merlin, who explains that Morgaine has transformed Sir Jason Blood into The Demon, and is using him as her enforcer. She has her chief scholar, Megistus, studying the Materioptikon piece. Merlin warns that if Megistus can find a way to complete the Materioptikon, coupled with Morgaine's power, she would be invincible. The heroes set out on a quest to Morgaine's castle, and during the journey, Shining Knight tells his story, and how he came to live in the 21st century. During the journey, Bwana Beast appears to be killed by Morgaine's forces. When the heroes arrive at the castle, all hell breaks lose. Zatanna and Merlin take on Morgaine Le Fey in a duel of magic. Meanwhlie, Hawkgirl, Blue Devil, The Ray, Shining Knight and Vigilante combat Etrigan. Meanwhile, Flash takes on Megistus, who uses the Philosopher's Stone in combat. Shining Knight tries to reach out to his friend Jason Blood, but he is unable to shake the demon's influence. Seeing no other option, Shining Knight wields Hawkgirl's Nth Metal mace and beats The Demon into submission. Flash defeats Megistus and obtains the Materioptikon piece, and the heroes regroup and finally take down Morgaine. As a last resort, Morgaine casts a powerful destruction spell to detonate her castle. However, at the last minute, Bwana Beast arrives, riding atop a mix of a dragon and a horse! Bwana Beast flies the heroes away from the blast, and they return home with one more piece of the Materioptikon.

Episode Fourteen: Pawns- John Stewart, current leader of Justice League Gamma, receives a distress call from Kyle Rayner. John takes the Gamma team (Element Girl, Loose Cannon, Deadman, Moon Maiden, Firestorm, Atom Smasher) into space to Kyle's last known location, where, to his surprise, they are attacked by several members of the Green Lantern Corps! The team narrowly escapes the Lanterns, and crash land on a small farming planet. There, the planet's residents explain that the tyrant known as Despero is mind controlling the entire Green Lantern Corps, and using them to spread his rule across the universe. John finds only two other Lanterns, G'nort and Ch'p, not under Despero's control. The team rests on the planet, trying to repair their ship. During the rest time, Ch'p befriends Loose Cannon, and we learn that in the presence of sunlight, he returns to his crippled human form. Loose Cannon explains to Ch'p that he believes power is both a blessing and a curse, but everyone has their own choice when it comes to how they use it. We also get to know the other members of Gamma, with special focus on Element Girl and Firestorm. The peace is short lived, however, when the entire Green Lantern Corps mobilizes on the planet, destroying the village that Gamma Team had taken refuge in. John meets Despero, and is telepathically tormented by the tyrant. Despero mocks John for always being the "good little soldier," but a poor leader. With the Green Lantern Corps at his disposal, Despero defeats Gamma Team with relative ease. Only G'nort and Moon Maiden escape, and G'nort states that he has a plan. G'nort takes Moon Maiden to the prison cells of Oa, where they find the Sinestro Corps. Meanwhile, Despero boasts of his victory to the captured heroes, and begins mobilizing the Green Lantern Corps to attack Earth. Loose Cannon states that Despero has no idea how to use his power, and any empire he builds will only come crashing down. Despero responds by mind-raping the team, nearly turning them into vegetables. John screams for Despero to stop, and challenges the tyrant to a game of chess, with his teammate's lives at stake. While John and Despero engage each other in a rousing game of chess, G'nort convinces Sinestro to help him. The Sinestro Corps attacks Despero’s Green Lantern Corps. The violence hinders Despero’s concentration, and John defeats him in chess. The team then takes Despero down, and frees the Green Lanterns of his control.

*Episode Fifteen: Beyond- Mister Terrific's machine locates the third piece of the Materioptikon, located in the distant future. Flash and Batman head into the future via Metron's portal, and are immediately encountered by the Justice League Beyond. However, it does not take long to realize that something is amiss. The League of the future have been infected with mind-controlling inhibitor chips by the future incarnation of Brainiac. Batman and Flash battle the futuristic League briefly, before being saved by an adult Static and the new Batman, Terry McGinnis.The four escape to the Batcave, where Terry explains that after the Materioptikon fragment arrived, it was snatched up by arms dealers. The League went in to try and retrieve it, and came out mind controlled by Brainiac. Terry believes that Brainiac is in league with Kobra, because he has evidence that the Materioptikon fragment was picked up by Kobra agents, What they are doing with it, he doesn't know. Flash becomes fast friends with Terry and Static, but Bruce is skeptical of Terry, and the two don't get along. The four of them split up in Gotham City, looking for clues about where the Materioptikon fragment might be. They battle hordes of Jokerz, and Static is captured. Inque then reveals herself, and reshapes herself to "fill in" for Static. When the heroes regroup, Static tells the team that he knows where Kobra is hiding. The four of them head to this location, but Terry realizes that something is amiss with "Static." Of course, Inque lured the heroes into a trap. Terry takes Inque down just as she is about to kill Bruce. The team escapes the trap, and Bruce interrogates Inque, finding where Kobra is really based. The heroes go there, battle the mind-controlled Justice League, defeat Kobra, and Flash and Batman return to their time with the third Materioptikon fragment. As they leave, Bruce tells Terry that he makes a fine Batman. Bruce then asks, "How do I die?" To which Terry replies, "I wouldn't want to spoil anything."

*Episode Sixteen: World's Finest- Flash's headaches are growing more severe, and in turn the Speed Force is going into overdrive, furiously tearing apart the multiverse molecule by molecule. Metron urges the League to find the remaining four Materioptikon fragments faster. Cyborg and Mister Terrific work with the machine to try and detect the fragments more quickly, but their efforts are in vain. Batman states that he has an idea. Batman and Superman fly out to Tokyo to retrieve Hiro Okamura, a teenage genius. During the trip, they continue to bicker over the recent turmoil between them. On their flight back, the Speed Force rips a portal into their jet, flinging them across the space time continuum. Batman lands on Earth 2, and Superman lands on an unidentified parallel Earth. There, Superman meets a young Clark Kent, who idolizes the man of steel, and explains that in this universe, Superman and the rest of the Justice League are all comic book characters. Meanwhile, on Earth 2, Batman encounters Power Girl and Huntress... who in this universe, is his daughter. After settling the confusion, Power Girl explains to Batman that before he arrived, they had been fighting Darkseid, but he disappeared into the portal as it opened. Back on the other Earth where superheroes do not exist, Superman and the young Clark Kent encounter the Darkseid from Earth Two, who was thrust into this Earth by the portal. Superman battles Darkseid, and in the bloodshed the young Clark Kent realizes that super-heroics are not all glamorous. While Superman and Darkseid duke it out, Batman, Power Girl and Huntress search for Hiro on Earth Two. The trio find evidence head to Tokyo, and all the while Power Girl and Huntress are bickering. Batman remarks that it sounds familiar. The trio arrives in Tokyo to find Hiro in the possession of the Irradiated Man. During the fight, Huntress explains to Batman that while they don't always get along, Power Girl is her closest friend. Meanwhile, on the other Earth, Superman is unable to stop Darkseid from unleashing a Hellspore onto the city, killing thousands, including the young Clark Kent's parents. In a fit of rage, Superman beats Darkseid into submission. On Earth Two, the heroes take down Irradiated Man and Batman retrieves Hiro. With help from the JSA, Hiro throws together a machine to take him and Batman back to their Earth, but not before retrieving Superman from the ruined city that he had been cast into. Once back at the Hall of Justice, Hiro takes one look at the machine and criticizes Cyborg and Mister Terrific for their lack of imagination. Meanwhile, Superman mourns over the lives that he failed to save, and Batman gives him a brief but effective pep talk. As he is leaving, Superman says, "So... are we friends?" And Batman responds, "Figure it out."

*Episode Seventeen: Spittin' Image- Hiro completes his modifications to the machine, and it is now able to detect all four of the remaining Materioptikon fragments simultaneously. Metron opens four portals. This episode centers around the first; The Outsiders entered this portal, on their first mission without Batman. The Outsiders arrive in the Old West, where they meet none other than Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham. Upon searching for the Materioptikon fragment, they uncover a plot by Ra's Al Ghul to play both sides of the Civil War and destroy America. Meanwhile, in the present, Bruce Wayne arrives at Wayne Manor. When he gets there, however, Alfred is shocked to see him, because "Master Bruce" had arrived over an hour ago. Bruce then looks to see an alternate version of himself sitting in the Wayne Manor living room, eating caviar and flipping through old photo albums. Bruce realizes that this is actually Owlman out of costume! The good Bruce attacks, but the evil Bruce produces a tazer and easily drops good Bruce. He then strikes Alfred down, saying, "You know... I killed my Alfred." Back in the Old West, The Outsiders and Jonah Hex defeat Ra's Al Ghul and The Outsiders obtain the Materioptikon fragment. As The Outsiders return to the present, they are greeted by "Batman," who congratulates them on their first mission without him. The screen then cuts to an image of the real Bruce Wayne, chained to a cell in his own Batcave, taunted with the knowledge that Owlman is now impersonating him.

*Episode Eighteen: Legion- This episode takes place within the same time frame as the last, revolving around the team that went through the second portal, Justice League Alpha (Captain Atom, Supergirl, Atomic Knight, Jesse Quick, Bulleteer, Congorilla and Alpha Centurion). The Alpha Team is taken to the distant future, where they meet the Legion of Superheroes in combat with the Fatal Five. Alpha Team helps defeat the Fatal Five, and return to Legion HQ. There, Brainiac 5 scans for the Materioptikon fragment, and of course flirts with Supergirl. His computer finds the fragment, and because this is never easy, the fragment has fallen into the possession of The Dominators. Alpha Team goes in with the Legion of Superheroes and battles The Dominators. Of course the heroes win, and the Materioptikon fragment is obtained. Brainiac 5 asks that Supergirl stay in the future with him, but she declines, believing that her place is with the Justice League. Meanwhile, Owlman, still impersonating Batman in the Justice League, uses Hiro's machine to travel to the Earth which Darkseid destroyed back in "World's Finest." There, he finds the young Clark Kent, bitter over the death of his family, and blaming Superman for the destruction. Owlman offers him a deal...

We've got another long-winded description coming up, because this next one is my favorite episode, and I feel compelled to dump a lot of info.

*Episode Nineteen: What Lies Beneath- Taking place in the same time frame as the last two episodes, this episode revolves around the team that entered the first portal; Justice League Beta, the young team consisting of Captain Marvel, Gypsy, Damage, Vibe, Atlee and Cyclone. But this time, Aquaman is filling in for Martian Manhunter as leader of Beta Team. Through the portal, Aquaman and Beta Team travel 30,000 years into the past, to ancient Atlantis. Before Atlantis sank. Almost immediately after arriving at the surface-world Atlantis, the team feels a violent earthquake. Then, Atlantean soldiers arrive and arrest the heroes, specifically Aquaman, whom they refer to as "The accursed one." The Atlanteans take Aquaman to Arion, Lord of Atlantis. Arion explains that Aquaman's blonde hair is the sign of a curse. He also tells the heroes that Atlantis has been suffering major tremors, much like the one earlier, for several months now. Arion believes that Aquaman's arrival is a sign from the gods that a sacrifice is in order, to purge their city of the curse. The heroes are thrown into the Atlantean dungeon, and Aquaman is set for ceremonial execution. Gypsy, however, escapes the prison and seeks out Manitou Raven, a powerful Atlantean shaman who Aquaman believes can help. Gypsy finds Manitou Raven and his daughter, Dawn. She explains the situation to Raven, who in turn tells her that he does not believe Aquaman is the cause of the tremors, but Arion will not listen to reason. Gypsy decides that the only way to save Aquaman is to find what is really causing the tremors, and Raven agrees to try and postpone Aquaman's execution. Dawn accompanies Gypsy to the outskirts of Atlantis. There, the two head underwater and find The Triton, a race of sea monsters that will eventually evolve into The Trench. The Triton appear to be digging a massive network of tunnels underneath Atlantis, causing the tremors. Gypsy wants to go to Arion with this information immediately, but Dawn senses a strange magical aura coming from the creatures, and wants to investigate further. Meanwhile, Manitou Raven approaches Arion in his court, and tries to prove Aquaman's innocence with his hatchet, which will not cut an innocent man. The hatchet does not harm Aquaman, proving he is innocent. However, Arion accuses Raven of heresy, and locks him up as well. While exploring the tunnels dug by the Triton, Dawn and Gypsy find the lair of the witch Gamemnae, and realize that she is controlling the Triton with magic, seeking to sink Atlantis and frame Aquaman in the process. Gamemnae sees the girls and has the Triton capture them. At Aquaman's execution, there is a massive earthquake and Atlantis begins to sink. The Beta Team uses this chance to escape, and battle Atlantean forces. Dawn and Gypsy trick Gamemnae into revealing herself, and she and the Triton are drawn into battle with the heroes, as well as Arion. Manitou Raven is killed during the fight, and his mantle is passed onto his daughter, who becomes Manitou Dawn. Gamemnae is defeated, but the heroes cannot prevent Atlantis from sinking. Arion apologizes to Aquaman by offering him the Materioptikon fragment, which has been under study by Atlantean scholars. Arion tells Aquaman that he will make a fine king, and the heroes return to the present.

*Episode Twenty: The Tyrant- This episode continues within the same time frame as the last three, revolving around the final portal. Flash and Justice League Omega (Big Barda, Mister Miracle, Animal Man, Plastic Man, The Atom, Tasmanian Devil, Ambush Bug) entered this portal, and they arrive in an alternate world; one that is a desolate wasteland, ruled by warring tribes of mutant creatures. Almost immediately after arriving in this universe, Flash and Omega Team are ambushed by a race of tiger men. They are only saved by the intervention of Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth. After driving off the Tiger Men, Kamandi asks the heroes if they are friends of "the tyrant." When they decline, Kamandi takes them with him to Command-D, the bunker that he calls home. There, Kamandi tells them about the Great Disaster that shaped his world. He then points out that the heroes arrived through the same type of portal as "the tyrant," but he arrived a little over a month ago. Kamandi says that the tyrant has the power to "speak in your mind," and with it he conquered most of the tribes and rules them with an iron fist. Now almost all of Kamandi's world is under his control. Flash promises to help Kamandi take down the tyrant if he helps him find the Materioptikon fragment. When Justice League Omega launches a recon mission to spy on the tyrant, Flash is shocked to see that the tyrant is none other than Gorilla Grodd! Apparently, a Speed Force Portal opened onto Gorilla City and flung Grodd into Kamandi's wrold, where he used his psychic abilities to take control of several mutant tribes. Due to Ambush Bug's idiocy, Grodd is made aware of the team's presence, and a massive war breaks out. Flash and Kamandi gather up the few scattered tribes still not under Grodd's control, and Big Barda leads them into battle against Grodd's forces. While the Omega Team engages the hordes of mutants in combat, Flash and Kamandi battle Gorilla Grodd. When he is finally defeated, Kamandi leads Flash to the final Materioptikon fragment. However, as Justice League Omega is about to return to their Earth, a Speed Force Portal opens up, and from it emerges the Black Flash. Flash screams for the Omega team to escape, and while they return to Earth with the fragment, Flash attempts to stop the Black Flash from reaching them. Both speedsters disappear in a flash of light, and the episode draws to an end...

*Episode Twenty-One: Deception- With all of the Materioptikon fragments assembled, Hiro, Cyborg and Mister Terrific are able to reconstruct the device. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan goes to inform Iris Allen of her husband's apparent demise. When he arrives, however, he finds her already in tears. Hal asks what is wrong, and Iris tells him that Barry hit her. When Hal asks when, she says, "Just before he left." Hal says, "You mean yesterday?" And Iris responds, "No... about ten minutes ago." Suddenly, "Barry" returns home, and he and Hal are of course surprised to see each other. They talk for a moment, and Barry acts very strange. Then, Hal notices a bruise on Barry's chin, and remembers when the League went to the parallel universe ruled by the Crime Syndicate... and he had punched the villainous Johnny Quick in the jaw. Hal realizes that this is actually Barry's evil counterpart from the parallel world, and the two fight. After Hal subdues Quick, he summons Wonder Woman, and using her lasso of truth, they interrogate the villain. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, once the Materioptikon is finished, Mister Terrific prepares to deliver the device to Metron so that he can save the universe from the Speed Force's deterioration. However, Batman points out that he should take the device instead, so that Mister Terrific can stay and continue to organize the League. Hal and Wonder Woman arrive just as "Batman" takes the Materioptikon. Owlman then reveals himself, having impersonated Batman since "Spittin' Image." Owlman uses the Materioptikon to disappear into a pocket dimension where he can view the entire multiverse simultaneously. He then summons the rest of the Crime Syndicate, evil counterparts to every good hero on Earth. Replacing Ultraman (who died in "Shadows") is the young Clark Kent, now calling himself Superboy Prime. Owlman states that it is time to mobilize for war. He unleashes Superboy Prime to test his new powers on Justice League Alpha. Under this alternate yellow sun, Superboy Prime proves far stronger than even Superman. Prime defeats Justice League Alpha with relative ease, and beats Supergirl to the brink of death. Drawn by the bloodshed, Superman arrives to put a stop to Prime. Prime smiles, saying, "Its about time you got here. I was getting bored with the appetizers." As Superman and Superboy Prime begin their battle, Owlman uses the Materioptikon to open multiple portals in strategic positions around the globe, unleashing his Crime Syndicate army.

*Episode Twenty-Two: The Struggle Within- Here, we learn what became of Flash. After he and the Black Flash disappeared in a blaze of light at the end of "The Tyrant," Flash was transported to a bizarre pocket dimension where the landscape is constantly changing, and the laws of physics do not apply. Here, Flash meets an old friend from season one; Death of The Endless. Flash asks Death is he is dead, to which she replies, "No. But you aren't alive either. Just somewhere in between." Death explains that the realm Flash is currently trapped in is made from the manifestations of people's dreams. Every dream from anyone in the multiverse adds to the vastness of this realm. When Flash asks why she is there, Death answers; "He wanted me to talk to you, because He knows you trust me." Flash asks, "Who is He?" And Death answers, "The Presence. You got lucky you know; normally He sends The Spectre, and that's never pretty." The two continue to talk, and Death takes Flash to see The Phantom Stranger, who had requested an audience with the speedster. Long story short, the Stranger explains to Flash that the Speed Force does not simply exist. It actually generates from Flash himself. And the only way to calm a disturbance within the Speed Force is to calm the struggle within himself. Stranger returns Flash to Earth, where he finds the Justice League at war with the entirety of the Crime Syndicate. Back in "Shadows," The League had only fought the core members of the Syndicate. Now Owlman had returned with a full-force invasion, hundreds of evil counterparts to Earth's heroes. While Flash attempts to figure out what the Stranger meant by the "struggle within," Superman and Superboy Prime continue their battle. Prime is far more powerful than Superman, and beats the hero to a pulp. Superman tries to reason with Prime, but the boy proves to be mentally unstable. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman arrives at the Batcave to free the real Bruce. She is ambushed by Superwoman, who proceeds to torture Bruce by snapping his ribs while forcing him into a kiss. After an intense fight, Wonder Woman and Batman defeat Superwoman. Wonder Woman then explains that the Justice League need to organize their counterstrike against the Crime Syndicate, but Batman replies, "The Syndicate is the least of our worries. Have you actually seen Owlman since this war began?" Diana replies, "No. He disappeared with the Materioptikon, and hasn't been sighted since." Batman says, "That's because this war is only a diversion. I know what he really plans to do... and if he succeeds, there will be no more worlds for the Syndicate to conquer."

*Episode Twenty-Three: Counterstrike- The war is escalating. President Lex Luthor commissions the Human Defense Corps, armed with Cadmus tech that is designed to kill high-level metahumans. Luthor orders the Defense Corps to kill any metahumans they encounter, be they League or Syndicate. Meanwhile, the Speed Force Cataclysm is reaching its climax, pulling reality apart molecule by molecule. Huge rifts are forming in the atmosphere, and Earth is experiencing major climate shifts. Batman and The Outsiders sneak into the Hall of Justice, currently under Crime Syndicate control. Hiro, Mister Terrific and Cyborg are all being held captive by the members of Omega Syndicate, the Crime Syndicate counterparts to Justice League Omega (Barda's team). While the Outsiders take Omega Syndicate down, Batman frees the captive heroes. Hiro disassembles one of Mister Terrific's T-Spheres and uses the tech to modify the Father Box taken from Big Barda's evil counterpart. Hiro re-engineers the Father Box to create an inter-dimensional portal. Batman uses the portal to go after Owlman. Hiro and Mister Terrific then go to work integrating the modified Father Box into Cyborg's Boom Tube tech. Cyborg converts his arm into a portal-gun, and uses it to round up all of the thinly-scattered Leaguers to organize a more proper assault against the Crime Syndicate. Superman is still getting smacked around by Superboy Prime, along with a few other heroes who made an attempt to battle him. Meanwhile, Flash, having been returned to Earth by the Phantom Stranger, contemplates what he meant by the "struggle within." Flash sees the devastation being caused by the Speed Force, and with the knowledge that the force is generated by him, he feels soul-crushingly guilty over all of the deaths caused by the Speed Force cataclysm... and the many more deaths to come. Flash begins to lose all hope, and goes to find his wife Iris, wanting to spend his last few hours with her. He is surprised to find Hal there, and his evil counterpart Johnny Quick tied to a chair and stuffed in the closet. Hal and Iris attempt to console Barry, but he has accepted himself as a failure. "I don't know who I was trying to kid all these years. I was hanging around the most powerful beings in the universe, and all I can do is run fast. Then, the moment I run a bit too fast, I cause a disturbance that's going to destroy everything...and now I can't even figure out how to stop it." Iris and Hal attempt to pull Barry out of his dismal state, but he won't hear it. That's when Johnny Quick tumbles out of the closet, through with listening to counterpart whine. Eventually, Quick explains that he was sent by Owlman to kill Iris Allen, because he knew it would crush Barry's spirit. When Hal asks why Owlman treated Flash as such a priority, Quick says, "Because Superboy Prime fears speedsters. He knows what we're capable of at our full potential, and it scares him. That psychopathic little freak could barely even look at me." Then, when Barry asks why Quick didn't kill Iris, he answers, "Because I did it in my universe. To Owlman, compassion is a flaw, and he wouldn't allow any of his precious Syndicate to be flawed. So he made us all sever our ties with anyone outside the Syndicate. I killed my wife... and I couldn't bring myself to do it again." The scene then cuts to Batman, who has followed Owlman to the Nexus, a place where all of the multiverse can be viewed simultaneously. After an ominous discussion, the two prepare to face off.

*Episode Twenty-Four: The Worlds Around Us pt. 1- Superboy Prime and the Crime Syndicate have pretty much decimated the Justice League. As a last resort, Hiro has Cyborg take him to his workshop in Japan, where he accesses his giant Batman/Superman Robot. Piloting the robot, Hiro gives the League an edge and defeats several Syndicate members. Meanwhile, in The Nexus, Owlman explains to Batman that all life is pointless. Owlman has come to the conclusion that nothing we do matters, because for every choice we make, another universe is spawned where we made the opposite, undoing the choice's significance. Owlman believes that life itself is without meaning, and we only torture ourselves by trying to make something meaningful out of it. Owlman intends to break this cycle by finding Earth Prime, the first Earth from which all parallels spawned. He plans on using the Materioptikon to erase Earth Prime's existence, and in doing so wipe out every world in the entire multiverse. Owlman locates Earth Prime and prepares to head there, but Batman hurls a batarang into the Materioptikon, damaging the device and causing it to send the two through the multiverse at random. Meanwhile, at Iris Allen's home, another Speed Force portal opens, and the Black Flash returns. Flash realizes that this could not possibly be coincidence, and there is no way that the Black Flash would randomly targeted at him twice. Flash prepares to battle the Black Flash to save Iris, but Johnny Quick intervenes, saying, "Let me do it. Lord knows I deserve it more than you do." Johnny Quick then tackles the Black Flash, and vibrates the creature back into the Speed Force. However, Quick kills himself in the process. Inspired by Quick's sacrifice, Flash sprints off and opens another wormhole, racing to Metron's observatory realm. Flash says, "You sent the Black Flash after me... didn't you?" Metron replies, "Yes. I did." When Flash demands to know why, Metron explains that since the Materioptikon has fallen into the hands of the Crime Syndicate, drastic action had to be taken. The Speed Force is going to destroy all that exists. To prevent this, Metron will have to destroy the Speed Force; and to do that, he must destroy Barry Allen. Flash punches Metron in the face, and says, "I think I figured out what my inner struggle is. Its having faith in myself, instead of all-powerful pricks like you." Flash then turns and tears open another wormhole. Metron asks where he is going, to which Flash replies, "I'm going to fix everything."

**Episode Twenty-Five: The Worlds Around Us pt. 2- Superboy Prime takes a sun dip, supercharging his body. He then destroys Hiro's Batman/Superman Robot. All of the Justice Leaguers are shown in fierce combat with their Crime Syndicate counterparts, making an epic battle scene. Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Martian Manhunter have all mobilized to battle Superboy Prime, but his solar suit continues to keep him fully charged, and he is far more powerful than the heroes. The Crime Syndicate is quickly dwindling away the Justice League, as heroes fall one by one. Meanwhile, the Speed Force is on the verge of undoing the universe, which is now holding on by only a thread. The rifts in the atmosphere have grown to monumental size, and the end of existence is drawing nearer by the second. During all this, Batman is chasing Owlman through the multiverse. The two battle through several Elseworlds universes, all the while having a deep philosophical argument. After hopping across dozens of alternate worlds, the Materioptikon finally corrects its course, and Owlman goes to Earth Prime, with Batman following close behind. Back on the main Earth, Superman finally succumbs to Superboy Prime's onslaught. The Justice League has fallen, and the Crime Syndicate is quickly gaining more and more ground in the war. General Sam Lane attempts to destroy Superboy Prime by firing a kryptonite missile at him. However, since kryptonite does not exist on Superboy Prime's Earth, it cannot affect him in any other. Prime destroys the Human Defense Corps easily, and moves on to finish Superman off. At the last moment, however, a new portal opens, and from it step Flash and Alexander Luthor... leading an army of superheroes from other worlds! Flash and Alexander gathered up parallel versions of the Justice League from multiple worlds, and organized them to battle the Crime Syndicate. Against these hordes of new heroes, the Syndicate is quickly defeated. Superboy Prime kills several of the heroes, and sets his sights on Flash. Meanwhile, on Earth Prime, Owlman and Batman battle it out. Batman finally gains the upper hand against Owlman, and defeats the villain. As a last resort, Owlman takes the Materioptikon and travels back to the dawn of time. He attempts to set off an explosive that will counteract the big bang, and prevent the creation of the multiverse in the first place. Of course Batman chases Owlman through the portal, but he is too late to stop him from detonating the bomb. Instead, he grabs the bomb and his evil counterpart, attempting to contain the blast, and he and Owlman are both seemingly killed.

Back on Earth, Flash moves faster than ever before and speed-blitzes the crap out of Superboy Prime. However, Flash begins to move too fast, and with one final blow, he and Superboy Prime both fade out of reality, sucked into the Speed Force itself. There, Flash defeats Superboy Prime and wills the Speed Force to focus around him, killing two birds with one stone; the Speed Force creates a prison from which Prime will never escape, and Prime serves as a focal point for the Speed Force to center around, allowing it to stabilize, which puts an end to the Speed Force Cataclysm. However, Flash finds that he is unable to escape the Speed Force, and realizes that he is trapped outside of reality. The scene then shifts to Batman, as he finds himself before a mysterious force that calls itself The Presence. The Presence says that it saved Batman's life as a reward for saving the entire multiverse from his evil counterpart. The Presence then says that Batman will play a fundamental role in "things to come." The Presence returns Batman to Earth, but on the way, Batman catches a glimpse of a strange black door creaking open. A monstrous creature peers out through the door, and shrieks, "All that you know will soon come an end!" Batman then finds himself back on Earth, in the midst of a celebration; the crisis had been averted. The Crime Syndicate are taken back to their Earth by Alexander Luthor, now the president of his America. Alexander promises that the Syndicate will be punished severely. Superman holds a press conference at the Hall of Justice, where a statue is erected to honor The Flash, who seemingly gave his life to stop the cataclysm... for Flash never returned to Earth. As this episode draws to a close, we see Metron and a mysterious, shadowed figure watching and debating. In this discussion, we learn from the shadow figure that the "careless use of the Materioptikon has opened the door to the antimatter universe." However, Metron says that it will be at least a year before the door is open enough for anything substantial to escape. Metron then asks if he should return Flash to Earth, but the shadowed figure says, "No. Right now, The Flash is exactly where we need him to be."


So what do you guys think? Personally, I feel like this was the best season yet, but I'm interested to hear your opinions.

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Wow. You've obviously put a lot of thought into this. All of the storylines you've referenced mesh wonderfully in the season. All in all, this is simply brilliant writing that was a pleasure to read. How long did it take you to write all the episodes for Season 3?

#2 Posted by TheCannon (19574 posts) - - Show Bio

Love it.

#3 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1664 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow this is amazing I would pay for seeing this, and all that references, wow.

I love it

#4 Posted by Afro_Warrior (1120 posts) - - Show Bio

That was great the story sounds amazing and i love the detail applied to it. However i do think that their are too many teams and characters, for everyone to get the development they deserve.

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@Imagine_Man15: Amazing, this is so good I really feel that you could convince DC to make it, add more detail find a way to simulate character designs and send this peice of genius to DC...please this needs to be made

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