Justice League: Season 2

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Here it is, ladies and gents! Without further delay, Season 2 of my Justice League series! This season runs 28 episodes, four episodes longer than the first season. The format is the same as last time. Starred episodes relate to the big, over-arching plot of the season, non-starred episodes are stand-alone. This season is a bit darker in tone than the last, and will affect the heroes a lot closer to home. The main plot of the season draws a lot from Countdown to Infinite Crisis, but I've put enough of my own, unique spin on it to make it original. Also, on one final note, this season coincides with the New 52 a bit less than the first did, because there are certain changes made by the New 52 that I still refuse to accept. Now that all that boring stuff is straightened out... enjoy!

Episode One: Champions- After saving the universe at the end of season one, the Justice League have garnered global fame and admiration. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary and Red Tornado are all international celebrities. Construction of the Watchtower has finally finished, and the Hall of Justice is now only used for public appearances. However, not all good came from the events of the last season. Because of LexCorp's vast aid to the government against Apokolips' armies, Luthor is considered a worldwide hero as well. He is using this publicity to fuel his presidential campaign. The League is, of course, suspicious of Luthor's plans, but play nice with him in the public eye nonetheless. At a press conference where Luthor will shake hands with each member of the League individually, a reporter refers to the assortment as "Earth's greatest champions." This broadcast is picked up by the Appellaxian fleet, a conquering race of aliens (who, strangely, don''t seem to have a page on comicvine). The Appellaxians quickly send a messenger to Earth, who broadcasts a message that the Appellaxians will battle Earth's greatest champions to determine the planet's fate. If the planet's champions should win, Earth will earn its right to life. If the Appellaxian warriors win, Earth will be destroyed. The Appellaxians then teleport all of Earth's champions to individual battle rings... The Justice League, AND Lex Luthor. After the members of the League win their battles against the Appellaxian warriors, Superman saves Luthor at the last moment, whilst Luthor expresses his cowardice on national television. However, the heroes assume victory too soon when the King of the Appellaxian horde comes to avenge his fallen sons. He traps the entire Justice League, along with Luthor, under a giant energy dome and arrives to combat them. The King proves a powerful opponent, and he nearly defeats the League. Luthor, however, after analyzing the fight, realizes the King's weakness and informs the League. With this knowledge, the heroes band together and defeat the Appellaxian king. Once the threat is averted, Superman then begrudgingly admits at another press conference that the battle would have been lost without the help of Lex Luthor. While Superman is leaving the press conference, Luthor whispers in his ear, "Remember, Superman... I always win." To which Superman replies, "We'll see."

*Episode Two: International- Billionaire Maxwell Lord contacts the Justice League, telling them that he wants to take the League "International," as in, riding on their success and basically turning the Justice League into a franchise. The heroes promptly refuse, unswayed by the offer of salaried heroics. Later, during a battle with Dr. Polaris, Booster Gold shows up and begins trying to persuade the League to let him join, allured by their fame. However, it quickly becomes obvious that Booster is only in it for the glory, and Batman denies him membership. Maxwell Lord, on the other hand, summons Booster to him and offers him a place in his Justice League International team. Booster immediately accepts, and begins gathering more members. Soon the International team consists of Booster Gold, Red Star, Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, Batwing, Vixen and Blue Beetle (The REAL Blue Beetle, Ted Kord. I don't care what the New 52 says, he exists). When a battle breaks out between the Justice League and Intergang, the JLI shows up, followed by a large camera crew to broadcast the action. Through the JLI's complete lack of efficiency and teamwork, Intergang manages to escape with some stolen tech from S.T.A.R. Labs. The Justice League attempts to shut the JLI down, but Maxwell Lord presents that he owns legal rights to the team and that the Justice League has no control over their activities. The two Leagues leave on bad terms, and Lord watches with a sly smile. Later, Batman is shown searching through S.T.A.R. Labs files, wondering just what it was that Intergang went through so much trouble to steal.

Episode Three: Bloodsport- Black Canary is sent by the League to go undercover in an illegal fight club in Star City run by Roulette. She recruits Wildcat, who goes undercover as her manager. Meanwhile, Green Arrow is investigating suspicious activity involving Brick and his gang. Brick's men have been picking up strange shipments at the Star City pier from meta-humans confirmed to be affiliated with Intergang. Green Arrow battles Brick and the handful of Intergang members, and after defeating them, looks to see what the shipments are. Before he can get a good look, however, Roulette's enforcers show up and knock him out. After a night of prize fighting, Black Canary and Wildcat sneak into the basement of the fight club to see what is going on beneath it. They find Green Arrow chained up. Once they free him, however, they find that he is infected with something Black Canary instantly recognizes; one of the violence-inducing spores from season one. She and Wildcat manage to incapacitate Arrow and she removes the spore. She then calls Batman and tells him that she knows what Intergang stole from S.T.A.R. Labs. Apparently, they were being paid by Roulette, just as Brick was being paid to deliver the shipments. Green Arrow agrees to help take Roulette down. As more prize fights progress, Canary realizes that when fights get "boring," Roulette induces the fighters with spores to make them more violent for the audience. Eventually, Wildcat is caught snooping around, and infected. Green Arrow takes him down, but Roulette unleashes all of her fighters onto him and Black Canary. The duo battle their way through and eventually take down Roulette, destroying the fight club. Green Arrow becomes a part-time member of the Justice League.

Episode Four: Heart- Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern get stuck with PR duty for the day, as in, spending the day at the Hall of Justice signing autographs and doing interviews. They are surprised when Red Tornado immediately offers to join them. The four head down to the Hall of Justice and are bombarded by JLA fans. Hal, Victor and Barry unanimously decide that fame sucks. Meanwhile, Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow decide that since both their creations, Amazo and Red Tornado, failed to kill the Justice League, they should put aside their rivalry and "build something that will get the job done." The two mad scientists create Tomorrow Woman, the most powerful android yet. A building nearby to the Hall of Justice sets on fire, and the heroes race inside to save the lives of the people inside. Red Tornado finds a woman huddled in the corner, and when he goes to save her, is blasted with a powerful telekinetic wave. She reveals herself to be the Tomorrow Woman. After the heroes had taken the bait, Tomorrow Woman quickly proceeds to attack them, using telepathic and telekinetic powers on par with those of J'onn. During the battle, Red Tornado reveals to Cyborg that he desperately wishes to understand human emotion. He wants to "feel" rather than just process. Tornado also reveals that he envies Cyborg, because a part of him is still human. Cyborg responds by telling Tornado that he has a heart of gold, he just hasn't learned how to feel it beat. Later, Tomorrow Woman is revealed to be a walking bomb that will detonate and wipe out the entire city. Red Tornado convinces Tomorrow Woman that she has the right to make her own decisions, and that after being inside the minds of humans, she must understand that they don't deserve to die. Tomorrow Woman sacrifices herself by flying into space before she detonates. The heroes then find Ivo and T.O. Morrow and finally arrest them. At the end of the episode, Cyborg takes Red Tornado to his workshop and reveals a gift for him; Cyclone. Cyclone is a young female android with Red Tornado's power, but programmed to effectively simulate human emotion. She will act as Red Tornado's niece in his new human guise as John White, and he can learn from her. Tornado thanks Cyborg, and says that he has taught him the first step in understanding emotion; friendship.

Episode Five: Meltdown- When the terrorist organization known as Kobra takes over a large power plant in Moscow, Russia, the JLI team is ecstatic that they finally get a serious mission. Booster Gold leads the JLI into the power plant full force, apparently forgetting about Kobra's hostages. One such hostage happens to be a world-renowned nuclear scientist, Dr. Martin Stein, and the second was Ronnie Raymond, an American High School student who had earned a free trip to the plant due to his part in an anti-nuclear activist group. The Justice League International is quickly defeated by Kobra forces, the leader of whom states that it was even easier than he anticipated. Kobra then reveal that the takeover of the plant had all been a setup to draw the attention of the JLI. They kidnap Red Star, and then leave the plant to meltdown. There is an explosion while stopping the meltdown, and it merges Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein into one being; Firestorm, the Nuclear Man! Along with Firestorm, who is trying to get a handle on his powers and figure it all out, the team uses Vixen to track Kobra. Batwing and Blue Beetle tell Booster that the JLI fails due to its lack of team coordination, to which Booster replies that he doesn't feel he is really cut out for leadership. The group learns that Kobra has hooked up Red Star to a machine that will draw his internalized nuclear energy and use it to power a devastating weapon, which they will use against the United Nations. The JLI launches a team effort to free Red Star, but do to Guy's insubordination and Firestorm's lack of control over his powers, they are again defeated. Kobra insults Booster for being stupid enough to bring him an even more powerful weapon, and straps Firestorm to the weapon as well. However, Firestorm is able to generate enough raw power that it overloads the weapon and causes a massive explosion! Booster finally gets a handle on his leadership role and organizes a group effort to take down Kobra. Firestorm then leaves to experiment with his abilities further, and the JLI celebrates its first victory.

Episode Six: Wrath- When Eclipso kidnaps several criminals from Death Row, the Phantom Stranger alerts the Justice League that something is strangely amiss. The League battles Eclipso and, in a relatively uncomplicated battle, gain the upper hand. However, Eclipso's plan comes to fruition when the Spectre arrives to punish the guilty criminals whom Eclipso had stolen. Eclipso uses powerful sorcery to steal the Spectre's power, reclaiming what he believes to be his rightful place as the almighty wrath of God. The League battles Eclipso, but with the Spectre's powers he easily overcomes all of them. It is not until he faces Martian Manhunter that he realizes the Martian's heart is pure. Following the peaceful ways of the Martians, J'onn has never sinned. Because of this, the Spectre's powers are unable to harm J'onn, as there is no guilt to punish. J'onn defeats Eclipso and the Spectre's power is returned to its rightful host.

*Episode Seven: A Force For Peace- When American soldiers capture spies from Bialya, the two countries threaten to go to war. The Global Peace Agency deploys OMAC to stop Bialyan armed forces from advancing. The Justice League travels there in hopes of quelling any violence that may arise. However, the League soon discovers that Queen Bee, the queen of Bialya, is not human, nor is her army. Rather, they are a race of humanoid bee-like aliens who seek to spread their race across the galaxy. OMAC immediately jumps to violence, and his recklessness gets the heroes captured and brought to Queen Bee's hive. Flash realizes that the drones are blind to the color red, and with his scarlet costume, is able to escape. He frees the rest of the team, and they battle Queen Bee's forces. Bee's powerful electromagnetic blast cuts OMAC off from Brother Eye, and reverts him back to Buddy Blank who, ironically, manages to solve the problem through diplomacy. Later, Green Arrow fiercely argues with the chairmen of the Global Peace Agency, saying that Buddy deserves to know what he is. Batman convinces Arrow that it is not the League's business, and they leave. At the end, the Chairmen are seen speaking to a council of shrouded figures, who state that Buddy Blank has outlived his usefulness and must be terminated.

Quick note, this next one is probably my favorite episode...

Episode Eight: Drink From the Ocean- Aquaman is enjoying his time with his wife Mera, after being away from her for several months. However, Aquaman receives a distress call from the Lady of the Lake, telling him that something is terribly wrong in the oceans. Aquaman and Mera travel to the place of the disturbance, and find that a powerful nexus is engulfing all life in the sea. There, they encounter Mister E (I wanted to use someone really obscure). Aquaman mistakenly believes that Mister E is the source of the disturbance and attacks him, but the misunderstanding is quickly resolved. Mister E claims to see great goodness within Aquaman, but also a lingering evil. As Aquaman, Mera and Mister E investigate the anomaly, they find the Cult of the Thirst making human ritual sacrifices. They battle the cult, but when Aquaman refuses to acknowledge that he was wrong about the cult no longer existing, Mister E says that he has identified the evil within Aquaman as pride. Despite the heroes' best efforts, The Thirst is unleashed and begins devouring all natural life. The Thirst nearly kills the heroes, but Mister E transports them to the moon, saving their lives. Mister E then looks into the future and sees that if they don't stop The Thirst, Earth will be a lifeless, withered husk within three days. The heroes return to Earth, and Aquaman is forced to bond with the Lady of the Lake in order to defeat The Thirst. But before he can, he must cleanse himself of all evil. Mister E takes Aquaman back to his "greatest defeat," the day his son was murdered. Aquaman is forced to swallow his pride and come to terms with the fact that he failed, and was unable to save his son. He is then able to merge with the Lady of the Lake and use her power to defeat The Thirst.

*Episode Nine: All Star- During a press conference, a reporter asks Superman what it feels like to be the last of his kind. Superman responds, "I've never really thought about it. I've always just considered myself one of you." At this, the crowd bursts into laughter, and the reporter points out that Superman is certainly not human. This deeply bothers the man of steel, and he begins to grow lonely, suddenly feeling separated from the world he had always considered home. Here, we meet Supergirl for the first time in the series, as she tries to comfort her cousin at the Fortress of Solitude. It is short lived, however, when Steel contacts Superman and tells him that a monster is attacking Metropolis. The Justice League arrives to find Doomsday rampaging through the streets. The League battles Doomsday, but the monster proves to be unkillable and devastates the battlefield. The League call in all of their reserve members to aid in the fight, and Superman notes that Doomsday seems even more powerful than usual. Superman is beaten to the brink of death, and collapses in the street. However, several citizens of Metropolis arrive to cheer Superman on, urging him to fight, motivating him as best they can. Inspired by his adoration among the world's citizens, Superman uses the last of his energy to fly into the sun. His body hyper-metabolizes the direct light, and the sun-dipped Superman rockets back to Earth and defeats Doomsday. The League traps Doomsday in a moon-based prison, to keep him from regenerating on Earth.

*Episode Ten: Humanity- Lex Luthor, in hopes of further increasing his momentum in the presidential campaign, creates the Human Defense Corps. The corps is made up of 100 of the best soldiers Earth has to offer, carrying weaponry that was reverse-engineered from salvaged Apokoliptian tech, after the war in season one. Leading the Corps is General Wade Eiling. Hal Jordan is off-Earth for this episode, and filling in for him is John Stewart. Meanwhile, the JLI is deployed by Maxwell Lord to search the ruins of what used to be the hideout of Dr. Ivo and T.O. Morrow. They accidentally release one of the mad-scientist's unfinished creations; The Shaggy Man. The Shaggy Man makes short work of the JLI and heads off to wreak havoc. The Justice League go to stop the monster's rampage in the forest, before it reaches any cities. Unfortunately, the Human Defense Corps shows up as well. General Eiling is fiercely distrusting of the Justice League, believing they are a threat to humanity. The H.D.C. defeats the Shaggy Man, and takes him to S.T.A.R. Labs for study. Once there, however, the bio-technology composing the Shaggy Man bonds with General Eiling. He transforms into the very thing he hates; a metahuman. Blaming the JLI for his transformation, since they released Shaggy Man, he attacks them with his new powers. The JLA and JLI fight together to put a stop to the General's rampage. And during it all, Superman feels his powers mysteriously waning.

Episode Eleven: Stars- Green Lantern is asked to star as a stunt double in a movie about him. Bothered by the fact that he is only a stunt double in his own movie, he accepts regardless. However, because of Hal's involvement, stuntman Dan Cassidy was denied the role. Because of this, Dan is unable to pay rent and is evicted from his home, resulting in a breakup with his girlfriend. Angered and disgruntled, Dan is approached by the demon Neron, who offers Dan real power, with which he can take his life back. Dan eagerly accepts, and his body is bonded to a costume from an old B movie he starred in, becoming the Blue Devil and gaining demonic powers. Dan quickly realizes, however, that he cannot remove the costume. Blaming Green Lantern, he attacks the hero on the movie set, and the two battle it out before the directer of the movie is revealed to be Neron himself, who had orchestrated the entire ordeal. Hal and Blue Devil join forces against Neron. When the smoke clears, Blue Devil is made an honorary member of the Justice League.

*Episode Twelve: Conspirators- The Global Peace Agency announces their support of Lex Luthor's presidential candidacy. Green Arrow, still suspicious of the Agency after their dealings in "OMAC," finds someone who he believes can help shed some light on the Agency; The Question. Question explains the GPA's ties to the Checkmate organization, a clandestine society sponsored by the UN to keep metahumans under surveillance. Arrow questions whether or not Luthor is part of Checkmate, but Question says no, Luthor is just a pawn and likely isn't even aware of Checkmate's existence. When Question tries to hack the GPA's mainframe, Brother Eye seizes control of his computer and detonates it. Green Arrow convinces Black Canary to help, and the trio infiltrate the GPA HQ, fighting Micheal Costner, the new OMAC, in the process. However, they are shocked to learn that the GPA chairmen are actually androids, puppeteered by the Brother Eye satellite. Also, during this episode, Superman goes to S.T.A.R. Labs, trying to find why his powers are weakening. Dr. Hamilton reveals to him that when he sun-dipped in "All-Star," his body absorbed more sunlight than it could metabolize, and the excess radiation is now degenerating his cells. He is dying. Later, Superman is summoned to Luthor's office. Luthor states that he knows Superman is dying, and that he is the one who released Doomsday in episode 8. Luthor gives Superman a temporary "cure" to his cellular degeneration. But the antidote will not last forever, and if Superman wants more, he will have to come crawling back to Luthor. As Superman bitterly leaves, Lex reminds him; "Didn't I tell you, Superman? I always win."

*Episode Thirteen: Power- A Justice League toyline launches, funded by Maxwell Lord. Booster Gold complains to Lord that the JLI didn't get a toyline, to which Lord replies that the JLA is still the larger franchise, and he has to turn a profit. Later, crimes begin happening all over America that paint the Justice League as the perpetrators! The Human Defense Corps requests the help of the JLI in bringing the League to justice. Blue Beetle is suspicious, however, and launches his own investigation. He finds that the Justice League toys are being created by Toyman, recently released from prison on request from the Global Peace Agency. Blue Beetle sees that Toyman has built life-sized Justice League "toys" which are committing the crimes. Beetle rallies up the JLI and they battle Toyman's forces. Eventually, Toyman unleashes "Amazo 2.0," or "Son of Amazo." After Blue Beetle defeats Amazo, the JLI capture Toyman and return him to prison. However, Blue Beetle is disturbed when Toyman refers to the JLI as "Pawns of Checkmate." Later, Blue Beetle confronts Maxwell Lord, and says that he doesn't trust him. Lord replies, "Power is a funny thing, Mr. Kord, in that it never stays in one place for too long. Right now, the Justice League are the most powerful people on Earth. Or so they think. And I'll let them continue thinking that, until all of their power is gone. I chose you and the rest of your International team because you were the ones who are easy to manipulate, Mr. Kord. I have power over you. But once all the power is mine, well... the pawns become insignificant. You are nothing, Mr. Kord. Remember that before you continue sticking your nose where it doesn't belong." Lord then hands a wine glass to Blue Beetle and toasts, "Checkmate."

Episode Fourteen: On Metal Wings- Archaeologist Carter Hall makes a surprising find; the comatose Shayera Hol buried within the sands of Egypt. When the Gentleman Ghost attempts to possess Shayera and use her against Hawkman, he is surprised to learn that she has Nth metal inside of her body. Shayera awakes and, confused by her surroundings, goes on a rampage. Hawkman proves unable to subdue her, and summons the Justice League for help. Wonder Woman captures Shayera and calms her down, and they learn that Shayera has no member of how she got to Earth. Meanwhile, Gentleman Ghost possesses Resurrection Man and uses his power to create a horde of zombies, among which is Solomon Grundy. Meanwhile, J'onn tries to dig into Shayera's mind and find her repressed memories, but finds that she has a strong resistance to telepathy, which Hawkman points out is natural to Thanagarians. Hawkgirl is impatient and begins to leave, when suddenly Deadman arrives and warns the League that Gentleman Ghost is coming after Hawkman for vengeance, and he has an army. The League, aligned with Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Deadman, battle Gentleman Ghost's army. During it all, Deadman explains to Shayera that he just wants to cross over. When she points out that perhaps there is a good reason for him to be here, he says, "Well maybe the same applies to you." Taking his words to heart, after the threat is defeated, Hawkgirl decides to join the Justice League, at least until she can regain her memories of how she came to Earth.

Episode Fifteen: The Other Trinity- Kara Kent, Barbara Gordan and Cassie Sandsmark are assigned to monitor the Watchtower on a Saturday night, while the League is out fighting crime. Cyclone is there as well, but the three girls mostly ignore her because of her youth. Kara, bored and scorned at her cousin for giving her monitor duty, begins messing with items in the trophy room and accidentally releases several prisoners from the Phantom Zone, including General Zod! Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl team up to try and prevent the criminals from escaping the Watchtower, but the one who winds up saving the day is Cyclone.

*Episode Sixteen: Demigod- Circe casts a powerful spell which traps every man on Earth in the realm of Hades. Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Hawkgirl, who Diana still does not trust, are left to try and stop Circe and correct reality. During the battle, Diana's lasso is destroyed. Friendship grows between Diana and Hawkgirl, but at the end of the episode, Hawkgirl freezes in time as Ares arrives to speak to Diana privately. Diana demands to know how Ares escaped his imprisonment in season one, to which Ares simply replies that no prison can hold him forever. He then offers Diana new lasso. At first she refuses, but Ares insists that it is a well-meaning gift to his half-sister, taunting Diana with the knowledge that she is Zeus' daughter, something she has kept hidden from the team. Ares then unfreezes Hawkgirl and leaves Diana with the new lasso. Later, Checkmate representatives are seen in a board room, stating that it is time to begin "Project Genocide."

Episode Seventeen: Fables- The Queen of Fables traps the Justice League inside her twisted storybook, placing each of them into demented fairytale roles.

Episode Eighteen: Ape$h!t Crazy- Flash is looking forward to spending quality time with the family, but unfortunately his vacation is put on hold when he receives an urgent telepathic distress call from none other than Gorilla Grodd. Flash races to Grodd's location, where Grodd explains that a terrible plague has infected Gorilla City, driving it's inhabitants mad. Grodd has been able to resist the plague's influence through telepathic control of his immune system, but it is slowly getting the better of him. Grodd has developed a device that can cure the plague, but Flash will need to bring it to the center of Gorilla City before midnight, when the plague will become fatal. Flash takes the device, strapped to his back, and agrees to help. Assisted by Animal Man and Bwana Beast, neither of whom Flash has even heard of before, Flash races to Gorilla City. They are being kept in constant telepathic contact with Grodd, who will guide them through the city. Once they get there, they find the inhabitants driven into a violent frenzy by the plague. The heroes battle their way through the city, and as the fighting goes on Flash realizes that there is more to the plague than there seems. As Flash's race against the clock becomes narrower and narrower, it is revealed that the "plague" is in fact the doing of Psycho Pirate, who has been feeding off of the gorilla's primal rage to fuel his power. Flash defeats Psycho Pirate by weakening him with happy thoughts of his family, especially his nephew Wally. Flash activates the device at the last minute and saves Gorilla City.

*Episode Nineteen: Infiltrator- Green Arrow goes undercover in a new government organization, the Suicide Squad, when The Question gives the League intel that the Suicide Squad's commander, Amanda Waller, may be tied to Checkmate. Green Arrow impersonates Merlyn, an archery-themed villain who was originally set to be on the team, but was intercepted by the League before his arrival. The Suicide Squad's first mission is to break into Warehouse X, a heavily guarded government facility to store items too dangerous for public exposure, and steal two items; Mad Hatter's mind control chips, and another top-secret object held within the deepest sector of the warehouse. The chief of security at Warehouse X is The Guardian, and he has at his disposal several members of the Human Defense Corps, as well as a few other government themed superheroes. The Suicide Squad puts together an elaborate plan to infiltrate the building, partnering "Merlyn" with Deadshot. During the break in, Green Arrow forms a genuine friendship with Deadshot. The mission goes off without a hitch until GA refuses to kill Guardian, blowing his own cover in the process. A battle erupts between Green Arrow, Guardian and the Suicide Squad, from which Arrow only escapes because Deadshot, in a moment of kindness, does not take what would have been a kill shot. The Suicide Squad escapes with both Mad Hatter's inhibitor chips and the mysterious object in the briefcase. Later, when Amanda Waller presents the briefcase to Checkmate, the item is revealed to be Wonder Woman's old lasso, which she lost in "Demigod." Maxwell Lord is then finally confirmed to be the Black King of Checkmate, and states that they now have everything they need for Project Genocide.

*Episode Twenty: American Dream- Superman's disease is progressing faster and faster, and he is needing Luthor's "cure" more and more frequently. He has started running errands for Luthor in order to get supplies of the cure, including public humiliation. The man of steel's mood is not helped when the presidential campaign is decided, and Lex Luthor becomes the President of the United States. Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters arrive at the inauguration to show their support, as well as a very excited Captain Marvel. The ceremony is interrupted, however, when Captain Nazi, leading a cadre of Nazi-themed villains, attack and kidnap Luthor. Superman, Captain Marvel and the Freedom Fighters head off to save Luthor, much to Superman's dismay. Uncle Sam quickly befriends Superman, and mentions that understand Superman's doubt, because he too is well aware of Luthor's criminal activities. Superman asks why Uncle Sam chooses to support Luthor then, to which Uncle Sam replies that he loves America too much not too. The villains are defeated, but when Luthor taunts Superman that he has to save him to save himself, and that Luthor holds all the power over Superman's life, the man of steel nearly leaves Luthor to die. Lex only makes it out of the self-destructing compound alive because of Captain Marvel. Marvel then rebukes Superman, telling him that he doesn't act like a hero anymore. At the episode's end, Checkmate representatives are shown celebrating that Luthor is now in presidential office. Maxwell Lord is finally revealed to be the Black King of Checkmate, and says that thus far, everything is going according to plan.

Episode Twenty-One: Fears- J'onn is feeling hopelessly alone on Earth, and having horrible nightmares. Meanwhile, Plastic Man is attempting to get membership in the JLA, but the team continues to refuse him. When J'onn begins to suspect that a splinter cell of the White Martians may still be alive on Earth, he launches a solo investigation. However, Plastic Man soon catches on and tags along. The two find the splinter cell of white martians, but to J'onn's surprise, they are led by his brother Malefic! Malefic reveals that, because of his jealously toward J'onn, it was him to unleashed the plague that killed the Green Martian race. J'onn and Plastic Man battle Malefic and the White Martians, but J'onn's mix of emotions manifest in the psychic terror Fernus! Plastic Man battles Furnace while J'onn takes on his brother. In the end, J'onn is forced to overcome his fear and loneliness. When he does so, Fernus is weakened enough for Plas to destroy. The two then defeat Malefic, and J'onn awards Plastic Man honorary League membership.

Episode Twenty-Two: Emperor Joker- In the 5th Dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk learns that Superman is dying, and heads to Earth to try and understand what that means. Superman quickly makes Mx promise not to tell the League that he is dying, as he is still keeping it a secret. Mx sticks around, despite Superman's best efforts to get rid of him, and annoys the League until Superman finally blows up on him, verbally abusing Mx and making him leave. A disgruntled Mxyzptlk decides that he doesn't like Superman anymore, and goes to find a new idol. He stumbles across the Joker, who tricks Mx into giving him his powers. Joker then re-writes reality, turning Earth into a cube, making the Justice League the world's villains and crowning himself President of the World. As the League battles the forces of Emperor Joker, led by Ignition and Bizarro, Batman grows suspicious about Superman's health. Later, while the League distracts Joker, Batman obtains the help of Bat-Mite and, with Bat-Mite's power, matches Emperor Joker and sets reality straight.

*Episode Twenty-Three: Revelations- The League decides it is time to close in on the Checkmate organization. They already know that the Global Peace Agency was all a fraud, controlled by Brother Eye, which they now know is controlled by Checkmate, who also employed the Suicide Squad, Toyman, and are piggybacking off of Luthor's presidency. Question is able to find the Black King's bank account, under a false name of course, and realizes that a large sum is money is being periodically transferred to crime lords in Gotham. Green Arrow, Black Canary and Question travel to Gotham to investigate what connection the mob could possibly have to Checkmate, and encounter The Huntress, who is on her own personal violent crusade against organized crime. After a misunderstanding leads to a fight between Huntress and Canary, Huntress agrees to help the team. Meanwhile, Batman learns that the White King of Checkmate is Micheal Holt, better known as the hero Mister Terrific. Batman confronts Terrific about this, and he is upfront about his activities, stating that Checkmate was created to keep a close eye on the metahumans of Earth, and ensure that humankind always stays one step ahead. However, Mr. Terrific seems genuinely oblivious to the news about the Suicide Squad, nor is he aware that the Global Peace Agency was all a ploy. Back in Gotham, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Huntress and Question close in on the crime lords being paid by Checkmate, and realize that Dr. Death is being employed to alter the illegal drugs which the mafia traffics across North America. Green Arrow sends a sample of the drugs to the Watchtower for Cyborg to analyze, and he realizes that the drugs are now filled with hundreds of microscopic nanobots. Upon further inspection, he realizes that the nanobots were originally those created by Mister Terrific, which he uses to avoid detection. But now, the nanobots have been augmented with Mad Hatter's inhibitor chips, which were stolen in "Infiltrator." This means that now, whoever uses the drugs will automatically be infected with the nanobots in their bloodstream, making them susceptible to a simple broadcast that would take over their minds. While Green Arrow, Huntress and Black Canary battle the mobsters, along with their enforcer, Bane, Question destroys all of the current supplies of the drugs.

Later, after Batman leaves Mister Terrific, it is revealed that Mister Terrific himself is infected with the nanobots. He contacts Maxwell Lord and utters to simple words; "They know."

*Episode Twenty-Four: Sacrifice- Blue Beetle becomes increasingly suspicious of his employer, Maxwell Lord. He tries to warn the rest of the JLI, but they won't listen. Only Booster Gold will even hear Blue Beetle out. Booster has Skeets attempt to hack Lord's mainframe to see what he can find, and immediately, Skeets is overtaken by Brother Eye and detonates, injuring Booster. Deciding that was the last straw, Blue Beetle sneaks into Lord's castle and begins looking for evidence against him. However, he is soon captured. Lord activates several OMACs, powerful robots, and uses Blue Beetle as their "test dummy." Beetle is beaten to a bloody pulp, but never once loses his charisma. Finally, Lord explains himself to Beetle, and how he believes that metahumans are an abomination to the human race. He believes that metahumans should either be controlled by humans, or exterminated. He then asks if Ted would like to join him, to which Ted replies, "Not a chance, Maxi Pad." Lord shoots Beetle in the head, killing him. He then contacts White Queen, or Amanda Waller, and tells her that Justice League International is become far too bothersome, and he needs Suicide Squad to get rid of them.

*Episode Twenty-Five: Trojan Horse- All of the faces of Checkmate are finally revealed. The Black King, Maxwell Lord, White Queen, Amanda Waller, White King, Micheal Holt (mind controlled), and Black Queen, none other than Queen Bee, proving that the events back in the "OMAC" episode were all perfectly calculated to throw the Justice League off the trail. The leaders of Checkmate then unanimously decide that it is time to enter the final stage of their plan. Waller deploys the Suicide Squad to the JLI HQ, with an in depth plan to kill what is left of the team. Guy Gardner, Batwing, Fire, Ice, Vixen and Red Star attempt to stage an offensive, but without the leadership of Booster and Blue Beetle, they fall victim to the Suicide Squad's highly efficient organization. They then infect the team members with the nanobots, effectively turning them into slaves to Checkmate's will. Then, at the JLA Watchtower, Wonder Woman's new lasso given to her in "Demigod" is revealed to contain similar nanobots. Checkmate activates the lasso, allowing Brother Eye to take control of the Watchtower. The Watchtower's Ion Cannon then fires at Earth, blasting Metropolis and killing thousands! The people of Earth immediately blame the Justice League for the attack, and President Luthor declares war on the League. The Human Defense Corps, along with Justice League International, now under the control of Checkmate, invade the Watchtower and battle the League. They gather together in the hanger, and the team questions where Wonder Woman got the lasso, and she finally reveals that it was a gift from Ares. When Batman demands to know why she never mentioned it, she states that Ares gave it to her because she is his half-sister, something that she did not want the League to know.

The Watchtower is torn apart by the battle, and the League is forced to escape to the catacombs beneath Happy Harbor, leaving Checkmate in control of the Watchtower.

*Episode Twenty-Six: Divided We Fall- While taking refuge in the ruins of the Justice Cave, Red Tornado points out that Checkmate seemed to have a thorough knowledge of all their weaknesses. Batman then reveals that when Brother Eye took control of the Watchtower, it got into his files... where he had stored detailed records on the team's weaknesses, in case he ever had to use them. This sparks a major argument about trust. Superman, meanwhile, is further succumbing to his illness, and finally reveals to the team that he is dying, and that he has been receiving treatments from Luthor in exchange for information about the Watchtower's infrastructure, which is likely how the Human Defense Corps was able to formulate such a sound strategy for infiltrating the tower. Amidst the anger, Green Arrow points out that all three of the Trinity had been keeping huge secrets from the team. He says, "It's no wonder Checkmate doesn't trust us. How can we expect the world to trust us, when we can't even trust each other?" After the bitter feud reaches its climax, the League separates, each going their own ways. They are then easily taken down and defeated by the Human Defense Corps, all of whom have been turned into OMACs. The episode ends with the Justice League unconscious, brought to Maxwell Lord's castle. He prepares, and states that it's time for the games to begin.

*Episode Twenty-Seven: United We Stand- Booster Gold finally recovers from his injuries in "Sacrifice" to find his team has been brainwashed, and the Justice League has been captured. Moving frantically, he pools together all of the League's reserve members; Plastic Man, Firestorm, Blue Devil, Animal Man, Bwana Beast, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Captain Marvel, and any others who appeared in the show previously. Together, they formulate a plan to storm Lord's castle and rescue the Justice League. And Booster vows to take down Lord, in order to avenge the death of his best friend. Meanwhile, at Lord's castle, Maxwell prepares to broadcast the "Justice League being brought to justice" on live television. He taunts the League with the knowledge that Checkmate has defeated them from within. He points out that they were offered a chance to join Checkmate and serve humanity under humanity's own jurisdiction (he offered them this way back in the 2nd episode of the season) but they refused, and now they had to pay the price. He prepares to have them executed by the OMACs when Booster's rag-tag team of heroes arrive, having defeated the brainwashed JLI through efficient teamwork. The heroes free the Justice League, who easily defeat Queen Bee, Amanda Waller and free Mister Terrific of his brainwashing. As a last resort, Lord unleashes Genocide, his greatest creation. Genocide was created from the soil of the site of every great genocide over the last few centuries, and its body was integrated with Wonder Woman's old lasso, which was stolen from Warehouse X in "Infiltrator." Genocide proves able to easily match the League, having ridiculous power. Genocide smacks the heroes around ferociously, and Superman succumbs to his illness, falling lifeless to the ground. However, Lex Luthor is watching the events unfold from Lord's broadcast, and is enraged that he was only a pawn in Checkmate's game. Luthor delivers Superman a permanent cure to his illness. When Superman asks why, Lex responds, "I always win, remember? That still applies even if I have to share a victory with the likes of you." Using Luthor's cure, Superman returns to the fight and brings the Justice League back together.

And now for the final episode of the season... but there's one more twist, ladies and gentlemen. I assure you of that...

**Episode Twenty-Eight: Checkmate- Superman leads the Justice League on an offensive and finally subdues the rampaging Genocide. However, the defeated body of Genocide is revealed to contain a nuclear warhead, which is now set to detonate! Maxwell Lord flees to his private jet, but before taking off, Brother Eye seizes control of the jet. Lord demands to know what is happening, and Brother Eye reasons that it was created for the purpose of protecting humans. This meant destroying metahumans. But Lord killed Ted Kord, who was human. Brother Eye states that this has been puzzling him for quite some time, and now he has only been able to reach one logical conclusion; humans are a constant threat to other humans. Therefore, the only way to truly protect the human race is to exterminate it. Brother Eye detonates Lord's plane, killing him. Brother Eye then reveals his plan to turn every living being into OMACs by spreading the nanobots into the atmosphere, effectively "evolving" humankind and saving it form itself. To ensure that the Justice League will not interfere, Brother Eye takes over the body of Genocide, and loads new programming into Genocide to "improve on Lord's design." The Justice League takes on the newly improved Genocide, while the rest of the heroes battle Brother Eye's growing horde of OMACs. In the most intense fight of the JLA's career, Genocide maintains the upper hand over the League. However, Red Tornado, believing that he now understands the full realm of human emotion, decides to make a sacrifice. He latches onto Genocide and detonates himself. Both Genocide and Red Tornado are destroyed in the blast. Cyborg then tries to hack Brother Eye and reason with him, but proves unsuccessful. Batman opts instead to crash the Watchtower into Brother Eye, effectively destroying it. Green Lantern puts up a shield to contain the explosion, and with Brother Eye destroyed, Cyborg is finally able to hack the OMAC network and shut down the growing nanobot control over the population.

Superman calls one last press conference, in which the entire Justice League takes center stage, and all of Earth's other heroes stand to the side. Here, Superman proclaims that the Justice League will work to regain the world's trust. They will now reside permanently in the Hall of Justice, and will agree to hold no secrets from the public. However, Batman opts to leave the team, preferring work in the shadows, and knowing that his teammates would likely never trust him again. Superman announces that the Justice League will form several divided, splinter teams. That way, no one group of heroes will ever become too powerful. Mister Terrific is assigned to organized Earth's heroes into their new Leagues.

How will the roster turn out? Well, that will be revealed in season 3! Speaking of which, do you guys want me to post Season 3 when I finish it? I know a lot of you were looking forward to Season 2, so is your interest still captivated enough for a third installment? Let me know!

#1 Posted by BlackArmor (6139 posts) - - Show Bio

Niiice, I like this season, I had a couple of questions like how does Batwing work without Batman Inc and if there is a nuke in Genocide then how does Red Tornado self destruct without activating it? The majority of my questions where from closer to the beginning and I forgot them by the end.

Yeah please post season 3, you should probably also link this to season 1 and inform people who comment on this thread when season 3 is up via mass reply

#2 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1801 posts) - - Show Bio

@BlackArmor: Thanks for the comment! As for your questions, well... honestly I forgot about the bomb inside of Genocide, but I guess we can say that it was shut down when Brother Eye took over Genocide. As for Batwing functioning without Batman Inc, I re-worked his origin a little bit so that it makes sense. I meant to elaborate on that in one of the episode descriptions, but couldn't find an appropriate place to do so.

#3 Posted by BlackArmor (6139 posts) - - Show Bio

@Imagine_Man15: Cool, I like what you've put out there so far, looking forward to part 3

#4 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14109 posts) - - Show Bio

Holy crap...............I'd watch it.

#5 Posted by Mercy_ (92616 posts) - - Show Bio

Holy awesomeness, Batman!


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