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the point of this thread is to make up an alternate universe version of 1 or more members of the justice league only a few rules apply 
1.they must be either current or former members of the justice league 
2.it has to come from your own imagination 
I'll get this started with the Flash 
This flash comes from a world where Japan won ww2 and afterwards overtook the other members of the axis and now controll the entire world. 
In this world his name is Tamotsu Yamada, a police inspector who happened to be in Barry Allen's lab when lightning struck the chemical rack he was standing by giving him the powers of the flash. This flash has been well trained in martial arts and as such uses his speed in many ways the mainstream flash wouldn't think of and is willing to kill if absolutely necessary  
btw feel free to do pics if you'd like 

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Rocketed from an exploding Krypton some 35 years ago and piloted through ah black hole, a young boy landed on the red dunes of the southern martain hemisphere one planet earlier than his kryptonain father calibrated. He he was found by J'ntha K'nt and his partner M'rth Aa'h K'nt, a pair of white martians (Protex and Primaid).    They named him K'ah L'el   and raised him in their prejudiced and voilent ways. Through years of adaptaion and exposure to telepathic images and communication, his own dormant pineal gland was awakened through constant stimulation, granting him telepathy by the age of 7. Through mastery of his own mental prowess, he eventually learned to control his body on a molecular level, allowing physical transperancy and transmutation. By the age of 28 he is ready to become what his tribe needed in their war against their green planetary cohabitants, a being with all of their strenghts and none of their weaknesses. K'ah L'el became their own Martian Manhunter. First Mars, then everything else. 

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