Justice League Dark?

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Is the Justice League Dark series any good? Wondering if I should buy or not.

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Yes, I'm actually pretty fond of it. I initially started reading it because I'm a fan of Zatanna, but the other characters have really grown on me as well (most notably Deadman). The artwork has a very elegant penciled look to it, and the stories are entertaining. I suppose it mainly just depends on if you like the characters and enjoy magic-based settings and heroes.

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Don't read from number one. Waste of money. Start with 8 or 9. Whichever Lemire started his run.

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It's definitely a solid series so I'd say go for it. Both the art and story are pretty good and go well together. The first few issues are kinda confusing but the story takes on more clarity around where Twentyfive posted.

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@Twentyfive said:

Don't read from number one. Waste of money. Start with 8 or 9. Whichever Lemire started his run.

Yeah, this is pretty sound advice. I mostly started reading later down the line, myself. Issue 9 is the one to start on.

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I like it I didn't like the vampire arc but that just me

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Do It.

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Depending on the kind of reader you are you can enjoy Milligan's first few issues. They're rich with characterization and interesting ideas that don't quite get fleshed out and explored. I can fully recommend Lemire's current run on the book which began with issue 9, especially if you dig the mystical/vertigo tinged corner of the DCU.

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