JLA:The Silver Age?

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Some of you may have heard of James Robinson's miniseries under the elsewords banner, known simply as ''The Golden Age.'' As the name suggests, it stars the superheroes and heroines of the lates 30s and early to mid 40's. most of them originating from Quality comics. It was a good series and all in all, very exciting. however, while looking on wiki earlier today, on the comic's article, i saw a part of it that says this. 
''The possibility of a sequel miniseries, tentatively titled The Silver Age, was sporadically mentioned by James Robinson and some DC editors in the late 1990s. However, no series has yet materialized.''  
This sparked a bit of interest in me regarding the idea of a sequel to the miniseries, based in the era of the silver age. Considering all the silverage heroes we see on the final splash page, (Metamorpho, the doom patrol, the creeper, animal man, Hal Jordan, the challengers of the unknown, Adam Strange, etc) theres allot you could do. personally i would love the idea of a silver age sequel to the golden age series. maybe centred around Adam Blake (who more or less ushered in the silver age in this timeline.) aswell as a few others. What do you think?

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Well not  a sequel, but there was a story called just Silver Age which went through 12 titles with the silver age prefix. 
But I would like for a sequel series to have been done for the golden age.

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thats not really what i had in mind.

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