Is Justice League Beyond Worth a Read?

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I'm toying with the idea of buying some of the digital issues of Justice League Beyond for $.99 a piece. I look at the covers and the DC fanboy in me says: "Rad." But is that a good reason to spend money? No. So I turn to you, my Comic Vine community, for spiritual and financial guidance in these days of Internet boredom and instant gratification. Is this material really worth the read or should I just enjoy the cover art?

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I was considering to start buying it because of Norm Breyfogle, so I'm wondering the same thing.

Is anyone here reading it?

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That's the sound of crickets chirping...

My guess is that no one here has even been reading it.

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@SmashBrawler: @Jekylhyde14: I'm reading the collection volume for all the Beyond titles Batman Beyond Unlimited

This is how I rank the beyond titles:

  1. Batman Beyond
  2. Justice League Beyond
  3. and WAY at the bottem...Superman beyond

Batman beyond is fun. It continues what was happening in the mini series. It's probably the most well written of the Beyond series. The Art is also cool. It is mainly why I get that series for the Batman Beyond series. It does have some irregularities like the appearence of Jason todd in Bruce Wayne's nightmare (2 robins and nightwing?) which doesn't make sense based on the BTAS continuity...but its still my favorate.

Justice League is nice. It's fairly well written. The Art is wonderful of course. It's an interesting series if you were curious what happened to the DC universe between the Animated series of the Justice League and the Beyond series. New Gods is the main focus of this arc and that is cool. One thing which makes it different from the other Beyond titles is that it comes out with two different issues a month I believe: one which continues the story and one which does origin stories. That is pretty cool if you are interested in that kind of stuff. Best aspect is the art, but the writing is pretty good too.

The Superman Beyond title is mediocre at best. It is the reason why I don't like to publisis that I read the beyond series. To use a metaphor from the mainstream DC comics: that title is the "Superman" to the other beyond's "Action Comics". They are WAY better. The concept is cool. Lex having a daughter is interesting and seeing Solomon Grundy in a suit is also interesting. Lex's big plan of having asteroid feeild of kryptonite around earth isn't bad, but the way he destroys bits of metropolis to get Sups out of the fortress of solitude is ridiculous. I mean, Lex (who is btw dead and only a cyber program of the original) transforms the lexcorp building into one of those giant robot things the Power Rangers always fight in. so yeah, not my favorate series...

So, back to Justice League because you guys were mainly curious about that...That title it pretty good. The art doesn't jump out to me as the Batman Beyond art, but Dustin Nguyen is wonderful and I'm glad DC is using him in one of their series because he is talented. If you enjoyed the Justice League show then this would the comic for you (more mature of course), but if you enjoyed Batman Beyond better than Terry's series is good for you. If you enjoyed both, then I'd say get both.

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@The Poet:

Thanks Poet!

Honestly, I'm not as familiar with the Justice League Animated Series as I probably should be. I've seen most of the first season and thought it was pretty fun. I do really love the New Gods. So maybe I'll check out an issue or two.

I remember sort of liking the Batman Beyond comic when it first made its return. That was always a pretty good cartoon and the comic linked it to further aspects of Batman continuity. I also enjoyed how Grant Morrison referenced the Beyond stuff in Batman #700. It all looks really cool and I'm a sucker for alternate futures.

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@Jekylhyde14: I mean, you don't have to know the show to enjoy it. If you know the characters there is a possiblity you might enjoy it.

The Main villain (I don't believe this is really a major spoiler) in this first arc is the team known as Kobra but we see some of the New Gods and we find out what happened to some of them in this alternate future. My favorite was Darkseid. He was interesting. I won't say anything more because you plan to read it.

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Yes,it's really good not as Batman Beyond,but still good

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"Decent" is the word I would use, and because it's the Beyond imprint, that's good enough for me.

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