How they should start Justice League Movie

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now this is just one dudes opinion for the movie to incorporate some of the new 52 justice league (NO cyborg) i guess but here goes:

Team: Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman,Green Lantern (Hal Jordan),Flash (Barry Allen), martian Manhunter,Aquaman.

Villain: Starro or Darkseid or something they obviously couldnt handle alone

seeing as the plan is to reboot batman in the JL movie (or so i think) start off with Batman in Gotham on his nightly patrols and whatnot beating up a villain then going to the cave where we get an alfred cameo telling him he needs rest blah blah (maybe reference tim as a titans as a reason for batman being alone) while bruce is on the batcomputer, then some daytime bruce wayne the next day finding out some suspicious new paranormal criminal activity then going out again the next night and finding someone with a starfish plastered to his face or one of darkseids minons or something then being attacked and fighting off 1 creature then 2 more show up and as he retreats (this is on rooftops btw) he runs into a green light and hal says "i didnt know batman was real" or something (like in the comic) and they fight the 2 things off introduce and whatnot, and GL is on a mission from Oa to learn about these things or sumn and batman disappears when GL tries to learn his power, batman goes back to the cave to investigate then cut to hal at home on the phone with Ollie, (doesnt have to show Ollie) and tells him to turn on the news and sees him and bats then it shows supes in metropolis which intrigues hal, then cut to Clark as main character in the daily planet holding talking about an interview with bruce wayne about whatever and some crazy shit happens during the interview some villlain is wreaking havoc in the city and they both disappear and fight the villain/monster etc by combining supes power with bats brains, supes gets all the credit from the crowd and tries to credit bats and shake hands afterwards but batman is gone (like usual) the next day superman is in gotham and runs into GL and both are surprised and asks what the other is doing and both say looking for batman as he glides across the city chasing down some crook trying to get info then they all meetup and briefly talk about the strange things theyve noticed (and in the background some suspicious trenchcoat and hat wearing guy whose face is just a shadow is watching.....who is MM but doesnt surface til later) when they get reports of something similar in cenrtal city where they all decide to head seperately (maybe GL asks bats if he needs a ride after seeing he cant fly and gets passed by batman in a jet or something idk) anyway they all get there simultaneously and see the creature fighting against what looks like nothing (flash moving ridiculously fast), the flash stops when he notices them fighting too then they all beat the bad guys and people start thiking of them as a superhero team................TBC

thats about half or maybe more im not sure but this is just a vague idea of how i think it should kinda go, and maybe ill add pictures later so illustrate some of what i mean

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