How I Would Relaunch The Justice League Franchise (Not a Reboot)

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Preface: The Batman franchise is DC's biggest franchise, but I think that's there's enough potential in the concept of the Justice League to surpass the Batman franchise's sales figures. But there needs to be some changes for my vision to happen. DC has a history of fixing its universe by rebooting it, but after the New52, I've come to realize that reboots don't really do it for me. I would rather just fix problems through story telling. No offense to DC. My vision for a relaunch can happen at almost any time. So without further ado, enjoy!

Set-Up: Gizmo (or some other tech-based villain) manages to hack the Justice League's orbiting satellite, and he turn's the League's satellite weaponry loose against the Earth. The Justice League quells the threat, and they verify their innocence, but the civilian death toll is so enormous that people begin to question why the Justice League is allowed to have so much power. Who are they to police the world? Absolute power does corrupt after-all. After their PR nightmare, a shaken league disbands. They agree only to join together in dire emergencies.

Six months later (after the Justice League members have had some time to mature into their pre-DCnU personalities), Superman and Batman decide that the world does need an ever-vigilant Justice League to help it through troubling times. But the new Justice League needs to be more professional, and it needs to have safeguards to keep itself accountable. They decide to create a decision-making body of five, officially named the Council Members but they are dubbed the Big 5. The Big 5 is made up of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Black Lightning.

Why these five? Read my other post to learn why. It basically comes down to the top five Justice Leaguers whom I think could run the Justice League individually. I based this decision on their personalities (when properly characterized). They vote on all of the biggest decisions that the Justice League needs to make, and every Justice League reports directly to these 5. Each of the members of the Big 5 leads a specialized Justice League task-force. The Justice League operates from a weaponless satellite, but they have a public venue on Earth (for PR reasons) known as the hall of Justice.

This version of the Justice League is an internationally recognized, non-governmental organization that deals with disaster prevention and humanitarian aid. They rarely involve themselves in politics--with the exception being that they sometimes act as arbiters in international diplomacy.

The Titles: These are the imaginary titles centered on teams that would be a part of my Justice League line. I don't think that any title is excessive. I've given sample rosters, but I don't care what the rosters really are. The writers would be able to make their own rosters. The only members of the team required to be there are the leading members.

Justice League: Archives- This book tells stories from the earliest days of the Justice League focusing on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Flash, and Aquaman.

Sample Roster: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Flash, and Aquaman.

Justice League: Doom Patrol- Superman's Justice League task force. This team focuses on science disasters, public relations, and government relations. They work closely with groups like Star Labs and Cadmus Labs to contain the accidental science disasters that plague the DC Universe.

Sample Roster: Superman, Flash, Atom, Firestorm, Dr. Light, Ice, Steel

Justice League: Shadow Cabinet- Batman's Justice League task force. This team focuses on reconnaissance, detective, and spy work for the Justice League.

Sample Roster: Batman, Martian Manhunter, Gypsy, Dr. Fate, Green Arrow, Metamorpho, Zealot, etc.

Justice League: Furies- Wonder Woman's Justice League task force. This team focuses on magical threats, cultural conflicts, and diplomacy.

Sample Roster: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Vixen, Zatanna, Shazam, etc.

Justice League: Outsiders- Black Lightning's Justice League task force. This team is focused on supervillain reform, and the supervillains on the team have dubbed it the Suicide Squad because they are given the most dangerous missions or the missions with the least intel. The villains have no official league membership, but good behavior gets them some time off of their sentences. The catch is the Black Lightning actually wants to help reform these guys.

Sample Roster: Black Lightning, Geo-Force, Black Canary, Scandal Savage, Plastic Man, Deathstroke, Major Force, Catman, Firefly, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, etc.

Justice League: Vanguard- Green Lantern's Justice League task force. This team is the Earth's first line of defense against interstellar threats. They always manage to find themselves embroiled in some kind of galactic conflict.

Sample Roster: Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Captain Atom (Pre-DCnU), Icon, Starfire, etc.

Justice League: Classified- The book centered on the secret decisions and adventures of the Council of Five. Like the U.S. Supreme Court, decisions are heated and disagreements happen. But once a decision is made, all five members have to carry it through. This book would let us see past the leadership personas that these five put up for the rest of the Justice League and the rest of the world--sort of like Marvel's now defunct Illuminati.

Sample Roster: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Lightning, Green Lantern

Justice League: Titans- This book is centered on Teenage heroes being mentored by the Justice League. They recieve tutoring from the Council of Five from time to time, but most of their instruction comes from Martian Manhunter and Red Tornado.

Sample Roster: Superboy, Robin, Wondergirl, Kid Flash, Static, Miss Martian, Aqualad, Solstice, Bunker, Bombshell etc.

Justice League: Reserves- This book is centered on the people who pick up the slack when the Justice League is spread thin. The reserves are all part-timers, and they are comprised of heroes who are A) Retired B) Fresh out of the Titans program C) Too bust to join the Justice League full-time.

Sample Roster: JSA Heroes, Wolfman-era Titans, and unaffiliated heroes such as Supergirl, Batwing, Guy Gardner, etc.

Solo titles would be given to any character capable of holding a book.

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Illuminati isn't defunct and I like the idea, but Black Lightning shouldn't be part of the council.

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I've been doing some reworking here and there for how I would revamp the Justice League franchise like you did, Captain. But my ideas are for if DC hadn't had done Flashpoint and the New 52.

The beginning of this revitaliziation would be an arc that encompasses the whole DCU called Guardian War, where the Guardians of the Universe begin to get more brazen like they are currently, with Herupa leading them into war against all other Corps as well as to regain the Entity via the Alec Holland avatar Swamp Thing to use its' power for their own agendas. Ganthet grants Hal Jordan a special power ring to help fight the Guardians as insanity occurs too with other events that the JLA help lead the charge and with a revamping to many of the DC franchises, with JLA being at the forefront of the revitalization process.

So following the Guardian War, Superman realizes the world needs the Justice League, more than ever. And that the world may need different answers so he is contemplating with the rest of the founders about what ingredients would be needed to protect the world, so the League ends up being what it is named for; a League of different teams all meant to handle different situations. So it means multiple books that would allow for different tastes to be able to enjoy it.

Justice League of America: This would be the premier team. The one that handles almost everything AND the kitchen sink of crises. They would be on call for all nations and all threats out there due to their sheer power and skill.

Justice League International: Booster Gold's team, on the trail of Maxwell Lord in the wake of "Justice League: Generation Lost" as they contend with some wild threats across the globe as well as what plans Max has in store.

Justice League Extreme: A strike force put together by the regalvanized Hal Jordan to be proactive, to take the fight to the villains so no threats like what the Guardians could do happen, or what Prometheus did to Star City occur again. This team would usually get the pre-empetive strike on the villains to ensure the safety of others and to prevent bigger threats from rising.

Justice League Task Force: Batman's hand-selected covert ops team, dealing with threats arising from the shadows. This title idea was inspired heavily by Young Justice and Secret Avengers, with these Leaguers contending against a plethora of wild unexpected threats that conspire to threaten the DC Universe.

Justice League Dark: Inspired by the New 52 title, this book would involve magicians and sorceresses of the DCU facing the occult in many ways. Kinda like the Defenders in Marvel do.

What I hope for this idea is to allow different teams to face different scenarios as well as letting fans pick up their favorite books to be able to read while they all have a chance to cross over with one another for big events involving the JLA in its' entirety, including heroes who are reserve members or inactive from the roster at the time. After all, if Marvel could be able to galvanize the Avengers franchise with New Avengers Volume 1, then launch it into what it is right now, why can't DC do the same thing with the JLA? Making the JLA the lynchpin of the DCU would make people realize that this is a team who leads, inspires, and protects their world.

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I'd relaunch it and base it around how Justice League Unlimited worked as really that always seemed the most logical and perfect solution to the team. Instead of having a set group of heroes, why not just have an army where you can pick and choose the best heroes for the given situation or threat. Allowing DC's biggest heroes still be just that but also allowing some of the lesser known heroes get their time in the spotlight. This not only would allow writers to play around and write different characters, but give the readers something new and different each storyline instead of the same heroes fighting a different villain all the time; keeping it fresh and new.

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@War Killer: Now that is a cool idea as well, War Killer. =)

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