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I've heard so many awesome things about the guy so I buckled down and read an old story by him with the Justice League. Back when Superman had the mullet. So, some alien dudes come to Earth and perform some "miracles" to convince the humans that they're there to help. They also make the Justice League look like lazy bastards in the process. Not a bad premise at all. I'm intrigued... Then suddenly, before the reader even has a chance to give these aliens the benefit of the doubt, they attack the Justice League. Ummm... OK I'll let that slide. Later in the story the Flash encounters a villain by the name of Zum who he claims is faster than him. "I need to use my brains to outwit this vermin because he's faster than me" or something like that. Two pages later, Flash comes up with his master plan... "I'll just run faster than him."... pause... OK... "As I reach the speed of light my mass will approach infinity and I'll punch him really hard." So, not only does Flash contradict himself by saying he's going to outrun the guy who is faster than him but his master plan was to punch the other guy really hard? That's only part of it... I'm not going to go into the part where Martian Manhunter nearly sold out the team (off panel somewhere because they never showed it). Or how Super-Man was tricked into thinking Kryptonite was in the same room so he was weakened by some placebo effect. Somebody please tell me this is a fluke... where is the Grant Morrison stuff should I be reading?

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lol wow... while that sounds like a bad series of comics it does sound like something that would come from the Superman reborn time period. While im not sure how much Grant Morrison i have actually read (i don't pay close attention to who writes and or draws/colors)

To be fair i think i know what Flash comic you are talking about and i believe Flash still couldn't catch up with Zoom even though he borrowed speed force energy from all the other speedster heroes.

Try out All Star Superman

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