Give Each Founder of the Justice League a GF/BF from the Marvel U

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Give Each Founder of the Justice League a girlfriend or boyfriend from the Marvel Universe.

My choices are:

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superman w/ photon.batman w/ storm.wonder woman w/ lantern w /moonstone.flash w/ aurora .aquaman w/ meggan.cyborg w/ shadowcat

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  • Superman - Ms. Marvel
  • Batman - Black Cat
  • Wonder Woman - Thor
  • Green Lantern - Invisible Woman
  • Flash - Firestar
  • Cyborg - Shadowcat
  • Aquaman - Namorita
  • Martian Manhunter - Mercury
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Superman and Mary Jane...think about it

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Superman- Gwen Stacy


Wonder Woman- Captain America

Flash- Spiderwoman

Green Lantern Jon Stewart- Storm

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  • Superman - Ms. Marvel
  • Batman - Elektra
  • Wonder Woman - Thor
  • Flash - Wasp
  • Green Lantern - Not sure
  • Aquaman - Namorita
  • Martian Manhunter - She-Hulk

I'm not dignifying that Cyborg took Manhunter's pace.

I'll come back and edit ones I'm not sure about

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Please explain these 3. I'm guessing Misty Knight is somewhat a Lois Lane counterpart maybe.. but the others? :P

@fodigg said:

Interesting. I'm going to switch out Jordan/Allen for Stewart/Wally though, just so I don't fall asleep while doing this.


Superman - Misty Knight

Wonder Woman - Hawkeye

Green Lantern (Stewart) - Mystique

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  1. You got the Misty Knight part right. I like the idea of Supes being involved with a "normal" as with Lois, but I wanted someone who was still very much involved with the Superhero community. It'd be like pairing Supes with an older version of Oracle that he has no personal connection with. I found that attractive.
  2. Wonder Woman's association with Steve Trevor made me think "SHIELD agent" which made me think Coulson, Fury, or Hawkeye because of the films, and I went with Hawkeye because visually he reminds me a bit of Nemesis too.
  3. He's just so grim and straight laced, I think he could benefit from a romance with a femme fatale. I could've paired her with Batman for the same effect and almost did.
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Superman - Ms Marvel

Batman - Black Widow

Wonder Woman - Warren Worthington III (Angel)

Green Lantern - Rogue

Flash - Spider Woman

Aquaman - Invisible Woman

Martian Manhunter - Gamora

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Apparently, some people on this site lack reading skills. Or even patience.

Fodigg hit it right on the money with Cyborg/Cecilia Reyes.

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Superman - She Hulk. They're both career folks with super-heroics on the side. She'd be able to keep up with him in both capacities.

Batman - Pepper Potts. Pepper knows how to handle herself around powerful guys and provides an excellent intellectual counterpart, challenging him and his motivations.

Wonder Woman - Ares. They like to fight, they're both Greek...Sparks will fly

Green Lantern - Miss Marvel. Both coming from a military background and being into flying provides plenty of common ground.

Flash - Gwen Stacy. Flash loves a girl next door type, and Gwen that along with a ton of spunkiness.

Aquaman - Warbird. They both come from warring kingdoms and are familiar with royal protocols. Though not of royalty herself, she'd be his equal in every way that matters.

Martian Manhunter - Mystique. Neither ever really feels like they quite belong, and with their power-sets they can both vanish together as whomever they want.

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@Twentyfive said:

Fodigg hit it right on the money with Cyborg/Cecilia Reyes.

Thanks. I was proud of that one.

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@fodigg: You should be.

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