Endings/Post-credit scenes to JL Movie and lead-in Movies

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Remember at the end of Batman Begins Gordan hands Batman a card with a Joker on it ? I thought that was a great way to end the movie and it had me to where I could not wait for the sequel.

Marvel capitalized on this idea also with the post credit scenes after each of the lead-in movies to The Avengers?

Warning do not watch if you don't want to be spoiled. (Although I am sure most of you have seen all of these.)

If a Justice League movie is made and there are lead-in movies to Justice League, what types of endings or post-credit scenes would you want to see? I know they may not go this route, but this would all be hypothetical.

What scenes, whether it be at the end of the movie or a post-credits scene, would you want to see in the lead-in movies and the Justice League movie itself?

For example: Would you want Superman to pick up a Batarang at the end of his movie? (Not a perfect idea, I know, but its just to give an idea of what I am looking for.)

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Aquaman rises out of the waters in the bat cave at the end of the Dark knight rises.

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People. Give up on the idea of a lead in movie.

If there is a lead in movie, its only going to be Man of Steel. Nothing more.

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I think they need to go backwards, do the JLA movie and then do the individual movies.

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If Warner Bros does the "Post Credit scenes" like Marvel, than that would be the biggest "copy" they would ever do - Everyone already knows that it's only been like, 2 months since the Avengers kicked ass, then all of a sudden a Justice League movie is in the works? DC and WB are making things a little too obvious in their case, but I would still like to see a JLA movie made, but they need to take their time with it - Man of Steel is coming out, Dark Knight Rises is coming out - people are going to be too confused with the different actors playing the characters. It's already been said that Henry Cavill won't be involved with the ensemble cast, so if they make a JLA movie with a new Superman, then poor Henry won't be able to make a sequel to HIS Superman film...

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@The_Amazing_Spider_Man: Guy, a JLA movie has been in the works for over a decade. It's not like WB decided to do one just because Disney did the Avengers. Also, Marvel wasn't the first one to come up with the idea of "post-credit scene." Things like that have been happening for a while so if DC/WB decided to do it it wouldn't be "the biggest copy they would ever do." They've said The Man of Steel won't be part of an expanded universe, but who knows, if the studio changed there mind and it was, it wouldn't exactly be shocking.

@dawsey28: For a post credit scene, I would LOVE to see Ivo putting data into a computer after monitoring the recent showings of Superman (but the scene would work with any leaguer with powers). That would have me at the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment of the series : )

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@Onemoreposter: I already know a JLA film has been in development for ages, I was just saying that they all of a sudden decided to go into FURTHER development ever since Avengers broke the box office. And, you're right - Man of Steel probably could be a part of an expanded universe if it does good - look at The Amazing Spider-Man - have you heard they almost had an Oscorp building reference in Avengers? Sony was going to let Spiderman be in the expanded universe because they KNEW avengers was going to do well, it'll be the same case for Superman.

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Why does DC needs to do the same that Marvel?

No reason, DC is another universe and works under not the same ideas.

You cant compare JLA with the Avengers, you cant compare Batman with Hawkeye.

Isnt the same.

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

Why does DC needs to do the same that Marvel?

No reason, DC is another universe and works under not the same ideas.

You cant compare JLA with the Avengers, you cant compare Batman with Hawkeye.

Isnt the same.

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