Cyborg help?

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Has there ever been an anti cyborg or a like an alter ego. A villain with cybernetics and/or a machine armor that would make a person stronger give him improved and super feats and some kind of laser gun or cannon something like that. A DC villain with similar feats and machine like armor. 

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In a Cyborg mini-series from a few years back, a friend from Cyborg's younger days was turned into a Cyborg-like machine. He only ever appears in that mini though, and I can't remember his name.

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@Captain13 said:

There's also Cyborgirl.

yeah but were all agreed not to talk about that.....

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@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

Does Cyborg Superman count?

No... Different animal altogether

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: I believe Hank would be too much for Cyborg

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Aside from Cyborgirl and Cyborg Superman, no...

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@joshmightbe: @Captain13: I thought we were just supposed to list a character that fills the "evil machine" criteria. Oopsies haha

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