Comic Review -- Justice League #1-3 / Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, & Sco

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Okay, so I admit I'm a little late to the whole New 52 thing in terms of actually reading the material. Part of it is that it's taken me a while to give more than a passing glance to any DC properties other than Batman and related works. Also, finances are a concern--not that I can't afford to start collecting single issue comics again, I just see better uses for my meager income--which kept me from buying them as they came out. A final reason is that I was one of those people who, upon hearing about the upcoming reboot, thought that DC was shooting themselves in the foot, and was hoping it would fail.

I've since changed my tune, and been surprised at the overwhelmingly favorable assessments of the New 52. Looking at some issues, I've seen that a lot of the storytelling is very exciting and fresh. So, with a little help from my local library, I've acquired the single issues of several titles, and figured I'd do some very late and barely relevant reviewing of the issues, starting with the flagship title, Justice League.

Individual issue reviews are a bit problematic for me. I did one earlier, for Scarlet Spider, but it was the exception rather than the rule (though I'm strongly considering reviewing the next upcoming issue), and I didn't think it'd be a big sin to do a long review for that one. In the interest of this not being a novella, I'm going to give each issue its own section within the post, and hopefully make them considerably shorter. That way I can write about the average length overall, and cover multiple issues in one sitting.

Reviews of Justice League #1, 2 and 3 have been posted on their respective pages on this site. In the interest of avoiding double-posting, I've omitted them from this entry.

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