Bruce Timm Justice League Respect Thread

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Bruce Timm's Justice League is my all time favorite of any iteration--ever. I've read silver age stories, read the Grant Morrison Run, watched The Batman, and seen the the Justice League animated movies, but IMO nothing compares to Bruce Timm's version. Even if we ignore Timm's beautiful, classy, unique art deco sensibilities and focus simply on just the character line-up and the stories told, I firmly believe his version was the best. It had a solid mythos stretching from Jason Blood's Medieval tales to the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century. The team always had gender and racial diversity that was never used in an off-putting way. The characters were compelling and left a mark on the public consciousness for years to come. Black Green Lantern? Funny Flash? These are all things that people associate with the Justice League, but that the DCU doesn't incoporate (as well). For these reasons and many more, Bruce Timm's Justice League will always be top dog IMO. 

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yeah the diniverse was spectacular not perfect but pretty darn close.

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