B Team of the Justice League

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A.Team                               If Superman and company decided to split who would the new A.Team be
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
J`onn J`onzz
Aquaman (possibly)
Hawk Girl
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This more or less is the new A team.  They are the current members. 

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The new A Team is gonna be: 
Dick Grayson as Batman 
Donna Troy 
Jesse Quick 
Mikaal Tomas as Starman 
Starting June and written by Robinson who says this is gonna be the roster for the next two years.
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@Lustwish said:
"  http://www.comicvine.com/justice-league-of-america/65-31815/  This more or less is the new A team.  They are the current members.  "
I Agree they are the team,but if they went there on ways who would step up
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@Bubbly Bunny:
Thye're completley destroying the character of Jesse Quick! First all, they have her in that god-awful costume, secondly, she's on the JLA, really, how long did she last last time? I sorta happy about Jade though :) and :(
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Dick Grayson 
the Atom 
Alan Scott 
Stephanie Brown


Captain Atom

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