3D mobility in DC games: marvel nemesis style>mortal kombat style

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the Injustice gods among us game looks awesome, but some part of me wishes that there would be more mobility. i wish the fighting wasn't limited to just side by side , like the other mortal kombat games or even the capcom games. i wish there was a DC fighting game that allowed more 3D maneuverability around the battle arena and allowed more use of the objects and the environment ( like what we see in marvel nemisis or even in the god of war combat arena).

Check this video out Could you see yourself playing a DC game similar to this (with better graphics and features)?

tell me what you think

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I love paying this game on my PS2! I was hoping The Avengers: Battle for Earth would've been like this but with better graphics! We should sign a petition for a Marvel vs DC stylegame like this. Marvel Nemesis was awesome! Having Spider-man back-hand a car into Wolverine never gets old! :D

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@Oscars94: I know right! I always hit someone off the bridge.

@marvel123: That would be great DC characters would be awesome in this game could you imagine Superman vs Captain Marvel. Except I would make the view more like DCUO theres were perfect. Actually they could probably make a sequel to DCUO that was like a mixture of Marvel Nemesis and DCUO.

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@lilben42: That sounds AWESOME!

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@Oscars94: i have it on the game cube (i know, call me old school)........i loved playing as magneto and using "the force" to push the cars at opponents. it looks more like telekinesis rather than his usual magnetism throw move.......idk if its a glitch or not but it's epic

@lilben42: yeah your right. it definitely needs better lighting

alot of people may criticize this game and it may be a little underrated, but with the game consoles we have today as well as new technology , it's possible to have a game like this with better features.

in terms of the "omnidirectional mobility/maneuverability style" in this game; i know i called it 3D, but what's the correct terminology for it?

and also what's the correct terminology for the "side to side style fighting games" (like mortal kombat, marvel vs. capcom, and injustice)?

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Cool ! What game is that ?

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Oh, look! That's where my Human Torch avatar comes from! Man, Marvel Nemesis has to be the most disappointing game I've ever played, and I've played my fair share of crappy games over the years, so that's quite a feat. Everything about that game looked and sounded awesome, and then... it was worse than sh!t. Not even worth using as manure. It just sucks.

However, playing a superhero fighting game with this kind of mechanics still is a good idea. I remember EA was producing a spiritual sequel of sorts of this game, but with destructible environments and civilians getting in your way. Of course, it never happened, but it did look pretty damn awesome. It probably would have been another disappointment anyway.

@ThunderGodsWrath: Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.

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@SmashBrawler: Thanks !

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@SmashBrawler: yeah i like the mechanics of this game and i definitely see some potential...if game producers learn from their mistakes in marvel nemisis (like the horrible lighting), and implement new features, better graphics, betters plot, we'll have ourselves a pretty epic game

what do you hate about it the most?

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@ThunderGodsWrath: I actually like the game, but i know it can be better........i just prefer the free mobility around a large battlefield as opposed to the limited side to side mobility that is featured in MK and injustice

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@marvel123 said:

@ThunderGodsWrath: I actually like the game, but i know it can be better........i just prefer the free mobility around a large battlefield as opposed to the limited side to side mobility that is featured in MK and injustice

I agree.

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@marvel123: I think the two are third person is Rise of the imperfects view and 2D fighting is the side to side ones.

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@marvel123: Here's some of my gripes with the game (the PSP port doesn't count) :

  • The story sucks. When you begin the game, seeing Captain America, Hulk and Punisher get their asses kicked (and maybe even killed) was incredible. I felt "Oh man, sh!t got real fast". And then... that mess they called a plot, characters randomly fighting, characters randomly disappearing, no real conclusion. It's awful.
  • The roster sucks. There's not too many characters and they concentrated too much in the Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Daredevil franchises. Normally I wouldn't care since I've never been a big Avengers fan anyway, but when you have a game called "MARVEL Nemesis" only having Iron Man to represent the Avengers is pretty lame.
  • The Imperfects suck. They're not original, they're not unique and they're not interesting. Oh, some poor guys who got into an accident and now have to deal with the bad sh!t that comes with their powers. Hey, guess what EA, that's Marvel's gimmick! You're not being original.
  • The combat is horribly unbalanced. I consider myself a good, experienced player of this game. Not amazing, but not bad either. So what happens when I play against a friend of mine who has never played the game before, and I choose Daredevil and he goes with Johnny Ohm? I get my ass kicked. Over, and over. Characters like DD and Elektra have no chance against the rest. It would be like whenever you chose Harley Quinn in Injustice you got defeated in 2 seconds. And that pissed me off, because I'm a huge Daredevil fan.
  • Not enough game modes and not enough extras.
  • Mediocre voice acting.
  • Also, that stage with Venom where you have to destroy those orb things in the bridge is hard as hell. Seriously, f*ck that stage.

Other than that, I loved the art by Jae Lee and some of the music, but that's about it.

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@lilben42: thanks

@SmashBrawler: yeah, i didn't really dig the whole alien invasion plot and hulk and captain america dying

yeah the marvel roster could have been alot better: spiderman, venom, iron man, human torch, and magneto are fun to play as... IMO

the imperfects are spin-offs of the marvel characters and the only imperfect that i like is paragon (i know she's overpowered, but i don't care)

i like playing as DD as well, i'm guessing your friend used johny ohm and tossed cars at you all day

however i like that the creators don't give all characters the ability to lift cars and heavy objects (for instance, how wolverine, elektra, DD, ect are not able to ). in injustice, i hate it that weaker characters such as the joker are able to punch opponents through massive buildings and do those massive collisions

the victory speeches were kinda lame (iron man sounds like he's trying to speak in a brittish accent)

i still liked playing the game with friends tho........but do you see the potential for a dc game similar to this (minus the flaws, no random aliens or made up/knock off characters, ect)?

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@marvel123: Yep, I do see the potential. However, I have no issues with 2D gameplay and I'm really glad NetherRealm stopped with the 3D crap. Oh, and sorry about the rant lol

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@SmashBrawler: haha, no prob, feel free to express your ideas.

it's not that i have a problem with 2D fighting s (cuz i love super smash bros and injustice still looks good)

i just want to play at least one superhero fighting game, where i'm not limited to jump, <, and >

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