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This series should be pretty terrible, But I gotta say I'm loving it

Brief Story (Minor Spoilers)

The Issue opens with Vibe running away from soldiers of Argus, Vibe is escaping with an inter-dimensional fugitive named "Gypsy" *, Amanda Waller sends her team (The Suicide Squad) to deal with Vibe. The Team confront Vibe and Gypsy after a long battle, The Suicide Squad is victorious, Vibe and Gypsy are taken back to Argus and Imprisoned.

My Thoughts

The Good.

  • The Relationship between Vibe and Gypsy
  • The Way the make Vibe fight for what he believes in, Rather than making him a puppet for Argus
  • The Way there making Vibe a cool and likable Character

The Bad

  • There's there odd panel where Vibe's face looks disproportionate
  • There are some Unnecessary Scenes


Overall the Issue was good and I recommend it highly, I would rate it a high 4 stars


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