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When an alien boy and his pet become separated by the dimensional barrier between Earth's one and two, they begin to search frantically for one another. The reason? They depend upon one another's life force to survive! Each unable to locate their partner, each becomes more desperate and more dangerous - especially when the boy is befriended by none other than Solomon Grundy.

Enter the JLA and JSA - who, for the one and only time in the history of their team ups have exactly the same line up - unaware that the boy and his pet need to be together. Treating each threat seperately, the two Supermen, Flashes, Hawkmen, Green Lanterns, Atoms and Robins are having a hard enough time trying to combat both the boy and his pet. But when Solomon Grundy sees the heroes (especially the Green Lanterns) his hate filled mind and aggressive actions threaten our heroes very lives.

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