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Moving to Earth -1 following the death of her husband Larry, Dinah (Black Canary) Lance wastes no time in proving her worth as a member of the Justice League as she demonstrates for the first time the power of her sonic cry. Searching for somewhere to belong, she finds a soul mate in Green Arrow, who has recently lost his fortune and is also looking for some kind of meaning.

The story is told by Green Arrow and Black Canary. Oliver Queen, tricked out of his fortune (and for the first time in the JLA sporting new facial hair and new costume - first seen in Brave and Bold #85) stumbles upon a crime in progress. Changing to GA he thwarts the crime, but is about to discover, "In Each Man There is a demon!"

Back at JLA Headquarters, the League are having a discussion about whether or not Black Canary should automatically become a member of the team. Superman is all in favour, the Atom very supportive, but Hawkman expresses reservations. Suddenly, frustrated that they are talking about her as if she is not there, the Black Canary releases what will become known as her sonic cry for the first time and sends the JLA flying!

Meanwhile GA has gone to see a shrink to find out who he really is - Oliver Queen, business man, or Green Arrow - Crimefighter? Wired up to complex equipment, Oliver and the shrink are surprised to see a mystical form of GA emerging from Queen's body. The being announces that he is the REAL Green Arrow - the demon within Oliver Queen!

Almost simultaneously, the JLA are running tests on Black Canary to see how she did what she just did. Seems some residue of Aquarius' power (see last issue) rubbed off on her and has awoken this dormant gift. Suddenly the rogue Green Arrow appears, and as the JLA attack, they too find mystical versions of themselves escaping from their bodies. Only Superman is not affected in this way, but as these beings are magical, they can easily overcome the Man of Steel! Turns out that only each hero can capture his or her own demonic counterpart, but the League are duped into believing they cannot fight themselves!

Superman recognises he has to do something, and he tricks the JLA by getting a Superman robot to appear in the guise of one of the demons. Superman overcomes his "counterpart" and the JLA with renewed confidence set off to attack thier own "inner selves."

Without much trouble, each member overcomes his/her demon - except Green Arrow. Finding his evil self robbing a jewellry store, GA allows the demon to fill his mind with doubts about his motives for crime fighting. Racked with guilt, GA drops his bow and arrow, just as the elderly jewellry store owners appear and appeal to his better nature. In a showdown, the real GA takes an arrow to the thigh, whilst his own arrow, aimed at the heart of his demon counterpart, also ends the seperate existence of the other demon counterparts, who return to the bodies who host them.

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