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Red Tornado comes to Earth-1 to warn the League of impending trouble!

Hawkgirl and the Red Tornado (at this time a member of the Justice Society based on Earth - 2) both guest star in this tale entitled "13 Days to Doom!" The story begins as we join the JLA in their headquarters and Superman tries to cheer the somber mood of the meeting who are missing the Martian Manhunter - who last issue left the League in order to help the people of Mars find a new start on a new world. To honour the work Jonn Jonzz did during his time on earth, Superman has designed a rough statue of the Martian Manhunter that is to be displayed for public view.

As the JLA members voice their appreciation, the statue is suddenly shattered by the somewhat clumsy arrival of the Red Tornado. Before the Red Tornado can explain his presence, the JLA emergency signal goes off and the League leave him behind as they respond to its call. The call has come from Midway City, home of Hawkman and Hawkgirl and it is the female flying fury who greets the JLA. Hawkgirl informs the team that everyone within a three mile radius of the museum - where in their civillian identities Carter and Shiera Hall work as curators - including Hawkman, have been turned into salt.

The League spring into action. Green Lantern protects the whole area from rain by covering it with a power ring dome as Batman spots a suspicious looking character sneaking away from the scene and apprehends him. Cue 3 pages of Batman slugging it out with a gang of hoods, who also want a word with the man the Caped Crusader has just tracked down. Just as the numbers seem to be getting the better of even Batman, the Flash arrives to even things out and once they have polished off the gang, the JLA return with the man in question to their secret HQ.

The man turns out to be Sceintist / Alchemist Marmaduke Mantick. Through his interpretation of ancient scrolls, Mantick raised a Chthonic Demon - a creature of fear - who told him that to complete his work, he must touch the Philosopher's Stone that is currently on display in Midway City Museum. As he managed to do this, the museum was plunged into darkness and Mantick found himself confronted by Hawkman - who moments earlier as Carter Hall had been leading a tour of the museum. Suddenly, the museum was full of Chthartic demons who turned everyone within the vicinity to salt. Mantick tells the JLA that to reverse the spell he must re-open a pit upon which Midway City is built - but the ancient scroll says he must wait 13 days to do this.

Since Hawkgirl is a guest star in this issue, you might think her abilities would be highlighted. Instead, she is depicted as the damsel in distress. As news leaks that the JLA are protecting Marmaduke Mantick, Hawkgirl succumbs to a routine sneak attack and is taken hostage. The Gruesome Ghoul Motorbike Club (who Batman and Flash encountered earlier) demand Mantick be handed over to them in return for the safe release of Hawkgirl. As Mantick approaches the agreed meeting point, he is seemingly blown apart by dynamite at the hands of the Gruesome Ghouls. As the thugs return to their clubhouse, however, they are met by none other than "Mantick" who was really Superman in disguise all along. In no time, the Man of Steel has overcome the hoods and released Hawkgirl.

Another 10 days pass and the day arrives for Mantick to re-open the pit. To the dismay of the JLA, he informs then that he has misread the ancient texts and iot will be 13 millenia before he can do anything to help Hawkman and the citizens of Midway City. Despite the fact that the pit he opened is now guarded by the demons he released earlier, the JLA head straight for the pit and a battle royal ensues which seems to be stuck in a stalemate.

In the midst of the battle, a strange figure appears and moves down the depths of the cavern when the fight is taking place. Removing and ancient stone, the figure releases swirling mists and gases which restore the people of Midway City to normal, whilst trapping the Chthonic demons back whence they came. Turns out this stranger was none other than the Red Tornado, who figured that as an android he would not be subject to either the power of the demons or the writings of the ancient scrolls. Hawkgirl is reunited to Hawkman and the JLA are now ready to listen to what Red Tornado has come to tell them, and will lead into next issue's annual JLA / JSA team up.

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