the_mighty_monarch's Justice League of America #51 - JLA: Omega, Part Two: The Power of A Million Souls review

Can the CSA Save the Day?

(The answer is a depressing no) 
The Good: Omega Man is still a completely badass villain. There was clearly a whole lot of thought put into the epic amount of backstabbing in Dr. Impossible's plan and Omega Man just stomps in and craps all over it in a brilliant way. And the fact that he speaks with the an echoey voice is enhanced by the subtle shadows of the lettering. 
The battles with the CSA are still cool, and the CSA themselves are written very well in character. 
The way Superman has faith in the JLA was a bit touching, and the analysis of the barrier at the beginning was really interesting. 
The Bad: The pacing was so awful, there's multiple layers to how bad it was. 
First off, the intro of the barrier, then the flashback to before was so casually done I was genuinely confused when we saw how the barrier was made. I was like, wait, wasn't that barrier there or... oh right! This is how it came to be... oh.... really? That's kind of lame... 
Secondly, far too much as crammed into here. The CSA still being jerks, Omega Man not even sure what the hell his motivation is, Dr. Impossible fleeing the situation. All these things are crammed into here with such force that they all lose their edge. The pacing is so terrible that there's absolutely no sense of suspense. Omega Man is like Darkseid if he took god-steroids and venom and yet all he does is pontificate and fire a few blasts of energy. He's this concentration of pure badass juice and yet hardly anyone's paying a lick of attention to him. Concurrently, the CSA come off as just running around being minor annoyances getting in the way whenever Dick tries to get people to take anything seriously. And if things weren't crowded enough, Robinson decides to add YET ANOTHER threat into the mix at the end of the issue. I get that the CSA are arrogant assholes who wouldn't automatically agree but this is ridiculous. They act like a bunch of rowdy schoolkids playing in Satan's front yard. Nobody fights Omega Man more than one on one at a time and it really diminishes the insane threat he seems to be initially set up to be. 
And who the hell is Blue Jay? 
In Conclusion: 2/5 
The ONLY REASON this doesn't get a 1 is because I like the CSA that much. And Owlman is clearly trying to do what Dick is trying to do, but the both fail so miserably I can't stand it. After the amazingly awesome Issue 50 Spectacular, this was a horrendous follow up. Considering who the players in this story are, there is a chance some kind of actual quality might be salvaged from the next issue or 2, but overall this was a massive let down. Kudos for designing such an awesome new villain, but shame for dropping his intro arc into a bucket of crap.


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