harleyquinn12's Justice League of America #48 - The Dark Things: Part 5; Cyborg & Red Tornado in Cogs part 3 review

Is it worth it?

Seriously, Robinson has a great story planed out for this crosssover, and turns it into this!? I read all five issues of this crossover(sans JSA #42), hopng that it would be worth while, and then I saw a preview of JSA #42, with what I think is singlehandedly one of the worst ieads in modern comics, the morphing of Jade and Obsidian into one big crazy creature!  
The story starts off with the return of Alan Scott. I'm guessing the Starheart morphed Jade and Obsidian together, and they're(it's) fighting Kyle Rayner, the JLA, and the JSA,,, on the moon. We cut to Earth, where Supergirl and Power girl are with Mr. Terrific, who, by the way, is completley making no sense explaining the sun's radiation waves having some kind of frequency towards the Starheart.  He explains that he, Power Girl and Supergirl have to create a counter measure twoards the Starheart. Supergirl thinks this is "cool", but that holds no relevance on the story, I just think itwas stupid. Back on the moon, the two teams are still fighting Alan, Jadsidian, and the Starheart. We follow Dr. Midnite as he brings Starman back his gem, but soon we find Kyle Rayner, acting like Jade wronged him by dumping him, and dying. Let me get one thing staright here. Kyle Rayner is defintley my favorite Green Lantern, and one of my favorite characters in the DCU. He acts as though Jade has no feelings by saying, that Jade dumped him, and died, he has no acts of remorse for saying that to his exgirlfriend!? Getting back to the story, Dr fate steps in, and contains Jade and Obsidian, not for long though, as Jade is turned into a White lantern for a short time. She finds out her White Lantern to level the darkness. When she is returned to normal, Obsidian goes after her, but with the help of Kyle, she contains him, and goes after the Starheart. Congorilla, Supergirl, Power Girl, and Lightning, arrive to help everyone out, and Jade eventually defeats the starheart, with help from Starman, and Alan Scott is finally renewed back to his normal self. The issue ends with Supergirl, questioning why she was never possesed.

The wrting was mediocore beyond belief, the JSA really, Mr. terrific really confused me more than anything. I didn't like Kyle's charicterization at all. , At one point, donna asks Kyle if he can use his ring, or even his fists to fight. He says he's out of power, but never uses his fists! The Jade/Obsidian thing really grate me, why would they ever combine? The story itself, as a whole is rather good, though, it's an intresing plot, very unique 

The art was really good, Mark bagley really shines in this issue, I think much of the credit can be given to colorists Ulises Areola and Zarathus, who really made Bagley's work vivant, and vibrant, very nice bold color choices, Arreola is doing amazing work over in the pages of green Arrow. In the first couple issues of Robinson and Bagley's run, I liked the wrting, but the art was a bit lagging. The art is very detailed, i enjoy Bagley's work a lot more now! 
Not a good issue, some great art, good storyline, but the dialogue, really not that good, not very charicterization on this issue,the whole idea of the counter measure on the sun, and the ending, were sort of off, to say the least, I love Robinson, but this book isn't really doing it for me. I would pick up issues 46 and 47 of JLA, not JSA #41, as the decently bad coloring of Allen Passalqua, was enough to get me to not buy the next issue.


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