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A BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in! Following the events of BLACKEST NIGHT, the brand new Justice League of America enters into BRIGHTEST DAY with an arc featuring the Justice Society of America. The epic team-up begins with a character from the end of BLACKEST NIGHT joining the JLA. But when the storyline’s over, what mysterious villain will be revealed – and which hero will switch teams?

The Justice League of America, is working out in The Kitchen, a holographic battle simulator, aboard the Watchtower Satellite, discussing how Congorilla and Mikaal got their powers. When suddenly the Watchtower is hit by a giant green rock that hits the satellite and crashes to earth in Germany.

The Team flies to Germany, where they find the Die Rakete-Auslese, or Rock Elite, battling the Demon Etrigan around the large green glowing meteor. Etrigan lays claim to the rock and fights the Justice League, until Donna can get her Lasso of Persuasion around him and force him change back in Jason Blood.

Meanwhile in Happy Harbor the JSA, is trying to figure out why Alan Scott is in a comma and glowing green. Sebastian Faust arrives and says it is a sign of the end of the world.

Back in Germany, Jason explains that he was Budapest when he uncontrollably changed into the demon and was drawn to the rock. The League lets him go while they investigate the rock. Congorilla finds a fissure and when the break the rock open they find an unconscious Jade within.

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