harleyquinnhawkgirl's Justice League of America #43 - Rise And Fall All: Along the Watchtower review

Teen Titans of America or JLA?

I was extremely disappointed with this issue. I do not like the Teen Titans as the JLA. The story was just so confusing. I really hope that some point the other members will come back instead of the Teen Titans. The only thing I did like about the story was Green Arrow's comparison of the new league and the old one. The big reason I don't like this is because I am not a big fan of Teen Titans. On to the details. The cover was excellent. The only possible thing that could save this issue from getting a .5 out of 5 is the cover. The penciling was good. It was a little above average. The coloring was WTF!! There was way too many colors. It was so hard to look at and follow. I wish they would've toned it down a bit. The overall art was a tad bit below average. I do not know what happened with this issue but I hope the next one is better. I am giving this issue a 2 out 5.
Posted by Jtib

You seem to read the same comics as I do. I read the previous issues and felt the same 
sentiments as you described. I was hoping it got better but I guess you answered my question. 

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