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Awh Yeah then Awh No

When I started collecting comics the JLA was the 3rd title I picked up behind Superman and Batman.  So I have lived through many incarnations of DC's premier superhero team.  I was never impressed or even happy with much of what McDuffy did during his tenure.  I understand that his complaints but still felt that he should have been able to write good stories with what he was given and I don't think he always did his best to do that.  Issues 41 and 42 of James Robinson's run gave me the feeling things were moving in the right direction.  My biggest complaint about those issues was Mark Bagley's art.   
Now to this issue: 
I loved the opening sequence with Ollie narrating the flash back sequence and yeah the art was improved right off the bat so my heart rose a bit.  We then move to the present and pick up the action with Ollie in the Watchtower.  Good stuff still.  Then down to Earth we go and we get a tandem narration by Donna and Dick.  Yep liked it and the action was good.  One weak spot or overly simplistic dialogue with Donna, Atom, Bill, and Mik.  Just didn't work for me.  I don't think these guys would talk like teenagers.  Even with this we are still moving forward well.  Shortly afterward they all go back to the Watchtower and discover the damage that was wrought by Green Arrow and his confrontation with Hunter, Neon Black, and Dr. Impossible.   
Then things turn downward in my opinion.  We see the Flash, Barry Allen, show up and take Hal away then Starfire leaves.  Through monolgue we are told that Mon-el is gone, Dr Light left to take care of her kids, the Guardian is to busy, Black Canary went back to Oracle, Atom is helping his scientist friend, and Cyborg is busy too fixing Red Tornato etc. 
We had a team then we are left with four people.  What?  Why?  Starfire is going to REBELS, Mon-el has to go back to the future, the Guardian well I don't know why he's gone (didn't know why he arrived, love him but not for the League) Cyborg is going to play some role with Rise of Arsenal I don't really know, and Dr Light leaving sounds temporary.  Now if these events were going to happen and I assume the editors knew and I'm sure Jame knew why were these people ever put in the League.  The one thing this book didn't need a team change Three issues in.  I like how the book ended and I want to see were this story goes but why oh why did they build a team to take it apart.  Norm Rapmund's inks really work to fix the weak points of Bagley's art which was never and issue for me in this book in fact it held things together with good action and story telling.  Take out the team change and the score may have been higher but this disruption in the team ranks was a deal breaker for me.  Not that I'm dropping it yet but if we don't get a solid core team that isn't changing every few issues I will drop this book and not look back.  DC if you are listening.  Get a core team of trinity analogues  and DCU power houses and stick to it.  Make the stories so good that we don't miss Superman, Wonder Women, Batman (Bruce Wayne), Martian Man Hunter, Aquaman, and Flash.  I could be happy with Supergirl, Donna, Dick, Congo Bill, Mik, a Green Lantern, a Flash, and an archer. Dr Light, and Vixen.  But put them in the book and leave in the book and tell great stories.    

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Posted by Jtib

Good review. Thanks for the heads up, I'll just wait till they start writing jla like it's suppose to be. Not a big fan of the current cast.

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