jlat89's Justice League of America #43 - Rise And Fall All: Along the Watchtower review

"Bruce would be ashamed"

Issue 43 starts out in the past.  Presumably post JLA year one because Green Arrow is a part of the team and he's narrating the story.   We get thrown back to the present where Green Arrow is fighting off the intruders in the Watchtower.  The JLA meanwhile is off fighting (if you could use that term) some villains.  Dick plays the part of Batman very well, standing off to the side, noticing the insane flaws in their attacks, "Bruce Would Be Ashamed."  Is one of the most heartfelt lines in the book, at least to me.  We also basically see the dismantling of the team that was put together, and obviously with The Rise and Fall, we see some reactions to Green Arrow. 
The Good
I'm a huge fan of Mark Bagley and I know some people dislike his work, but I love it.  Especially in the flashback sequence in the beginning, he really brings out the differences, especially in Green Arrow.  The writing has been better, not amazing, but good enough for me to actually WANT to finish the issue, unlike past experiences.  
The Bad
The team goes from busting with new members down to 4, and only 2 of them are from the the beginning of the arc, I believe.  Whether or not you're building a new team, there are some staples that need to be in the JLA, and having some of these players out, gone, off on another adventure, it's kind of lame. 
The Out of Continuity
As far as I'm concerned this is post Blackest Night, and with that being said, after reading Blackest Night #8 this week, Green Arrows comments about 2 members of the League from the past makes not sense continuity-wise.  Especially if you read BN#8.  I'm not a fan of books and writers skipping forward and backwards with continuity, I  understand that at times it's needed and times it's not their fault, but I would think the editors would check with each other regarding continuity and who's alive or dead.  Also, if this is post Blackest Night, Dick would know that Bruce is alive (sorry if that's a spoiler, where the hell have you been?) so his comment, which i loved, is out of place.

Posted by AirDave817

It just feels like way too much is going on. I just read straight through Robinson's Cry For Justice, and with this run on Justice League following it...this just may be issue I bail on. I might stick with Green Lantern, but that's it. I'm a fan of Mark Bagley; but I am not a fan of Dick Grayson angsting over what Bruce would do. Or any of the sidekicks angsting over what their mentor would do. I don't think Justice League is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. You can't mix your JLA with your Titans...  

Posted by Jtib

I've seen the previous issues but was left disappointing. Is it the new jla any good to you? is it worth checking out?

Posted by jlat89
It's okay, definitely not at the top of my pull list.  If you're a fan of the big heroes then you're not going to like it.  
The team now consists of Dick Grayson/Batman, Donna Troy, Congorilla and Starman.  I mean I'm a fan of Grayson and Donna Troy, but the other two are kinda blahh, this is supposed to be DC's big team and it's biggest name is the second Batman, not to knock him or anything.  As of now I'm only picking it up if I can afford it

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