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"Bruce would be ashamed" 0

Issue 43 starts out in the past.  Presumably post JLA year one because Green Arrow is a part of the team and he's narrating the story.   We get thrown back to the present where Green Arrow is fighting off the intruders in the Watchtower.  The JLA meanwhile is off fighting (if you could use that term) some villains.  Dick plays the part of Batman very well, standing off to the side, noticing the insane flaws in their attacks, "Bruce Would Be Ashamed."  Is one of the most heartfelt lines in the bo...

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Awh Yeah then Awh No 0

When I started collecting comics the JLA was the 3rd title I picked up behind Superman and Batman.  So I have lived through many incarnations of DC's premier superhero team.  I was never impressed or even happy with much of what McDuffy did during his tenure.  I understand that his complaints but still felt that he should have been able to write good stories with what he was given and I don't think he always did his best to do that.  Issues 41 and 42 of James Robinson's run gave me the feeling ...

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Teen Titans of America or JLA? 0

I was extremely disappointed with this issue. I do not like the Teen Titans as the JLA. The story was just so confusing. I really hope that some point the other members will come back instead of the Teen Titans. The only thing I did like about the story was Green Arrow's comparison of the new league and the old one. The big reason I don't like this is because I am not a big fan of Teen Titans. On to the details. The cover was excellent. The only possible thing that could save this issue from get...

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A Skip In the Groove of the Record 0

Things seemed to be progressively building with the current, and possibly biggest, line up of the Justice League of America. Unfortunately because it is so large, members of the team begin getting in the way of one another and two new and somewhat mysterious foes manage to escape. In the meantime Green Arrow and a still disassembled Red Tornado battle on the satellite HQ with Dr. Impossible and still more enemies who remain unknown (but closely resemble the ...

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