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Justice/Titan League of America

Personally I love the concept of ex-Teen Titans/Titans "graduating" into the "big leagues."  My only concern is that is this how it's going to be, even if(when) Bruce (Batman) and Clark (Superman) come back.  Are we going to see the present team dissasembled? or are they going to integrate back in?  I guess that all depends on how they come back.
The issue starts and ends with Green Arrow.  In the Prologue of the issue we see Oliver meeting with this character who personally I don't know, maybe he's someone I should know, maybe we're not supposed to know.  Apparently Ollie is making a decision to which he can not turn back from.  Something to think about for the coming months? I think so!
We see this new roster Justice League going out together for the first time.  Both Donna and Dick refer to this league as their own in their thought boxes.  A note about those, while some may find it annoying seeing 4 sets of boxes simultaneously, I found it pretty cool.  Hal's boxes are probably the best, telling himself to remember it's their league.  It get's reiterated through the entire battle.  Hal also thinks about how it's nice to have a "Batman I actually don't mind being around."  Starfire's boxes are kind of concerning, it seems that she really doesn't want to be there, questioning why she is, and of course her little thing she has for Batman (Dick)....that sounded wrong haha.  
Anyway, they take down their opponent, working as a unit.  There's some apparent time travel, some nonsense I didn't wrap my head around yet.  Mon-El and the Guardian have joined the League.  Canary is still there, although she describes herself as being numb when talking to Hal who asks where Ollie is.  Cyborg is there, Red Tornado's head is there.  The Atom is also a holdover from the previous team. 
There's a break-in and then we end with Ollie alone.  How or why is something you have to figure out, so go out and buy it.  
It's written pretty good.
Bagley's art is good for most of the issue, it falls short in some panels.
Overall it was entertaining, We'll see where this heads with the Rise of Arsenal and Fall of Green Arrow coming soon. 

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Posted by AirDave817

Cool review! 
That shadowy, shadow man is none other than Mr. Black, Richard "Dickie" Swift, also known as The Shade. Jack Knight may very well be happily enjoying retirement, but The Shade seems to be taking his "rightful" place at the center of the DCU. You might not recognize him if missed Blackest Night: Starman 81, or if you're not reading Cry For Justice. He might have been in Trinity, but I'd have to look...He's dangerously close to becoming exposed (as opposed to over-exposed) in the DCU. Maybe even a solid B-List character... 
Hopefully it doesn't spoil anything that the Green Arrow that disappears into the shadow mists with The Shade looks different from the one that returns to the Hall of Justice.  
My gut tells me that this League may join the Justice League Task Force, Extreme Justice, the Detroit League, and the Bwa-ha-ha-ha League and the Justice Leagues of A- ("We are the Knights who say Nee!") as asterisks or footnotes. This could be The Avengers before Disassembled. What will happen when it's time for Barry, Bruce, Clark, Diana, J'onn and Arthur to reform The Original, True Magnificent Seven. The Giffen-DeMatteis-Maguire League didn't last very long until DC's Heroes Return
Until then, this is some pretty interesting stuff. Could be epic. Bagley's gettin' to draw pretty near every character in the DCU again. It's great to see Plastic Man again - even if it's in a flashback.  
I wanna see A) where Robinson is going with this story, and B) how far he's going to get to go with the story and the characters. I kinda want to be there to see how soon a character like Arthur Curry, or Garth will be a part of the action. This isn't a small obscure corner of the DCU like what he may be used to.                 

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