crazyscarecrow's Justice League of America #42 - Metamorpho Says No! review

Superman is on His High Horse

1966! Civil rights movements, Beatles claiming to bigger than be Jesus, Superman on Broadway, Batman and Robin go off on campy adventures on ABC, and Metamorpho says NO! Yes the JLA gets rejected for the first time. Now that we got this little introduction out of the way let's go on with the review! No?

The cover features the new hero that DC ever so tried to make popular early on, Metamorpho, saying no to the Justice League while showing how he is perfectly capable of not needing any help.

The story basically is introducing the character Metamorpho showing all of what he can do when all of a sudden his arms are taken controlled of from a unknown force for a membership to the JLA. To this Metamorpho rejects and gets smacked around by a unimaginable force. Meanwhile back at the JLA headquarters, they watch poor Rex Mason gets beaten while Superman says "Metamorpho must be kidding! Imagine anybody not wanting to join with us?". After Superman says this cocky statement Green Lantern has a idea of helping Metamorpho to which I say good thinking Hal! And so our story begins. For about the rest of this issue we see the League along with Metamorpho battling this weird creature known as "The Unimaginable" only to come to the conclusion that Metamorpho will take a postion as a stand by member.

It also contained fun public service ads/comics on ratios, mentally disabled children, and the solar system. With advertisements of the reintroduction to the Spectre in Showcase, a Sergent Rock comic, Doom Patrol and Challengers of the Unknown crossover, a World's Finest Comic, and a add with Superman and Mr. Mxy discussing their subscription in which they say you could pay $2 for 20 issues of a comic series. How I wish prices for comics were like that today!

This issue was decent. The art was OK. Not the best, but I wouldn't say the worst. A lot of his pencils came a little to odd however I must admit I thought he drew a excellent Metamorpho. The writing was like much of the Silver Age and we get a few laughs today as modern comic readers with Superman acting like a jerk, a friendly Batman, and a Hal Jordan that doesn't seem as cocky as he does today. We also get to see two cameos of the League members, Wonder Woman and Hawkman. The character choice of Metamorpho seems like DC was really trying to make him one of their next big name heroes as they did give Metamorpho a solo series around this time, aswell as announcing a Metamorpho cartoon series (however it never aired). Overall this issue was an OK one. Got me somewhat interested in the character of Green Lantern and I found it interesting seeing the early JLA with just it's basic members. I would recommend this comic to anyone who wants to read some early JLA stories, interested in Silver Age comics, or interested in Metamorpho.

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