hyperion322's Justice League of America #41 - Team History Part One review

Greatest What?

Let me start off this short review by saying, I love the way the new lineup of the Justice League is shaping up! Past members of the Titans deserve the status that being a Leaguer represents and I expect nothing but greatness from Cyborg, Donna, Batman (Dick Grayson), and Starfire. I'm also happy that Dr. Light is remaining with the team, but I can't wait till Kimi finds her backbone again and becomes the b*tch of the team (it's so much fun!). Unfortunately because of recent events in Justice League: Cry For Justice, Vixen takes an (extended?) leave of absence. I hope we see Mari soon, as she's been on of the main characters to have grown in this particular JLA series. As for the rest of the issue, it's more of a recon of Blackest Night and the before mentioned mini-series, and we're given the traumatic aftermath with the heroes that were involved. Other plot devices are introduced, but nothing that held my attention. I was most disappointed with the art by Bagley. Something needs to be done to tighten the pencils of this normally fantastic artist and I was very upset to see that he completely ignored the minor, but important details of (my favorite Titan and League member) Donna Troy's uniform. Hopefully we'll see a vast improvement in the near future or else it'll be time for DC to find a new penciller. This was an above average issue for the proper use of the Titans, but beyond that, there's nothing more to report other than I look forward to more Titans action. 
~ Hype

Posted by AirDave817

Great review! 
As a fan of James Robinson's work on Starman, I've been willing to take a chance on Cry For Justice, and his run on Justice League with Mark Bagley. He managed to carve out a hidden gem in a corner in the DCU there. Interesting how he managed to convert The Shade from rogue to hero. I'm curious to see what he's going to do with such an interesting blend of characters. 
It's disappointing that this issue starts before Cry For Justice and Blackest Night have had a chance to wrap. 
I'm cautiously optimistic that this run will be long enough to see some good stories; but, I wonder how long Mon-El, Dick and Donna will be part of the line-up. I'm torn between wanting to see them continue as members, or return with Roy and Wally to being Titans. Titans, together - forever(?)! I look at Dick in Bruce's costume and I see him the same way Donna does. Guardian, Dr. Light and Congorilla are interesting characters to bring together with Hal Jordan, Vic and Koriand'r.  
I'd like to see what this League is made of and what they can do. I'd like to see Mari come back, along with Plas and Reddy
We'll see where this goes...               

Posted by Hyperion322
@AirDave817: I agree with your WHOLE assessment! ~ Hype

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