grim's Justice League of America #39 - Reunion: The Dead Shall Rise, Part 1 review

JLA 39 - Detroit fans only!

JLA DETROIT that is. 
 Another of the Blackest night tie ins, JLA #39 is a blast from the past... if your past involved being a hardcore fan of the so-so adventures of JLAD.
 I say hardcore because all of the Detroit members who everyone loved (Guy Gardener, Martian Manhunter, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Elongated Man, and Aquaman) fail to make more than a one page flashback cameo if that.
 Luckily, this issue isn't solely about the revival of Vibe (yeah. its ok. Don't worry about it). There is a superbly satisfying magical duel between Zatanna and her reanimated father Zatara. And even though we only see the start, Dr. Light vs. Dr. Light! A match i personaly have been waiting for since Dr. Light the Mr. went up against every living character who ever rallied under the Teen Titans Banner.
 Still, i feel like DC should know that you cant make a successful JLAD story without the SUCCESSFUL JLAD characters. What cold have been a 5 is now a 3 1/2.


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