amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Justice League of America #27 - Be Careful What You Wish For... review

The Return of Milestone Media

 Before the summer of 2008, I knew that Milestone Media would return. When I heard about the come-back in July, was surprised as hell that I was right.
 Anyway, the Shadow Cabinet (with all original members from the comics) is like the Justice League run by the CIA, who are 'saving humanity from itself'. New members Hardware and Icon probably volunteered to help out when they steal the candle remains of Arthur Light/Dr. Light while they have the current Dr. Light help captive. So far it's a standstill.
 Also, that dream of Hawkwoman with Hawkman....nice! (Mile-high club)


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    Review:  First off, it's nice to see Dr. Light/Kimiyo back again, ever since (Evil) Dr, Light stoled her powers on Infinite Crisis she's been drop on the dumps lately. There's a moment where Roy and Kendra make love, but ends badly as Kendra still has some affection for Carter Hall. The JLA gets a distress call from Kimiyo, but turns out to be a trap, and then encounters the Shadow Cabinet??? Ahhhh....Eh...I have no idea who the HELL these people are. Though they seem interesting characters, ess...

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