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The JLA learns of the plight of three Sfarlian scientists who are transported from one world to another, and soon after they leave, the planet they left explodes!

The Justice League of America has just ended their weekly meeting. As the Flash prepares to return to Central City, he begins to vanish. Superman, Wonder Woman, the Atom and the Green Lantern desperately attempt to keep the Flash from fading away. The titanic forces in play threaten to tear the Flash apart. The Flash pleads with his teammates to let him go. The Flash is drawn through a rift in space to the Sahara Desert. The Flash materializes next to three men.

Before they can react, the Flash immediately subdues two of the men. The third man manages to paralyze the Flash. The three men are revealed to be alien scientists, from the planet Sfarl. Experimenting on the magnetic forces that bind atoms together, the alien scientists found themselves teleported to another world. For five years they were marooned on a barren, ice-covered world. Then, they teleported to another world. And another. And another after that.

The aliens learned to survive on each of these worlds, and adapt to the threats presented by each new ecosystem. Encountering alien civilizations, the aliens scientists invented a drug which would allow them to assume the appearance of the native life forms of any given world. Through their research, the alien scientists discovered that as soon as they teleported to a new world, the displaced energy they left behind built to critical mass, destroying the world they just left.

The alien scientists have reached out to the Flash, in the hopes that he can resolve the situation, return them to their own world, and save the Earth. The Flash brings in his fellow members of the Justice League of America. The Justice League of America decide to travel with the alien scientists, the next time they teleport away. The alien scientists provide the Justice League of America with the same shapeshifting drug, so that they will blend in with the natives of the next world.

The Justice League of America, and the alien scientists become crystalline, on the planet Aralax. The Justice League of America discovers that Aralax is celebrating it's 100,000th year of peace. As soon as the Justice League of America enters the city, a strange mist engulfs the three scientists. Emerging from the mist are two terrible, robot war machines. While the Flash destroys the first of the war machines, Superman keeps the collateral damage, from the epic confrontation, to a minimum.

Wonder Woman does the same thing, when the Green Lantern's attack on the second war machine goes awry, threatening to destroy the entire city. The Green Lantern fires the Atom into the war machine, giving the Atom the chance to turn the war machine's weapons against itself. Upon defeating the war machines, the Justice League of America, but not the alien scientists, are teleported to the planet, Kraanal. There, they are confronted by Kraanal's dictator, Kraad, the Conqueror.

Kraad reveals that he has been teleporting the alien scientists from world to world, collecting the necessary energy, from each world's destruction, needed to send his armies into their dimension. With his scheme revealed, Kraad disintegrates the Justice League of America. Due to the white dwarf radiation permeating his cellular structure, the Atom proves immune to Kraad's disintegration weapon. Though barely conscious, the Atom manages to use the Green Lantern's power ring, to reintegrate his teammates.

The Atom, though, manages to scramble three of the teams's molecules. Superman emerges with the Flash's legs, the Flash emerges with the Green Lantern's legs, and the Green Lantern emerges with Superman's legs. Only Wonder Woman is reintegrated intact. Before the problem can be reversed, the power ring atomizes beneath the power of the disintegrator. Despite their handicaps, the Justice League of America storms Kraad's fortress.

After overcoming his bases defenses, the Justice League of America confront Kraad. Wonder Woman uses the Atom's body to block Kraad's disintegration beam. Superman and the Flash apprehend Kraad, while the Green Lantern destroys the disintegration weapon. Using Kraad's technology, the Justice League of America reintegrate the power ring. With their teammates bodies restored to normal, the Justice League of America set about unraveling all of Kraad's machinations. The Flash stops the alien scientists from teleporting off Aralax, while also dissipating the energy build up on Earth, saving the world. Kraad is turned over to the alien scientists, for incarceration.

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