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Hank Heywood evicts the Justice League of America from their bunker headquarters. Having just returned from one billion years in Earth's future, Heywood's grandson, Steel, is in no mood for Heywood's actions. Steel storms the bunker. Dale Gunn half-heartedly defends the bunker from Steel. Steel confronts Heywood. After dismissing his doctors, Heywood explains his decision, while voicing regrets regarding his past, and his actions towards his grandson. To some degree, Heywood reconciles with Steel. Vibe says farewell to his family. Steel offers his own farewell to Vibe's sister, Rosita. A street gang heckles the Justice League of America. Vibe drives the street gang away.

The Justice League of America book a flight to New York. The Vixen discusses her past, with the Gypsy. Zatanna voices fears that the Justice League of America is on the verge of ending. The Vixen opens up her home to the Justice League of America. The Elongated Man, and his wife, Sue Dibny, depart for Westchester. Zatanna returns to her own apartment, in Greenwich Village. J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, informs Steel and Vibe that they will all have to look for employment. Vibe's power causes a milk shake to erupt all over him. The Justice League of America laugh at Vibe. The Martian Manhunter resumes his civilian identity, John Jones, former Metropolis Police Detective.

Jones attempts to join the New York Police Department, but is turned away. Jones finds employment with Burt Biloxi, a private investigator. Vibe, as Paco Ramone, seeks lodgings on Manhattan's East Side. Steel, as Henry Heywood, takes a job as a personal trainer. His first client offers hims a job as an actor. Zatanna is alarmed to find the woman who sublet her apartment, Sheri Stanley, missing, potentially the victim of foul play. Ramone is shown an apartment he can't possibly afford. Ramone realizes that life in New York will not be as easy for him, as it had been in Detroit.

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